[18] The Fierce and Formidable: Unveiling Collective Nouns for Marines

Collective nouns refer to a specific term used to describe a group or collection of individuals. When it comes to marines, the collective nouns utilized to depict a group of these brave individuals evoke a sense of unity, discipline, and teamwork. These terms were crafted to reflect the unique bond shared by members of the marine corps. Here are two commonly used collective nouns specifically used for marines:

1. Force: This term encompasses the notion of power and strength. It signifies the combined might of marines working cohesively towards a common objective. A force of marines implies a highly trained and coordinated group ready to face any challenge together. It correlates with the resilience, equanimity, and precision instilled in marines to uphold their specialized tasks and duties.

2. Corps: Derived directly from the name of the United States Marine corps (USMC), this collective noun epitomizes the essence and spirit of marines as a close-knit organizational unit. The term 'corps' accentuates the deeply-rooted traditions, core values, and shared camaraderie within this military branch. Connoting a highly disciplined and dedicated community of warriors, the collective noun 'corps' symbolizes the unique bond that forms among marines and their unfaltering commitment to one another.

These collective nouns for marines effectively capture the ethos of this esteemed military institution, illustrating both the individual skills and the unity of purpose that marines demonstrate in all their endeavors.


Battalion Of Marines

A battalion of Marines refers to a specific unit within the United States Marine Corps that is organized and trained for combat operations. Comprised of several hundred Marines, this collective noun phrase encompasses soldiers from various military specia...

Example sentence

"The entire battalion of Marines has been deployed to assist in the rescue mission."


Brigade Of Marines

A brigade of Marines refers to a specific grouping or formation of the United States Marine Corps. As a collective noun phrase, it embodies the strength, organization, and readiness associated with this elite military force. Comprising several battalions,...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Marines displayed remarkable teamwork in their coordinated assault on the enemy stronghold."


Company Of Marines

A Company of Marines is a distinctive collective noun phrase that refers to a group or unit of highly trained and disciplined individuals belonging to the United States Marine Corps. As one of the smallest organizational units within the Marine Corps, a c...

Example sentence

"A company of marines was deployed to the conflict zone to assist with the peacekeeping efforts."


Corps Of Marines

The phrase Corps of Marines refers to a highly esteemed military organization that is specifically formed by the recruitment and training of marines. With a rich history dating back to 1775, this collective noun reflects the unity, discipline, and special...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Marines is a highly skilled elite force that is revered for their bravery and dedication."


Crew Of Marines

A crew of Marines refers to a specialized group or unit comprised of highly trained and skilled professionals belonging to the United States Marine Corps. Bound by a common purpose and undying commitment to upholding the values of honor, courage, and comm...

Example sentence

"The crew of Marines swiftly carried out their mission, working together with unparalleled precision."


Detachment Of Marines

A detachment of marines is a specific term coined for a small group of highly trained, disciplined, and dedicated Marines who are strategically assigned to mission-specific tasks. Acting as a compact unit within a larger military force, a detachment of ma...

Example sentence

"The Detachment of Marines marched in perfect uniformity during the military parade."


Division Of Marines

The division of marines is a formidable force, comprised of highly skilled and specially trained marine soldiers who exemplify the ethos of honor, duty, and unwavering commitment to the defense of their nation. This collective noun phrase primarily refers...

Example sentence

"The Division of Marines will conduct a training exercise next week to enhance their combat skills."


Force Of Marines

The collective noun phrase Force of Marines refers to a group or unit composed of Marines, who are members of a highly skilled and specialized military force. The term force signifies strength, power, and dedication, highlighting the collective capabiliti...

Example sentence

"The Force of Marines marched bravely towards the battlefield, ready to fulfill their duty and protect their country."


Formation Of Marines

Formation of Marines is a powerful and striking collective noun phrase that vividly portrays the process by which the stalwart Marines come together and organize themselves into a force ready to take on any challenge or enemy. Representing strength, disci...

Example sentence

"The Formation of Marines took place in the early morning, as hundreds of recruits gathered on the parade ground."


Group Of Marines

A group of Marines refers to a formation or gathering of highly skilled and dedicated individuals known as Marines. Comprising military personnel belonging to the United States Marine Corps, this collective noun phrase describes a unit of trained warriors...

Example sentence

"A group of Marines were carefully executing a tactical maneuver during their training exercise."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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