[18] Unveiling the Fascinating Collective Nouns for Pheasants: A Parade of Phantoms and a Covey of Covies

A collective noun for pheasants refers to a specific term that is used to describe a group or gathering of these magnificent birds. Pheasants, known for their vibrant plumage and striking appearance, are oftentimes seen together in certain situations or ecosystems. The collective nouns for pheasants hold a measure of poignancy, reflecting the enchantment one feels when coming across a congregation of these beautiful creatures. These nouns deftly capture the essence of the collective presence exhibited by pheasants. Whether in a woodlands setting or a field, observing a collective noun in action adds an additional layer of depth to the appreciation of these awe-inspiring birds.


Bouquet of Pheasants

A Bouquet of Pheasants refers to a dazzling group of pheasants that have gathered or are in close proximity to one another. It is a captivating image reminiscent of an artistic arrangement of vibrant and delicate flower bouquets, except here formed by the...

Example sentence

"The hunters were astonished to come across a bouquet of pheasants resting calmly in the meadow."


Brace of Pheasants

A brace of pheasants is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a closely-knit group of these magnificent game birds. The term brace derives from archery's history, originally referring to a pair of pheasants bagged with a single shot. Imbue...

Example sentence

"While strolling through the woods, we spotted a brace of pheasants darting between the trees."


Breast Of Pheasants

Breast of Pheasants is an intriguing collective noun phrase that refers to a grouping or gathering of these beautiful avian creatures. Pheasants themselves embody elegance and grace, boasting plumes of colorful plumage and remarkably streamlined bodies. W...

Example sentence

"The Breast of Pheasants was served as the centerpiece of the elegant banquet."


Brood Of Pheasants

A brood of pheasants refers to a gathering, or a collective noun phrase, which describes a group of pheasants. Pheasants are popular game birds commonly found in various parts of the world, known for their vibrant plumage and intricate patterns. When fema...

Example sentence

"In the early morning light, a brood of pheasants cautiously emerges from the fallen leaves, pecking at the ground for food."


Burst Of Pheasants

A burst of pheasants is a vibrant and energetic collective noun phrase that depicts a fascinating sight of pheasants in movement. As a collective noun, burst signifies a sudden and explosive release of energy, perfectly encapsulating the often breathtakin...

Example sentence

"I was amazed when a burst of pheasants suddenly flew so close to me during my nature walk."


Cluck Of Pheasants

A cluck of pheasants is a captivating and vibrant collective noun phrase used to describe a group of these striking and distinctive birds. Derived from the characteristic sound they make, the term cluck perfectly captures the peculiar vocalization made by...

Example sentence

"As the sun descended in the horizon, a cluck of pheasants emerged from the golden fields, their iridescent feathers shimmering in the soft evening light."


Company Of Pheasants

A company of pheasants refers to a collective group of these vibrant and avian creatures. Pheasants are large birds characterized by their long, colorful plumage, distinctive features, and graceful demeanor. Recognized for their beauty and decorative appe...

Example sentence

"A company of pheasants marched proudly through the meadow, their vibrant feathers catching the sunlight."


Covey of Pheasants

A covey of pheasants is a picturesque sight to behold and a true hallmark of the natural world. This enchanting collective noun phrase refers to a group of pheasants that come together in an exquisite display of communal behavior. When you imagine a cov...

Example sentence

"As hunters explored the dense forest, they stumbled upon a beautiful covey of pheasants, with their vibrant feathers shimmering in the sunlight."


Fesynes of Pheasants

A Fesynes of Pheasants is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of pheasants gathered together. The term encapsulates both the visual and auditory appeal of these elegant birds as they bring vivacity to their surroundings. Intriguing...

Example sentence

"A fesynes of pheasants wandered through the rolling green fields, their vibrant plumage shining in the sun."


Flock Of Pheasants

A flock of pheasants refers to a group of these elegant and colorful birds that has come together for various reasons. The term flock denotes a gathering or assembly, usually indicating birds or other animals who congregate in a social manner. Pheasants, ...

Example sentence

"A flock of pheasants emerged from the tall grass, their vibrant feathers catching the rays of the setting sun."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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