[30] The Plumage Parade: Unraveling the Mystique behind Collective Nouns for Peacocks

A collective noun refers to a group of things or animals of the same kind, and for peacocks, the collective nouns used usually reflect the beauty and grandeur associated with these magnificent birds. Here are a few common collective nouns that reflect various aspects of peacocks:

1. A "pride of peacocks": This collective noun emphasizes the regal and majestic nature of peacocks, likening them to a group of noble and impressive beings.

2. A "ostentation of peacocks": This creative and poetic collective noun draws attention to the extravagant and ostentatious display of their ornate tail feathers during courtship, which has become synonymous with the peacock's identity.

3. A "muster of peacocks": While lesser-known, this collective noun alludes to the visual spectacle created when peacocks gather together. It evokes a sense of celebration and communal gathering.

4. A "party of peacocks": Similarly to the previous option, this lighthearted collective noun emphasizes the cheerful and lively atmosphere created when peacocks come together, reflecting their lively personalities.

5. A "glory of peacocks": This collective noun showcases the peacock's vibrant colors, flamboyance, and splendor, providing a term that evokes their breathtaking beauty.

In conclusion, collective nouns for peacocks incorporate elements of their grace, display, and splendor. Each term captures a different aspect of these remarkable birds, reflecting their unique and captivating nature.


Array Of Peacocks

An array of peacocks is a captivating sight to behold. These majestic and colorful birds congregate together, forming a dazzling spectacle of feathered beauty and elegance. With their long, iridescent plumage and intricate patterns, these stunning creatur...

Example sentence

"An array of peacocks strutted proudly across the green meadow, showcasing their vibrant feathers."


Assembly Of Peacocks

An assembly of peacocks is a captivating and majestic sight, resembling the gathering of royalty in a vibrant and splendid display. This unique collective noun phrase refers to a group of peacocks when they congregate in a specific location, showcasing th...

Example sentence

"An assembly of peacocks roamed freely through the vibrant gardens, displaying their brilliant plumage to captivate onlookers."


Bevy Of Peacocks

A bevy of peacocks is a captivating sight and a true marvel to behold. It is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group or gathering of these majestic birds, known for their resplendent beauty and regal demeanor. A bevy, which typically consists ...

Example sentence

"A bevy of peacocks roamed freely through the gardens of the palace, adorned with their magnificent plumage."


Breast Of Peacocks

Breast of Peacocks as a collective noun phrase refers to t various contexts, has poetic connotations and traditionally refers to a beautiful gathering of the vibrant and captivating feathers that adorn the chests of peacocks. Like a radiant tapestry, such...

Example sentence

"The extravagant centerpiece at the feast was a dish made with breast of peacocks, adorned with gold and silver."


Celebration Of Peacocks

A Celebration of Peacocks is a captivating and majestic sight, as nature's splendor takes flight in a harmonious display of vibrant colors and graceful movements. This collective noun phrase refers to a gathering of these regal birds, recognized for their...

Example sentence

"A celebration of peacocks proudly parades their vibrant feathers through the garden."


Cluck Of Peacocks

A cluck of peacocks is a unique and yet quirky collective noun phrase used to describe a group of these stunning and flamboyant birds coming together. Frequently employed in playful literary or whimsical contexts, this phrase captures both the exotic appe...

Example sentence

"I saw a stunning cluck of peacocks roaming in the garden, their vivid feathers shimmering in the sunlight."


Collection Of Peacocks

A collection of peacocks is a mesmerizing sight, capturing the hearts and captivating the minds of all who lay their eyes upon it. These majestic birds radiate a vibrancy and elegance that is unparalleled in the natural world. With their iridescent plumag...

Example sentence

"A collection of peacocks strutted across the vibrant green meadow, showcasing their magnificent feathers."


Congregation Of Peacocks

A congregation of peacocks refers to a fascinating group of these magnificent birds gathering together in a specific location or within a specific community. Known for their vibrant and flamboyant appearance, peacocks are renowned for their elaborately pa...

Example sentence

"At the break of dawn, a vibrant congregation of peacocks spreads across the garden, displaying their magnificent iridescent feathers."


Convocation Of Peacocks

A Convocation of Peacocks refers to a captivating and breathtaking gathering of these majestic and flamboyant birds. The term convocation refers to a formal assembly or meeting, highlighting the significance and regality of this collective noun phrase. Kn...

Example sentence

"A convocation of peacocks gracefully strutted across the garden, showcasing their extravagant plumage with every majestic step."


Court Of Peacocks

A Court of Peacocks refers to a captivating ensemble of these majestic and vibrant birds congregating together. This enchanting collective noun emphasizes the regality and grace associated with peacocks. The Court exemplifies the prestigious nature of the...

Example sentence

"The Court of Peacocks struts gracefully through the royal gardens, displaying their vibrant plumage."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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