[28] The Multitude of Collective Nouns: Exploring Examples That Will Astonish You

A multitude is a diverse collection or assembly of individuals gathered together to form a single entity. While this term is often used to denote a large number of people, it can also be applied to describe a collective noun for a group of things or living beings. Here are a few examples of collective nouns with the word multitude:

1. A multitude of stars: Referring to countless celestial bodies strewn across the night sky, this collective noun highlights the awe-inspiring array of stars that captivate and enchant us.

2. A multitude of voices: Representing the harmonious or chaotic chorus in a gathering, a multitude of voices describes the combined sounds and expressions emanating from a crowd or assembly.

3. A multitude of possibilities: Portraying a vast array of potential options, this collective noun illustrates the numerous choices, opportunities, or outcomes available in a particular situation.

4. A multitude of colors: Describing a wide variety of hues, a multitude of colors encompasses the spectrum of beautifully pigmented shades present in nature, art, or any vivid assortment.

5. A multitude of opinions: Depicting diverse viewpoints, perspectives, or beliefs, this collective noun recognizes that a multitude of opinions can emerge when people engage in conversations or discussions.

In each of these examples, the concept of multitude conveys an abundance or overwhelming presence, signifying the wealth, diversity, or complexity encompassed by the collective noun.


Multitude Of Ants

A multitude of ants refers to a large group or swarm of ants gathered together in one place. This collective noun phrase highlights the sheer number and presence of these tiny creatures, emphasizing their significance collectively rather than individually...

Example sentence

"The multitude of ants was marching in a perfectly synchronized pattern, each ant carrying a tiny morsel of food back to their nest."


Multitude Of Beachgoers

A multitude of beachgoers is a lively and bustling group of people who gather on the sandy shores in search of sun, sea, and recreational activities. This collective noun phrase alludes to a large and diverse assemblage of individuals who converge on the ...

Example sentence

"The multitude of beachgoers lounged under colorful umbrellas, soaking up the sun and enjoying the sound of crashing waves."


Multitude Of Cars

A multitude of cars refers to a large, overwhelming number or quantity of automobiles gathered or present together in a specific location or scenario. This collective noun phrase vividly describes a scene or situation characterized by an abundance of vehi...

Example sentence

"The freeway was congested with a multitude of cars during rush hour."


Multitude Of Computers

A multitude of computers refers to a vast number or large group of computers gathered together in one location, networked or working collectively towards a common purpose. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the sheer quantity and diversity of computer...

Example sentence

"The multitude of computers at the office facilitates efficient data processing and analysis."


Multitude Of Crabs

A multitude of crabs is a breathtaking sight to behold in coastal regions around the world. This captivating collective noun phrase refers to a large gathering of these fascinating crustaceans that creates a mesmerizing spectacle. With their distinctive h...

Example sentence

"A multitude of crabs scuttled across the sandy shore, forming a symphony of clicking, clacking sounds."


Multitude Of Dates

A multitude of dates refers to a group or gathering of numerous individuals or events that occur on different dates. It represents an abundance or large quantity of dates, both in terms of the fruit and the conceptual notion of specific moments in time. T...

Example sentence

"A multitude of dates fills the supermarket shelves with different varieties."


Multitude Of Dogs

A multitude of dogs is a captivating collective noun phrase that paints an incredibly vivid and lively image in one's mind. It refers to a large and diverse gathering of canines, composing a bustling and energetic group that is a delight to behold. Imagi...

Example sentence

"In the park today, a multitude of dogs were playfully running around, chasing balls and barking happily."


Multitude Of Eggs

A multitude of eggs refers to a vast, varied, and overwhelming collection or quantity of eggs. It evokes the image of a bountiful assortment, presenting an abundant feast for the eyes. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the notion of countless eggs,...

Example sentence

"The farmer was amazed by the multitude of eggs laid by his hens every morning."


Multitude Of Flags

A multitude of flags refers to a large and diverse assemblage of flags that are gathered or displayed together. This collective noun phrase captures the image of a vast number of flags representing different countries, organizations, or causes being prese...

Example sentence

"During sports events, a multitude of flags representing different nations flutter proudly in the stadium stands."


Multitude Of Flies

A multitude of flies refers to a large congregation or gathering of flies. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the overwhelming number and presence of these small winged insects, often associated with annoyance and disturbance. The sight of a multitude...

Example sentence

"When entering the barn, we were immediately overwhelmed by the multitude of flies buzzing around the horses."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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