[29] Plump for Perfection: Exquisite Examples of Collective Nouns

A collective noun is a word used to signify a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to the world of nature and animals, the adjective "plump" can evoke imagery of roundness, chubby individuals gathering together in their own charming way. From various animal species to common objects, here are a few collective noun examples featuring the word "plump":

1. A plump of ducks: Picture a serene pond or lake adorned with a group of irresistibly chubby ducks rhythmically swimming together. Their rounded physique and waddling movements add both harmony and charm to their communal existence.

2. A plump of quail: Found in fields and forests, a plump of quail refers to a gathering of these small game birds known for their plump appearance. These lively, round individuals may cluster together for warmth, protection, or simply for social companionship, showcasing a togetherness that speaks of their deep connection to their environment.

3. A plump of sparrows: Within the realm of cities and backyards, a busy-group of sparrows can be aptly described as a plump. These delightful tiny birds flock together, chattering and fluttering from one tree branch to another, exhibiting a sense of unity and harmony amidst their plump-bodied existence.

4. A plump of squirrels: Perhaps climbing and foraging in parks or gamely racing through the foliage, a plump of squirrels captures the energy and curiosity of this charming mammal species. Bounding playfully and sharing the rhythms of a lively woodland, they celebrate both their acrobatic agility and their collective abundance.

5. A plump of pumpkins: In autumn, we see pumpkin patches in nearby fields transform into a vibrant collage of orange. In this harvest season, a gathering of pumpkins instinctively denotes a plump—the harmony of differently sized, rounded pumpkins neatly seated together, signifying abundance and potential.

These few examples of collective nouns demonstrate the versatility and vivid imagery created by linking the word "plump" to various collectives. From waterfowl swimming gracefully to colorful pumpkins adorning fields, the word beautifully captures a sense of abundance, roundness, and the unity among these diverse creatures and objects.


Plump Of Balloons

A plump of balloons refers to a charming and delightful collection of inflated and suspended orbs, creating a whimsical sight that captures the imagination. This unique and peculiar collective noun phrase plump perfectly captures the roundness and fullnes...

Example sentence

"A plump of balloons floated high in the sky, filling it with vibrant colors."


Plump Of Berries

A Plump of Berries refers to a charming collective noun phrase used to describe a group of berries gathered together in a visually attractive manner. When berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or any other fruit great or small, are clus...

Example sentence

"At the farmer's market, I bought a plump of berries, including luscious strawberries and juicy raspberries."


Plump Of Bubbles

A plump of bubbles is a whimsical and poetic reference to a group or gathering of bubbles floating in the air or water. The term plump is chosen for its soft and rounded sound, reminiscent of both the shape and movement of bubbles. It also connotes a sens...

Example sentence

"As I dipped my hand into the warm, sudsy water, I watched a plump of bubbles float gently towards the surface."


Plump Of Buns

Plump of Buns is a whimsical and charming collective noun phrase that transports us into a world of delightful baked goods. It refers to a group or gathering of soft, round, and delectable buns that are freshly baked and contribute to an irresistible disp...

Example sentence

"In the bakery display, there was a plump of buns, each one invitingly golden and perfectly rounded."


Plump Of Cherries

A plump of cherries refers to a playful and vibrant bunch of these delicious, small fleshy fruits. Found in orchards or in abundant supply during the summertime, this collective noun phrase perfectly captures the essence of cherries. The word plump exempl...

Example sentence

"I bought a plump of cherries at the farmer's market yesterday."


Plump Of Clouds

A Plump of Clouds is a vivid and imaginative collective noun phrase that delivers a distinctive visual image of a group of clouds. It evokes a sense of fullness, softness, and roundedness, as the word plump usually refers to something plump that is pleasa...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to set, a plump of clouds gathered on the horizon, their fluffy forms turning pink and orange against the evening sky."


Plump of Ducks

A Plump of Ducks is a delightful and whimsical phrase used to collectively describe a gathering of ducks. Characterized by their plump bodies and waddling motion, ducks are known for their iconic appearance, beautiful feathers, and distinct quacking sound...

Example sentence

"A plump of ducks waddled along the riverbank, quacking happily amongst themselves."


Plump of Geese

A plump of geese is a beautiful sight to behold and a fascinating example of birds grouping together in nature. Plump, in this context, refers to a group of geese gathered closely in harmony. These graceful and majestic birds exhibit a strong sense of tog...

Example sentence

"I saw a plump of geese marching in perfect formation beside the lake."


Plump Of Grapes

A 'plump of grapes' is a charming and collective noun phrase that refers to a specific grouping of grape clusters. Evoking imagery of abundance and ripe indulgence, this phrase aptly captures the essence of grapes when they are at their most opulent and e...

Example sentence

"At the market, I bought a plump of grapes that were incredibly sweet and juicy."


Plump Of Marshmallows

A plump of marshmallows is a delightful, whimsical term that depicts a gathering or grouping of these fluffy, sugary confections. Just as marshmallows enchant our taste buds with their soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture, a plump of marshmallows evokes a sen...

Example sentence

"I couldn't resist grabbing a handful from the bag and marveling at the plump of marshmallows."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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