[38] A Comprehensive Panel Guide: Exploring Collective Noun Examples That Display Unity and Wisdom

A panel is a collective noun representing a group of individuals who come together to discuss or make decisions on a particular subject or issue. These individuals usually possess specialized knowledge or expertise in the subject matter and are selected to offer insights and viewpoints during the panel discussion. The panel can consist of experts, professionals, scholars, or influential figures related to the topic at hand. They gather to provide their perspectives, argue different viewpoints, summarize research findings, and offer informed recommendations. Panels can span a wide range of subjects, from scientific research and innovation to political debates and social issues. Such gatherings aim to generate diverse opinions, foster constructive discussions, and drive meaningful action or change based on collective wisdom. Panels can take place in various settings, including conferences, public forums, courtrooms, television shows, or even virtual platforms, making use of technology to connect participants from different locations. Overall, a panel itself becomes an entity comprising multiple knowledgeable individuals with the aim of enlightening the audience and influencing decisions pertaining to the chosen topic of discussion.


Panel Of Adults

A panel of adults refers to a specific group of mature individuals who come together for a common purpose or to address a specific issue in a knowledgeable and wise manner. The phrase panel implies an organized assemblage or gathering of people, while adu...

Example sentence

"The panel of adults convened to discuss the upcoming school fundraiser."


Panel Of Advocates

A Panel of Advocates refers to a specialized group or committee comprised of experienced individuals, often lawyers or legal professionals, who are dedicated to providing legal representation, advice, or assistance to individuals or organizations they are...

Example sentence

"The Panel of Advocates presented a strong case in support of the defendant."


Panel Of Anthropologists

A panel of anthropologists is a group of individuals who specialize in the study of human culture, evolution, and behavior across various geographic regions and time periods. These highly educated and experienced scholars bring together their expertise an...

Example sentence

"A panel of anthropologists gathered to discuss the cultural evolution of ancient societies."


Panel Of Architects

A panel of architects refers to a group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field of architecture who come together to discuss, evaluate, and provide insights on various architectural projects or matters of significance. This collective ...

Example sentence

"The panel of architects gathered together to discuss the latest trends in architectural design."


Panel Of Athletes

A panel of athletes refers to a group of sportspeople who have come together for a specific purpose, often to share their expertise, experiences, or opinions related to their respective fields. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the joining of these i...

Example sentence

"The panel of athletes gathered together to discuss the future of the sport."


Panel Of Aunts

A Panel of Aunts is a captivating and endearing collective noun phrase that refers to a group of aunts convened together for consultation, support, or advice-giving. Much like a panel of experts in their domain, the Panel of Aunts exudes a warm and nurtur...

Example sentence

"The panel of aunts convened to discuss and offer advice on various family matters."


Panel Of Budgerigars

A panel of budgerigars refers to a gathering or assembly of these delightful and vibrant parakeets. Budgerigars, commonly known as budgies, are small, colorful birds native to Australia, often kept as pets due to their gentle nature and ability to mimic s...

Example sentence

"A panel of budgerigars sat perched on the tree branches, their vibrant feathers adding a rainbow touch to the surroundings."


Panel Of Candidates

A panel of candidates refers to a group of individuals who are vying for a particular position or role through a selection process, such as an election, job interview, or audition. This collective noun phrase highlights the assembly and presentation of op...

Example sentence

"The panel of candidates competed fiercely for the prestigious scholarship."


Panel Of Captains

A panel of captains is a descriptive collective noun phrase referring to a group of individuals who hold the authoritative positions of captain within their respective domains. These captains may represent different areas such as naval ships, airline team...

Example sentence

"The panel of captains convened to discuss strategies and challenges faced by their respective teams."


Panel Of Chiefs

A panel of chiefs refers to a group or gathering of leaders, typically from various fields or organizations, who hold positions of authority or expertise. It represents a collective noun phrase, demonstrating a collective decision-making or advisory body ...

Example sentence

"The decisions made by the panel of chiefs carry great authority within the tribe."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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