[25] Nicing it Up: Empowering Aunties with Collective Nouns for Their Beloved Nieces

Collective nouns are specific terms used to describe groups of people, animals, or objects. In the case of nieces, a collective noun is not commonly used as nieces are usually referred to individually. However, one possible collective noun that could be used to describe a group of nieces is a "generation of nieces". This term emphasizes the familial connection between aunts or uncles and all their nieces collectively within a single generation. Beyond this, there is no widely recognized or established collective noun specifically for nieces. As such, when talking about nieces, it is customary to refer to them by their individual names or use general terms like "group" or "set" of nieces.


Assembly Of Nieces

An Assembly of Nieces refers to a gathering or group of female individuals who are the children of one's siblings. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the unique bond that exists among aunts and their nieces, signifying a sense of familial connection...

Example sentence

"An assembly of nieces gathered at the family reunion, filled with laughter and stories from their childhood."


Band Of Nieces

A band of nieces refers to a group of nieces who come together, typically including three or more individuals. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the camaraderie, kinship, and bond shared by these nieces, depicting them as a unified unit. Whether cous...

Example sentence

"The band of nieces put on a delightful performance at the family gathering, showcasing their various talents."


Bevy Of Nieces

A bevy of nieces is a delightful and enchanting collective noun phrase that vividly portrays a charming gathering of one's nieces. Bevy implies a large or abundant group, while nieces refers to female children of one's siblings or siblings-in-law. Togethe...

Example sentence

"Every summer, our family gathers for a reunion and it's always a joyous occasion as there is a bevy of nieces who bring laughter and energy to the event."


Brigade Of Nieces

A Brigade of Nieces refers to a wonderful and spirited gathering of nieces who share a special bond as family members. This collective noun phrase creates a vibrant picture of a group of young women or girls, full of youthful energy, and united by their s...

Example sentence

"When we all get together at family reunions, it feels like a Brigade of Nieces has taken over."


Brood Of Nieces

Brood of Nieces is a captivating collective noun phrase used for a group of nieces. It arduously captures the essence of a familial gathering, conjuring images of a tightly knit group of girls related to you by blood or marriage. The term brood suggests a...

Example sentence

"During holidays, our family gathers, and it becomes quite chaotic with a brood of nieces running around playing games together."


Bunch Of Nieces

A bunch of nieces refers to a group or gathering of young girls or women who are the daughters of one’s siblings or siblings-in-law. This collective noun phrase portrays a delightful and endearing assortment of nieces who share a special familial bond a...

Example sentence

"A bunch of nieces gathered at the family reunion, bringing laughter and joy to the event."


Clan Of Nieces

A Clan of Nieces refers to a tight-knit group of nieces who share a strong bond like that of a family clan. It represents a collective of young women who are the daughters of siblings or extended family members. This unique group emphasizes the special co...

Example sentence

"The clan of nieces gathered at grandma's house for a summer vacation full of laughter and mischief."


Cluster Of Nieces

A cluster of nieces refers to a group of nieces who are seen or gathered together. Family gatherings or social events often create opportunities for this special union of nieces, where their bonds can deepen and celebrated interactions can occur. The term...

Example sentence

"A cluster of nieces was playing in the backyard, their laughter filling the air with joy."


Cohort Of Nieces

A cohort of nieces refers to a unique group or community formed by a number of nieces, typically varying in age and relationship to an individual. This collective noun phrase highlights the special bond and significance of the nieces within a family or so...

Example sentence

"A cohort of nieces gathered to celebrate their aunt's birthday at the family reunion."


Collection Of Nieces

A collection of nieces refers to a group or gathering of nieces related either by blood or through marriage to a particular individual who serves as their aunt or uncle. The phrase encapsulates the idea of inclusivity and togetherness among aunts and uncl...

Example sentence

"The collection of nieces was a rowdy bunch at the family gathering, running around and laughing together."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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