[31] Gather 'Round for Some Unusual Musters: Collective Noun Examples in the Animal Kingdom

A muster is an uncommon collective noun used to describe a group or gathering of some particular entities that share a common characteristic or purpose. This term is often associated with people, but can also refer to animals or things. Here are some examples of collective nouns using the word "muster":

1. A muster of peacocks: This refers to a gathering of these stunning and vibrant birds, admired for their elaborate plumage and distinctive calls. Seeing a muster of peacocks can be an impressive and captivating sight.

2. A muster of soldiers: This refers to a group of military personnel who have assembled for duty or training. A muster of soldiers is essential for maintaining discipline, coordinating exercises, and ensuring readiness for deployment or battle.

3. A muster of cattle: This refers to a group of cows or bulls gathered together, often in a ranch or pasture. Farmers and ranchers carry out a muster of cattle to manage their herds - tagging, treating, or moving them to different areas as required.

4. A muster of volunteers: This denotes a gathering of individuals who willingly offer their time, skills, or services to assist with a particular cause or activity. Whether it's for disaster relief, community projects, or charitable endeavors, a muster of volunteers plays a crucial role in making a difference.

5. A muster of facts: Here, the term "muster" takes on a figurative meaning referring to the action of assembling or organizing ideas or information. A muster of facts indicates a gathering of important or relevant details that are compiled for a specific purpose, such as a report, research, or debate.

In general, using "muster" to describe a collective noun adds uniqueness and character to the group it refers to, implying a sense of purposeful gathering or organized unity.


Muster Of Cattle

A muster of cattle refers to a gathering, or group, of these magnificent herbivorous animals. Whether found grazing on vast open meadows or walking together in an organized procession, a muster of cattle creates a captivating spectacle. This collective no...

Example sentence

"A muster of cattle gathered near the river, lazily grazing on the green meadows."


Muster Of Chickens

A muster of chickens describes a delightful gathering of these small, feathered creatures. As a collective noun phrase, it evokes an image of a quaint and lively scene with multiple chickens congregating together. Imagine a barnyard or a sunny meadow, whe...

Example sentence

"A muster of chickens was busy pecking and digging in the yard, searching for insects and worms."


Muster Of Crocodiles

A muster of crocodiles refers to a unique and captivating spectacle that epitomizes the strength, stealth, and innate ferocity of these legendary reptiles. Imagine venturing into a captivating wetland or tropical landscape, with shimmering ponds or riverb...

Example sentence

"As we ventured into the murky waters, a menacing muster of crocodiles gathered at the riverbank, eyeing us with their cold, calculating stares."


Muster of Crows

A muster of crows refers to a gathering or a group of these highly intelligent and sociable birds. The term muster adds a touch of intrigue and mystery to their assembly. These venerated black birds, known for their dark feathers, haunting caws, and mesme...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the park, I saw a muster of crows perched on the branches of the tall trees."


Muster Of Deer

A muster of deer is a picturesque and poetic way to describe a gathering of these majestic and graceful creatures. The term muster suggests an assembling of deer in a group, brimming with a sense of unity and purpose. It conjures up scenes from enchanting...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to set, a muster of deer emerged from the forest, gracefully moving together in a synchronized dance."


Muster Of Dogs

A muster of dogs is an intriguing collective noun phrase used to describe a group of dogs that come together or gather en masse, creating a captivating visual image. This unique phrase evokes a sense of unity as well as a certain energy and vibrancy when ...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the park, a muster of dogs came running towards me, tails wagging excitedly."


Muster Of Ducks

A muster of ducks refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to describe a group of ducks that are congregated together. It encapsulates the sight of numerous ducks coming together, showcasing their innate instinct in forming a collective unit. The ...

Example sentence

"A muster of ducks waddled in formation along the edge of the pond, their feathers glistening under the warm sun."


Muster Of Egrets

A muster of egrets is a beautiful and captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a specific gathering of these impressive birds. Egrets are elegant wading birds belonging to the heron family, known for their regal appearance and agile movements. ...

Example sentence

"I was astounded by the sight of a large muster of egrets flying gracefully over the lake."


Muster Of Elephants

A muster of elephants refers to a captivating sight of these magnificent creatures coming together in a group. This collective noun phrase depicts a gathering of elephants, showcasing the iconic grace and power they possess. The word muster signifies a se...

Example sentence

"A muster of elephants slowly emerges from the thick forest, their colossal frames commanding attention in the savannah."


Muster Of Fowls

A muster of fowls is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of domestic or game birds. The word muster refers to the act of assembling or gathering together, which is fitting for birds that instinctively congregate for various reaso...

Example sentence

"A muster of fowls gathered near the farmer's barn, loudly clucking and pecking at the ground for food."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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