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A collective noun is a type of noun that refers to a group or collection of individuals or things. When it comes to collective nouns associated with the action of multiplying or the concept of multiplication, there are various intriguing examples that vividly depict the potency of multiplication alongside its impact on groups.

One such example of a collective noun related to multiplication is a "gaggle." Although commonly known as the collective noun for a group of geese, a "gaggle" can also extend its definition to any collection of living organisms that reproduce rapidly, resulting in an exponential increase in their numbers.

Similarly, another collective noun emphasizing multiplication is a "swarm." Originally referring specifically to a large group of insects or bees, this term can also illustrate any assemblage characterized by exponential growth, reproduction, or expansion. Quite like the rapid multiplication characteristic of insects, a "swarm" implies the potential explosive increment of members in a collective.

Additionally, we encounter the collectives "herd" and "flock," mainly referring to groups of animals such as cows, sheep, or birds, respectively. While these terms explicitly emphasize the notion of multiplication in their examples, they unintentionally allude to the process as vital for their respective species' survival and thriving.

Lastly, imagine a "cluster" as another representation of multiplication—an assembly or group of similar entities that unite, multiply, and thrive closely together. Though not primarily originating from the process of multiplication, a "cluster" appears akin to the exponential increase in members and the deep interrelation among a collective, evoking the powerful notion of multiplication through aggregation.

Ultimately, these collective noun examples showcase the wonder and diversity of language in transforming actions, concepts, and processes into vivid representations of group formations. In these examples, the association with the word "multiply" brings to life the potential for expansive growth, rapid proliferation, or kinship within a collective.


Multiply of Husbands

A Multiply of Husbands refers to a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase specifically utilized to describe a group or assembly of husbands. Imagine a gathering, whether formal or informal, of married men coming together for various purposes. This c...

Example sentence

"A multiply of husbands walked into the restaurant, each impeccably dressed and holding the hands of their wives."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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