[40] The Obstinate Horde: Collective Noun Examples Showcasing Obstinacy in the Animal Kingdom

Obstinacy is a unique collective noun that refers to a group or a collection of obstinate individuals. Derived from the adjective "obstinate," which implies stubbornness, obstinacy resonates with groups or gatherings marked by a shared stubborn or unwavering attitude. This collective noun accurately characterizes a range of situations where persistent resistance or rigidity is observed within a group dynamic.

For instance, imagine a union of laborers strongly advocating for workers' rights and steadfastly combating for better working conditions against oppressive employers. In this case, we can use "obstinacy" to describe the workers as an obstinacy of employees. This collective noun encapsulates their relentless determination and unyielding approach towards asserting their demands and pushing for their cause.

Another example could be perceived in a symposium comprising a gathering of renowned scholars who each possess an indomitable insistence on their own ideology or theories. This assembly could be referred to as an obstinacy of intellectuals, emphasizing their inclination to remain resolute and steadfast in defending their viewpoints, even in the face of contrasting opinions.

Overall, obstinacy serves as a concrete and evocative collective noun expressing the unity and shared characteristics of a group of obstinate individuals.


Obstinacy of Buffalo

Obstinacy of Buffalo is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of buffalo. Buffalo, known for their immense power, rugged beauty, and unyielding nature, embody solidity and strength. When several of these majestic creatures gather, ...

Example sentence

"An obstinacy of buffalo can be seen roaming the plains of the Serengeti, refusing to yield to any external pressure."


Obstinacy of Buffaloes

Obstinacy of Buffaloes is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence of a group of these majestic creatures. Known for their sheer strength and resilient nature, buffaloes form tight-knit communities where their c...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of buffaloes moved together in a synchronized manner across the riverside meadow."


Obstinacy Of Conservatives

Obstinacy of Conservatives is a collective noun phrase that aptly captures the unique characteristic and behavior of a group of conservatives. It signifies a collective stubbornness, firmness, and resistance to change or deviation from traditional beliefs...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of conservatives is often evident in their firm adherence to traditional values and resistance to change."


Obstinacy Of Contrarians

Obstinacy of Contrarians is a colorful and intriguing collective noun phrase that encapsulates a group of individuals known for their distinctive inclination towards disagreement and defiance. A contrarian, by nature, tends to take a contrary viewpoint, o...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of contrarians was evident during the heated debate, as they stubbornly refused to accept any opposing viewpoint."


Obstinacy Of Cynics

Obstinacy of Cynics refers to a unique collective noun phrase that vividly captures the essence of a group of cynical individuals. In this context, obstinacy highlights the unwavering, stubborn nature of the cynics, emphasizing their resolute and sometime...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of cynics was evident as they refused to believe any positive changes in the world."


Obstinacy Of Deniers

In the world we live in, opinions and beliefs can represent the diverse array of ideas and perspectives that shape society. However, within these discussions, there exists a unique collective noun phrase that encapsulates a specific group: Obstinacy of De...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of deniers was evident in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence."


Obstinacy Of Diehards

Obstinacy of Diehards is a captivating collective noun phrase that perfectly captures the rebellious spirit and unwavering determination exhibited by a group of individuals who resist change in the face of overwhelming opposition and challenges. This evoc...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of diehards was apparent as they continued to support their team, despite a string of losses."


Obstinacy Of Dissenters

Obstinacy of Dissenters is a captivating collective noun phrase that remarkably captures the essence of a group of individuals sharing a common trait: unwavering resistance or defiance against prevalent opinions, norms, or authority. This terms showcases ...

Example sentence

"The Obstinacy of Dissenters was evident in their unwavering refusal to accept the new reforms."


Obstinacy Of Fogeys

Obstinacy of Fogeys is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase that refers to a group of elderly individuals who display high levels of stubbornness, firmness, and resistance to change. The term fogeys colloquially refers to elderly people who may ...

Example sentence

"An obstinacy of fogeys gathered every Sunday at the local café, proudly discussing the good old days and reminiscing about their youth."


Obstinacy Of Foot-draggers

An Obstinacy of Foot-draggers is a unique and apt collective noun phrase referring to a group of individuals who possess a shared tendency and inclination towards prolonged and unwarranted resistance, causing unnecessary delays or setbacks in the progress...

Example sentence

"The obstinacy of foot-draggers was causing the project to fall behind schedule."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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