[32] A Parcel of Penguins, a Trove of Treasures: Captivating Collective Noun Examples

A collective noun is a word that represents a group of people, animals, objects, or things as a whole. The word "parcel" can act as a collective noun and refers to a collection of unrelated items, usually bound together or packaged for transport or delivery. Here are some examples of collective noun phrases in which "parcel" is included:

1. A parcel of gifts: When presents are gathered together and wrapped for a specific occasion, such as a birthday or holiday, they form a lovely parcel of gifts.

2. A parcel of letters: A collection of letters that are bundled together for delivery, perhaps with stamps on them, or tied up with colorful ribbons, forms a parcel of correspondence.

3. A parcel of books: book lovers can get lost in the enchantment of a parcel of books. This collective noun encompasses a selection of reading material, whether fiction, thrillers, self-help, or cookbooks, bound together.

4. A parcel of documents: Law offices or bureaucratic environments might refer to a bundle of papers, files, or important documents awaiting processing, filing, or mailing as a parcel of documents.

5. A parcel of parcels: This playful instance describes a collection of individual parcels assembled or waiting for shipment, highlighting the repetitive package nature within the organization process itself.

It's important to note that while "parcel" can be used as a collective noun, it is more commonly known as an individual noun, referring to a single package or a small package used for shipping goods. However, when used in the context of a collective noun, "parcel" creates a vivid image of a variety of items bound together, waiting to be opened, distributed, or delivered.


Parcel Of Antelopes

A parcel of antelopes is a captivating sight to behold, as it refers to a group or gathering of these graceful ungulates. Antelopes, known for their elegant movements and swift agility, come together in numbers, forming a mesmerizing and harmonious displa...

Example sentence

"A parcel of antelopes grazed peacefully on the vast African savanna, their graceful movements harmonizing with the surrounding landscape."


Parcel Of Bats

A parcel of bats is an enchanting and sometimes eerie sight to behold. It refers to a group or gathering of bats in flight or at their daytime roosts. The honed senses of these incredible creatures enable them to dart effortlessly through the night sky, c...

Example sentence

"A parcel of bats filled the night sky, their wings fluttering in unison as they searched for insects."


Parcel Of Bears

A parcel of bears refers to a grouping or collection of bears. This unique collective noun captures the image of a tight-knit community of these magnificent creatures. The term suggests a sense of togetherness, as if each member of the group is an essenti...

Example sentence

"A parcel of bears huddled together in a cozy den, protecting themselves from the harsh winter."


Parcel Of Camels

A parcel of camels refers to a group of camels gathered together in a specific place, typically for the purpose of transportation or nomadic living. The term parcel evokes a sense of clustering or bringing together, indicating a compact and cohesive group...

Example sentence

"A parcel of camels roamed peacefully through the vast desert, their humps swaying in unison."


Parcel Of Cattle

A parcel of cattle is a term used to describe a group of domesticated bovine animals, specifically cows or bulls, typically found on a farm or ranch. The term parcel denotes a unit or package, and when applied to cattle, it suggests a cohesive group that ...

Example sentence

"A large parcel of cattle grazed lazily in the pasture, content with the lush grass between their hooves."


Parcel Of Chipmunks

A parcel of chipmunks refers to a charming group or gathering of these small, agile rodents. Native to North America, chipmunks are known for their adorable appearance, with their tiny bodies, sharp claws, and prominent stripes on their fur. When several ...

Example sentence

"A parcel of chipmunks scurried across the forest floor, their tiny feet scarcely making a sound."


Parcel of Crows

A parcel of crows is an evocative and whimsical collective noun phrase used to describe a group of crows. This phrase encapsulates the secretive and intelligent nature of these birds, while instilling a sense of camaraderie and cohesion within their close...

Example sentence

"A parcel of crows cawed loudly as they congregated on the treetops, their dark feathers contrasting against the vivid autumn foliage."


Parcel of Deer

A “parcel of deer” refers to a group of deer gathered together. Combining both a poetic and descriptive tone, this collective noun highlights the unity and beauty of these gentle creatures. A parcel of deer often entails a harmonious gathering of mult...

Example sentence

"A parcel of deer ran gracefully through the meadow, their majestic antlers glistening in the sunlight."


Parcel Of Donkeys

A parcel of donkeys is a whimsical and delightful collective noun phrase used to describe a group of donkeys. Derived from Old French, the word parcel refers to a small quantity or collection. When applying this term to donkeys, it accentuates their inher...

Example sentence

"A parcel of donkeys grazed peacefully in the field, their ears twitching as they enjoyed the sunshine."


Parcel Of Elephants

A parcel of elephants is a descriptive and evocative collective noun phrase used to refer to a group or assembly of elephants. The word parcel invites imagery of a tightly knit and sociable congregation, much like a bundle of objects or a package held tog...

Example sentence

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I witnessed a mesmerizing sight—a parcel of elephants trudging gracefully through the savannah towards a watering hole."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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