[1] The Machination of Birds: Astonishing Collective Noun Examples Revealed!

A collective noun refers to a single term used to describe a group or collection of individuals, animals, or things. Although there is no specific collective noun that includes the word "machination" itself, it can be used as an interesting and figurative term to describe various group actions or activities.

1. A Conglomeration of Machinations: This collective noun encompasses a group of intricate and scheming plans or tactics. It is used to describe a multitude of calculated and secretive activities orchestrated by a collective.

2. A Network of Machinations: This collective noun signifies a complex system or structure of interconnected plots and strategies. It refers to a group of interconnected individuals constantly engaged in devious scheming or manipulation.

3. A Web of Machinations: This collective noun metaphorically represents an elaborate and entangled network of cunning and secretive actions. Just as spiders construct intricate webs to catch prey, this collective noun suggests interconnected strategies and deceptions fashioned by a group.

4. An Arsenal of Machinations: This collective noun portrays a collection of deliberate schemes or strategies employed with an air of weight and purpose. It evokes the perception of various calculated moves at the disposal of the group.

5. A Syndicate of Machinations: This collective noun presents a powerful and collaborative group engaged in plotting, planning, and manipulation for personal gain. It illustrates the conveying image of an organized and influential collective.

Please note that the collective nouns mentioned above are fictitious and specifically created to relate to the concept of "machinations." The term "machination" itself refers to crafty schemes, secret plots, or world political schemes, and it typically does not directly associate with the concept of collective nouns.


Machination of Monkeys

A machination of monkeys refers to a captivating and intriguing sight consisting of a group of monkeys exhibiting their nimble and highly cunning behaviors. The term machination in this context emphasizes the cleverness and strategic nature typically asso...

Example sentence

"In the heart of the vast jungle, a mischievous machination of monkeys swung from tree to tree, ruffling the leaves and chattering animatedly."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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