[10] Unveiling the Leash of Collective Nouns: Examples that Show the Power of Unity

A leash is a wonderful example of a collective noun as it refers to a group of animals that are tied together or controlled by a single length of sturdy material. In this context, a variety of conventions may influence the use of the word, such as conventionally connecting multiple animals or objects while onto a single line.

For example, a leash can be commonly observed when it entails a set of dogs being walked together, resulting in a group often referred to as a "leash of dogs." This portrays the idea that several individual dogs are under control and guided by their owners using the same leash. A leash, therefore, aids in maintaining order and discouraging unruly behavior when it comes to multiple animals.

Additionally, while typically used in relation to animals, a leash can also be applied to various other animals or even objects. For instance, multiple toddlers held together by leashes to ensure their safety and maintain supervision are referred to as a "leash of toddlers." Similarly, in hunting, a group of hawks tethered with a common leather cord or chain for training purposes can be known as a "leash of hawks."

Overall, the collective noun "leash" not only provides a dedicated means of control and containment for owners walking their dogs or training hawks but also communicates the idea of unity, order, and discipline within a group of animals or objects. Within the realm of animal care, using this collective noun furthers the connection between humans and their companion animals, reminding us of our responsibility in maintaining control and ensuring the welfare of our beloved pets.


Leash of Bucks

A leash of bucks is a dynamic and captivating collective noun phrase that vividly portrays a group of majestic male deer in their natural habitat. The word leash is typically associated with dogs, but when applied to deer, it highlights the elegant unity ...

Example sentence

"A leash of bucks stood proudly in the meadow, their antlers gleaming in the sunlight."


Leash of Bunnies

A leash of bunnies is an adorable and enchanting collective noun phrase used to describe a group of bunnies that are typically sweet and captivating creatures. This particular term evokes the image of these furry little animals playfully frolicking and ex...

Example sentence

"I spotted a delightful leash of bunnies nibbling on the grass in the park today."


Leash of Deer

A leash of deer is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a small group of deer moving together in a synchronized manner. Observing these graceful animals from a distance, as they traverse through wooded landscapes or open fields, one canno...

Example sentence

"We were lucky enough to spot a leash of deer grazing by the riverbank."


Leash of Foxes

A Leash of Foxes is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase that describes a group of foxes. Inspired by their distinctive characteristic of cunning and slyness, this unique term conjures an image of these graceful creatures gracefully moving throug...

Example sentence

"A leash of foxes dart across the meadow, their red coats blending with the autumn leaves."


Leash of Greyhounds

A leash of greyhounds refers to a group or collection of greyhounds, stemming from the traditional practice of using a leash to contain and lead these elegant and graceful animals. This collective noun indicates the presence of multiple greyhounds gathere...

Example sentence

"A leash of Greyhounds sprinted across the open field, their sleek bodies gracefully gliding through the air."


Leash Of Grouse

A leash of grouse is a quaint and evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a group of grouse, a game bird known for its elusive nature and striking appearance. Evoking images of an era defined by genteel pursuits and active hunting, the term leas...

Example sentence

"A leash of grouse flushed from the fields as we walked through the forest."


Leash of Hares

A leash of hares refers to a collective grouping of hares, a sight that offers spectators a unique way to witness the lively behavior and agility of these remarkable creatures. Found predominantly in open fields, meadows, or woodland areas, hares are know...

Example sentence

"I spotted a leash of hares darting across the open field, their grey fur blending with the surrounding vegetation."


Leash of Hawks

Leash of Hawks is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes images of unity, grace, and power. Amidst the vast expanse of the sky, this collective noun brings to the forefront a congregation of majestic and majestic raptors. A leash, being a tradit...

Example sentence

"A leash of hawks circled gracefully above, their powerful wings cutting through the wind."


Leash of Hounds

A leash of hounds is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of hounds, typically used in a hunting context. The term leash originates from the Old French word liaisc, meaning a strap or thong used to control or fasten. Therefore, a le...

Example sentence

"A leash of hounds was unleashed into the forest, eager to sniff out their prey."


Leash of Rabbits

A leash of rabbits is a delightful and slightly unusual collective noun phrase that encapsulates the playful essence of a group of rabbits. It evokes a charming image of these fluffy, swift-footed creatures gathering together in a playful mob. The choice ...

Example sentence

"I went to the park and saw a leash of rabbits hopping around happily."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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