[27] Matching a Collective Noun to its Tribe: Exploring Fascinating Examples!

A collective noun is a type of noun that represents a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to the word "match", there are various collective noun examples that can be associated with it. One common example is a "box of matches", where several individual matchsticks are grouped together in a box for convenience and safety. Another example could be a "pile of matches", referring to a collection of matchsticks stacked on top of each other.

Furthermore, we can also have "bundles of matches", which are larger collections of matchsticks sold together as a single unit. These bundles are commonly used by businesses or individuals who require matches in bulk quantities. In a similar fashion, we may come across a "stockpile of matches", indicating an extensive store or inventory of matchsticks.

In a more figurative sense, the term "match" can also be used to describe a collective noun for people who share similar characteristics or skills, such as a "team of matches" referring to a group of players in a particular sport eager to compete against other teams. Additionally, a "league of matches" could signify a group of individuals participating in friendly or competitive matches, whether it be in a game of cards, board games, or any other activity that involves the concept of rivalry and matches.

These collective noun examples help us understand how the word "match" can embrace different aspects, from physical objects to metaphorical representations. Overall, collective nouns provide an effective way to encapsulate and refer to groups, enhancing their value and significance in different contexts.


Match Of Archers

Match of Archers is a distinctive collective noun phrase that perfectly captures the essence of a group of archers coming together for a common purpose. It engenders a sense of camaraderie, skill, and excitement that encompasses these skilled individuals ...

Example sentence

"A match of archers competed fiercely in the regional tournament, showcasing their remarkable aim and skill."


Match Of Badminton Players

A match of badminton players refers to a group or collective gathering of individuals who participate in the popular racquet sport known as badminton. This noun phrase encapsulates the essence of a competitive event involving various players coming togeth...

Example sentence

"A match of badminton players is an exhilarating sight, as the teams battle it out on the court."


Match Of Baseball Players

A Match of Baseball Players refers to an assemblage or gathering of baseball athletes who come together to engage in a competitive game of this popular American sport. Just like a thrilling match of puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly, this unique co...

Example sentence

"A match of baseball players was held at the local stadium, attracting a large audience."


Match Of Basketball Players

A match of basketball players refers to a group or ensemble of highly skilled individuals engaging in a game of basketball. This collective noun phrase signifies the coming together of two or more teams, each comprising talented and enthusiastic professio...

Example sentence

"A match of basketball players was about to begin, with both teams ready to showcase their skills on the court."


Match Of Bowlers

A match of bowlers is a captivating sight on a cricket field, characterized by a group of skilled players who share a common goal of dismissing the opposition's batsmen. When a match of bowlers takes the stage, excitement and anticipation fill the air as ...

Example sentence

"A match of bowlers filled the lanes, each player focused on their bowling technique."


Match Of Boxers

A match of boxers is a captivating spectacle that amalgamates strength, skill, and resilience within a limited boxing ring. This collective noun phrase, match of boxers, refers to a group of individuals exceptionally trained in the noble art of boxing, fe...

Example sentence

"A match of boxers competed in the highly anticipated championship fight."


Match Of Card Players

A match of card players refers to a gathering, event, or specific occasion where a group of individuals gather to engage in card games. It serves as a term to collectively describe individuals who join in a strategic game of cards, such as poker, blackjac...

Example sentence

"A match of card players gathered around the table, each with their own strategy and determination to win."


Match Of Chess Players

A match of chess players is a captivating gathering of talented individuals who engage in the age-old game of chess. Within a match, the intellectual prowess and strategic abilities of multiple players are showcased, intertwining skill, concentration, and...

Example sentence

"A match of chess players is about to commence at the international chess tournament."


Match Of Dancers

A match of dancers is a captivating and astounding display of coordinated movements and rhythm. This collective noun phrase refers to a group or assembly of talented individuals who are expertly trained in the art of dance and perform together in synchron...

Example sentence

"A match of dancers took the stage gracefully, their synchronized movements entrancing the audience."


Match Of Dart Players

A match of dart players refers to a gathering or competition of individuals engaged in the sport of darts. A collective noun phrase, it captures the essence of players coming together, either in formal tournaments, local leagues, or social gatherings, to ...

Example sentence

"A match of dart players gathered at the local pub, each aiming for bulls-eye perfection."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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