[69] A Plague of Collective Nouns: Surprising Examples that Add Creativity to Language

A collective noun is a word that refers to a group of individuals or things. In the case of the word "plague," it is typically associated with a devastating and contagious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis throughout history. While the word plague primarily refers to a specific illness, several examples exist where it is utilized as a collective noun to describe animals or other related subjects.

One example of a collective noun that incorporates the word "plague" is a "plague of rats." This phrase conjures the image of a large group of rats, often found infesting particular areas or wreaking havoc, especially in urban environments or places linked with overcrowding or poor sanitation. Plagues of rats can be serious issues due to their potential for spreading disease and causing damage to property.

Another example is a "plague of locusts." Locusts are insects that have a unique behavior that causes them to gather in swarms, particularly in response to specific conditions such as overcrowding. These swarms can be enormous and capable of causing severe damage to crops and vegetation as they voraciously consume everything in their path. Plagues of locusts have been significant and recurring agricultural issues in various parts of the world throughout history.

Additionally, the term "plague" has sometimes been extended metaphorically to describe non-living subjects. For instance, one might refer to a "plague of problems" or a "plague of obstacles" to denote a large and overwhelming quantity of difficulties or challenges confronting an individual or group.

In conclusion, while historically associated primarily with an infectious and deadly disease, the word "plague" can also be used as a collective noun to describe groups of animals, particularly rats or locusts, known for causing widespread damage. Furthermore, it can be extended metaphorically to describe collections of issues or hindrances an individual or group might face.


Plague Of Accusations

A plague of accusations is a distinctive and captivating collective noun phrase that vividly encapsulates the essence of a situation in which a flurry of accusations and allegations deteriorates the peace and harmony within a group or community. Imagined ...

Example sentence

"The courtroom was consumed by a plague of accusations as each witness testified against the defendant."


Plague Of Ants

A plague of ants is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a large grouping of ants. This description reflects the overwhelming number and activity of these tiny creatures when they act collectively as a community. The term plague instant...

Example sentence

"A plague of ants marched across the kitchen floor, leaving behind trails of crumbs."


Plague Of Aphids

A 'plague of aphids' is a collective noun phrase often used in the context of agriculture or horticulture to describe a particularly large or destructive population of aphids. Aphids are small, sap-sucking insects known for their feeding and reproductive ...

Example sentence

"A plague of aphids descended upon the garden, devouring the leaves of every plant."


Plague Of Arguments

Plague of Arguments is a captivating and arresting collective noun phrase that evokes imagery and symbolism tied to the concept of a widespread, relentless force disrupting harmony and peace. Comprised of two contrasting elements, plague and arguments, th...

Example sentence

"A plague of arguments erupted during the meeting, with everyone debating their own perspectives."


Plague Of Bad Decisions

A Plague of Bad Decisions is a striking collective noun phrase that vividly captures the concept of a group making a series of ill-advised choices, resulting in detrimental consequences. Its uncommon and metaphorical nature draws metaphorical connections ...

Example sentence

"The company's recent downfall can be attributed to a plague of bad decisions made by its management team."


Plague Of Bad Luck

A Plague of Bad Luck refers to a gathering or multitude of misfortunes that beset one's life, giving an image of these unfortunate events swarming and spreading like a plague. Just as a plague inflicts widespread harm and misery on a community, so too doe...

Example sentence

"The team experienced a plague of bad luck during the championship game, making several costly mistakes and facing multiple injuries."


Plague Of Bedbugs

A Plague of Bedbugs refers to a specific group of bedbugs that has infested a particular area. This collective noun phrase conjures images of a widespread and relentless invasion of these small, blood-sucking insects, causing anxiety and discomfort to any...

Example sentence

"A plague of bedbugs has infested the entire building, causing a major nuisance for its occupants."


Plague Of Beetles

A plague of beetles is a collective noun phrase that vividly captures the overwhelming nature of a large gathering or infestation of beetles. As the term suggests, the collective noun plague instantly conjures images of a vast number of these small insect...

Example sentence

"A plague of beetles swarmed the garden, destroying crops and causing havoc."


Plague Of Cockroaches

A plague of cockroaches is a vivid and forceful phrase used to describe a large group or swarm of these hated insects. This collective noun phrase effectively captures the repulsion and sense of dread that cockroaches often evoke. A plague implies an over...

Example sentence

"I was horrified when I saw a plague of cockroaches infesting my kitchen."


Plague Of Complaints

Plague of Complaints is a fascinating collective noun phrase that encapsulates the sheer magnitude and intensity of people's grievances and discontent in a given situation. Just like the name suggests, it conjures up the image of a swarm of complaints, en...

Example sentence

"The office seems to be inundated with a plague of complaints today, ranging from broken printers to delayed paychecks."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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