[29] A Passel of Examples: Exploring Collective Nouns and the Wonder of 'Passel'

A collective noun can be defined as a term that refers to a group of people, animals, or objects. One such collective noun example is "passel." Derived from the Middle English word "pasche," meaning a large group or abundance, a passel refers specifically to a large or indefinite group of people or objects. The word "passel" is particularly popular in the Southern United States, showing regional and colloquial usage.

For instance, when used to describe a group of people, passel gives the impression of a tightly knit community or association. It could be used to illustrate a crowd of friends enjoying a barbecue or festival. Similarly, passel can also represent an unorganized, but lively congregation of individuals with a common purpose, like a passel of basketball players on a busy court or a passel of eager job seekers waiting outside an employment office.

On the other hand, when denoting inanimate objects, the word "passel" portrays a somewhat casual collection that lacks precision or order. Imagine a passel of miscellaneous household items scattered about a cluttered attic or a passel of textbooks piled untidily in a classroom.

In conclusion, the word "passel" acts as a versatile collective noun that describes an abundant, undefined group of individuals or objects. Its equally adaptable usage, whether invoking a sense of communality or highlighting haphazardness, has earned "passel" a place in descriptive language, particularly enclosing the character and regional aspects of collective nouns.


Passel Of Boar

A passel of boar refers to a unique and captivating group of wild pigs that travel, feed, and interact together in the great outdoors. This collective noun phrase perfectly captures the spirited energy and dynamic behavior exhibited by these robust animal...

Example sentence

"A passel of boar was spotted roaming through the forest, moving together in search of food."


Passel Of Boars

A passel of boars is a captivating sight to behold in the wild. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of boars congregating together, forging a compelling and rare spectacle. Boars, known for their imposing stature and remarkable strength, exude a...

Example sentence

"While out on their hike, the group stumbled upon a passel of boars hiding in the bushes."


Passel Of Donkeys

A passel of donkeys refers to a charming and bustling group of these sturdy hoofed animals that embody both grace and gentle disposition. Found in various regions around the world, this collective noun phrase captures the vibrant energy created when numer...

Example sentence

"A passel of donkeys grazed peacefully in the meadow, their gentle presence adding a touch of rustic charm to the surroundings."


Passel of Hogs

A passel of hogs is a delightful and whimsical collective noun phrase used to refer to a lively gathering of domestic pigs. Tinged with nostalgia and harkening to agricultural scenes of yore, this phrase summons imagery of a harmonious, yet chaotic ensemb...

Example sentence

"A passel of hogs was seen bathing in the mud, enjoying their playful moment."


Passel Of Moose

A passel of moose is an intriguing and somewhat whimsical collective noun phrase that captivates the imagination with an image of a group or gathering of these majestic creatures. Typically used to describe a grouping of moose, this delightful term infuse...

Example sentence

"While exploring deep into the Canadian wilderness, we stumbled upon a passel of moose grazing peacefully by the lakeside."


Passel Of Papers

A passel of papers is a phrase that refers to a substantial or significant quantity of papers grouped or gathered together. The word passel denotes a large or sizable quantity, while papers specifically refers to documents, documents, or written materials...

Example sentence

"The teacher handed out a passel of papers, each one containing an important assignment."


Passel Of Paragraphs

A passel of paragraphs is a playful and creative collective noun phrase that evokes imagery and imagination. Referring to a captivating collection of written passages, this phrase enthralls readers, promising them a multitude of diverse and engaging parag...

Example sentence

"A passel of paragraphs, neatly organized, illustrated the progression of the protagonist's thoughts."


Passel Of Peers

Passel of Peers is a diverse and prominent collective noun phrase that refers to a group or assemblage of peers who share common attributes, accomplishments, or social statuses. It signifies an assemblage of individuals with similar influential positions,...

Example sentence

"A passel of peers gathered at the conference to discuss global investment strategies."


Passel Of People

A passel of people is a descriptive and figurative collective noun phrase used to refer to a large group or gathering of individuals. The word passel originates from the American English dialect and encompasses a sense of clustered or abundant presence. W...

Example sentence

"A passel of people was gathered in the park, enjoying the warm summer day."


Passel Of Pickles

Passel of Pickles is a quirky and imaginative collective noun phrase that conjures up imagery of a playful and plentiful gathering of pickles. Its whimsical nature captures the essence of diversity and abundance, symbolizing a horde or heap of these tasty...

Example sentence

"I opened the pantry and found a passel of pickles neatly lined up on the shelf."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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