[18] Unveiling the Poetry of Language: A Resonating Peal of Collective Nouns

The word peal is predominantly used as a collective noun when referring to a ringing or succession of clear, loud, and harmonious sounds produced by bells. These peals are often associated with joyous occasions such as weddings, religious ceremonies, or celebratory events. As a collective noun, peal brings together the idea of a group or collection of bells that produce harmonized and melodious sounds. Perhaps an orange-hued autumn evening witnessed such a gathering of enormous bronze bells dancing in unison, their peal resonating through the air, creating a serene ambiance that fills hearts with awe and wonder. The peal serves as a testament to the bonding power of sound, reflecting shared experiences, and unifying those fortunate enough to immerse themselves in the enchantment of its symphony.


Peal Of Alarm Bells

A peal of alarm bells refers to a specific collective noun phrase representing a group or ensemble of bells ringing loudly and continuously in response to an imminent danger or emergency. As a vivid depiction of multiple bells chiming concurrently, this e...

Example sentence

"When the fire broke out, a deafening peal of alarm bells echoed throughout the city."


Peal Of Applause

A Peal of Applause refers to a splendid display of collective appreciation, admiration, and approval from a group of people, usually through clapping, during a formal or enthusiastic occasion. This collective noun phrase beautifully encapsulates the harmo...

Example sentence

"The performers on stage were met with a thunderous peal of applause after their stunning performance."


Peal of Bells

A peal of bells refers to a specific gathering or assembly of bells, commonly found in bell towers or campaniles. This collective noun phrase beautifully captures not only the physical presence of the ensemble but also the vibrant and harmonious nature of...

Example sentence

"The church's massive tower echoed with the majestic sound of a peal of bells, announcing the arrival of a special ceremony."


Peal Of Carillons

A peal of carillons is a melodic and resonant collective noun phrase that refers to a group of carillon musical instruments. Carillons are large, stationary musical instruments that consist of multiple bells, typically arranged in chromatic order and play...

Example sentence

"A peal of carillons filled the air, as the majestic bells rang in harmonious unison."


Peal Of Celebration Bells

A peal of celebration bells is not simply a common, ordinary summoning of sound. It is an extraordinary ensemble of bells, assembled to demonstrate jubilation and merriment in a collective and harmonious manner. The word peal emphasizes the rapturous and ...

Example sentence

"As the clock struck midnight, a melodious peal of celebration bells echoed throughout the city, signaling a new year full of hope and joy."


Peal Of Chimes

A peal of chimes refers to a harmonious and melodious collection of multiple chimes ringing together in musical unison. Chimes are suspended musical instruments, typically made of metal tubes or rods, which produce ethereal and soothing sounds when struck...

Example sentence

"In the distance, a peal of chimes resonated through the quiet town, signaling the arrival of noon."


Peal Of Church Bells

A peal of church bells is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of bells being rung together in a religious setting, typically found in churches or cathedrals. It refers to the series of melodious sounds produced by the synchronized ringing of...

Example sentence

"The sound of a peal of church bells filled the air, announcing a joyful occasion."


Peal Of Drums

A peal of drums is a resounding and rhythmic collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid auditory image of a group of drums being played together in perfect harmony. Just like the ringing of bells in a peal, this phrase encapsulates the synchronized and po...

Example sentence

"The parade march was brought to life by the rhythmic peal of drums in the distance."


Peal Of Echoes

Peal of Echoes is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes a unique auditory experience. It symbolizes the beautiful, repetitive symphony created when sound waves bounce and rebound off solid structures, producing a cascading effect that amplifies...

Example sentence

"Walking through the ancient cathedral, a peal of echoes filled the grand hall, bouncing off the towering walls."


Peal Of Horns

A peal of horns originated from hunting practices in the traditional English countryside, depicting a picturesque scene of audacious deer hunters mounted on majestic horses with their loyal pack of baying hounds. A peal of horns is a poignant collective n...

Example sentence

"As the marching band passed by, a majestic peal of horns filled the air, captivating the crowd with its powerful melody."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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