[15] Pitying Herd, Swarm, and Cluster: Unveiling Collective Noun Examples That Transport Empathy!

A collective noun represents a group of individuals or things, and it takes the form of a singular noun, even when referring to multiple entities. One such collective noun is "a pitying of," indicating a gathering of individuals characterized by feelings of sympathy or compassion for someone or something experiencing a misfortune.

For instance, imagine observing a crowd witnessing a heart-wrenching scene. In this situation, the term "pitying" can be employed to describe the group, creating a spectacle in which individuals unite with shared mindfulness and compassion. A "pitying" can tenderly embrace someone feeling sorrow or misfortune, offering empathy and understanding in times of need. This collective term encapsulates the tenderness and sensitivity that accompany shared experiences of compassion and the desire to console or uplift those who are in need of support.

In a broader context, "a pitying of" could refer to various groupings where sympathy or empathy pervades the atmosphere. Perhaps it describes a gathering of benevolent friends who, enterprising and caring, pool their concerns and resources to alleviate others' suffering. Together, they offer solace and assistance to the downtrodden, serving as a reminder that one is not alone in their struggle.

The term "a pitying of" taps into the depth of human connection, emphasizing the capacity for understanding and kindness in our collective interactions. It showcases the significance of finding solace, support, and shared understanding in troubled times. By embodying this collective noun, individuals seek not only to empower the most vulnerable among us but also to foster a sense of unity and resonance that leads towards a more compassionate society.


Pitying of Doves

A Pitying of Doves refers to a group of doves where each appearance evokes an overwhelming sense of empathy and compassion. This poetic and slightly melancholic collective noun accentuates their gentle nature and serves as a metaphor for the perceived sad...

Example sentence

"As I watched the abandoned kittens, a pitying of doves landed nearby, seemingly compassionate towards the stray animals."


Pitying Of Downtrodden

A Pitying of Downtrodden is used to describe a specific group or gathering of individuals who share a common characteristic - that of suffering or being oppressed. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the sympathy and compassion evoked by such a group...

Example sentence

"The Pitying of Downtrodden gathered in the park, offering solace and compassion to those feeling defeated by life's challenges."


Pitying Of Failures

A Pitying of Failures is a collective noun phrase that vividly captures the scene of disappointment and sympathy assembled by multiple failures. It represents a gathering or assembly of individuals or things that have collectively experienced a lack of su...

Example sentence

"The Pitying of Failures gathered around, offering support to each other in their shared defeat."


Pitying Of Griefs

Pitying of Griefs can be described as a unique collective noun phrase that evokes a sense of empathy, compassion, and understanding towards various forms of sorrows and distress. It represents a group of afflictions or grievances that are collectively ide...

Example sentence

"The pitying of griefs can often bring people closer together as they empathize with each other's pain."


Pitying Of Hardships

Pitying of Hardships is a unique and evocative collective noun phrase that effectively captures the empathy and compassion rendered towards various forms of adversity and difficulties. It represents a gathering or assemblage of individuals unified by thei...

Example sentence

"The Pitying of Hardships displayed remarkable empathy when supporting those who faced various adversities."


Pitying Of Heartaches

A Pitying of Heartaches is a creatively poetic collective noun phrase used to encapsulate the poignant and profound emotion experienced collectively by a group of heartaches or sorrows. This enchanting phrase paints a vivid picture of an assembly of visce...

Example sentence

"A pitying of heartaches gathered around her as she poured her heart out about her failed marriage."


Pitying Of Laments

A pitying of laments is a captivating and reflective collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence of communal sympathy and melancholic expression. The word pitying conveys a shared sense of compassion and empathy, indicating that the lamen...

Example sentence

"The field was scattered with a tiny forest of tombstones, inviting a pitying of laments from the mourners."


Pitying Of Misfortunes

A Pitying of Misfortunes is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a group or gathering of unfortunate events or circumstances. It conveys a sense of empathy, compassion, and understanding towards the hardships experienced by indiv...

Example sentence

"The pitying of misfortunes extended throughout the community as news of the devastating disaster spread."


Pitying Of Orphans

A Pitying of Orphans is a descriptive and metaphorical collective noun phrase that captures the emotional resonance of a group of orphaned individuals coming together. This term highlights the inherent human instinct of compassion and empathy towards thos...

Example sentence

"The Pitying of Orphans gathered around the towering figure of their caregiver, seeking solace in their shared sorrow."


Pitying Of Outcasts

A Pitying of Outcasts is a poignant and evocative collective noun phrase that describes a collective group of marginalized, rejected, and overlooked individuals or outcasts who display a mutual sense of empathy, compassion, and understanding towards one a...

Example sentence

"The Pitying of Outcasts gathered at the park, offering a sympathetic ear and compassionate gestures to those who had been pushed to society's fringes."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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