[11] Unwrapping the Package: Exploring Collective Noun Examples

A package is not only a tangible item wrapped in a box, but it can also refer to a group of things or individuals tarred with a similar characteristic. In this context, a collective noun with the word "package" serves as a unique way to group seemingly unrelated entities where the package represents a collective unit. Here are a few examples of collective noun phrases featuring the word "package" and their descriptions:

1. A package of wolves: The term signifies a group of wolves, a typical example of cooperation, social hierarchy, and hunting as a unified unit. Interestingly, a package of wolves usually contains alpha, beta, and omega individuals, each with unique roles that contribute to the survival of the group.

2. A package of cards: This phrase refers to a deck of cards typically used to play various games. When shuffled, the package of cards combines multiple suits, numbers, and face cards creating a diverse array of possibilities for players.

3. A package of bees: Describing a collection of bees united by a common hive, a package of bees showcases these industrious insects' identifiable cooperation and organized labor to maintain the overall health and productivity of the colony.

4. A package of lies: This phrase symbolizes a group of dishonest statements or misleading information presented together. Also known as a web of deceit, a package of lies exemplifies the way multiple false narratives can be interconnected to trick or manipulate others.

5. A package of talent: This expression encapsulates a group of individuals who possess exceptional skills or abilities in a particular domain. The idea behind a package of talent emphasizes the notion that working together can enhance and escalate one another's expertise, through collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

6. A package of treats: Representing an assortment of delightful goodies or snacks, a package of treats offers a diverse collection of small, typically delicious, items—such as chocolates, biscuits, or candies—creating a fulfilling sensory experience.

7. A package of books: Referring to a selection of books bound together or stored collectively, a package of books allows readers to access a collection representing various genres, topics, and styles often linked by a common message or theme.

These examples demonstrate how the word "package" can be creatively used as a collective noun to describe both concrete and abstract entities that possess a certain unity or quality when assembled as a group.


Package Of Corn

A package of corn refers to a grouping or collection of individual corn cobs that have been bundled or packaged together. This collective noun phrase, Package of Corn, evokes an image of neatly wrapped corn cobs, often seen at grocery stores or farmers' m...

Example sentence

"I bought a package of corn from the grocery store for tonight's dinner."


Package Of Electronics

A package of electronics is a specialized collective noun phrase used to describe a group or batch of various electronic devices or components packaged together as a unit. This comprehensive and cohesive assemblage includes a wide array of cutting-edge ga...

Example sentence

"A package of electronics arrived at my doorstep today, and I couldn't contain my excitement as I carefully unwrapped each gadget."


Package Of Equipment

A package of equipment refers to a group or collection of various tools, devices, or instruments that are typically packaged together for a specific purpose or task. The term package signifies that these items are bundled or enclosed in a single container...

Example sentence

"Our team received a package of equipment today for our upcoming project."


Package Of Files

A package of files refers to a collection or group of files that are typically stored or transmitted together for a specific purpose or function. This collective noun phrase highlights the idea that these files are intricately bundled together, forming a ...

Example sentence

"The office manager organized a package of files containing important documents for the upcoming meeting."


Package Of Furniture

A package of furniture refers to a grouping or set of furniture items that are typically sold or packaged together. This collective noun phrase implies a collection of various furniture pieces designed to complement each other and create a cohesive look a...

Example sentence

"I ordered a package of furniture online and it arrived yesterday."


Package Of Golf Clubs

A package of golf clubs is a term that refers to a group or assortment of golf clubs that are packaged and often sold together as a set. A package generally implies that the clubs are packaged in a single box or case for convenience and organization. Thi...

Example sentence

"Last weekend, I saw a package of golf clubs being delivered to my neighbor's house."


Package Of Insults

A package of insults is a collective noun phrase that depicts a bundle or assortment of derogatory remarks, biting comments, or disrespectful statements. Just like a small parcel containing various items, a package of insults presents a compilation of off...

Example sentence

"During the heated argument, the person hurled a package of insults, leaving the other speechless."


Package Of Parcels

A package of parcels is a delightful collective noun phrase used to describe a group or collection of various parcels or packages. It represents a unified assembly of parcels that are typically being transported, mailed, or delivered. This phrase vividly ...

Example sentence

"A package of parcels arrived at my doorstep this morning."


Package Of Plans

A package of plans refers to a group or collection of carefully designed, organized and thought-out strategies, proposals, or projects aimed at achieving specific objectives or solving particular problems. Much like a physical package, this collective nou...

Example sentence

"A package of plans was presented to the team, detailing the timeline for the project."


Package Of Television Shows

A package of television shows refers to a compelling assembly or collection of various television shows. This phrase encompasses the idea of grouping several TV programs together, usually with similar theme, genre, or production style, in order to offer a...

Example sentence

"A package of television shows was delivered to our door this morning."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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