[15] Leading the Way: Collective Noun Examples Display a Sense of Unity

A collective noun refers to a group of individuals sharing a common characteristic or purpose. When infused with the word "lead," collective nouns typically encompass groups of animals or people under the guidance, control, or authority of a particular individual or a central entity. Here are a few collective noun examples involving the word lead:

1. A pride of lions: These majestic creatures comprise a social group led by a dominant male lion, known as the pride's leader or alpha male. The "lead" lion plays a crucial role in protecting and defending the pride against external threats.

2. A pack of wolves: Wolves are highly social animals with a hierarchical system led by an alpha pair. The "lead" wolves, as alpha male and alpha female, guide the pack's movements, coordinate hunting expeditions, and make vital decisions.

3. A squadron of soldiers: A military unit consisting of infantry troops, typically led by a commissioned officer or officer in charge, is a prime example of a "lead" collective noun. These soldiers march and train together, carrying out missions under unified command and coordinated leadership.

4. A team of scientists: Scientific or research establishments often form collaborative groups led by a principal investigator or team leader. These teams work collectively on projects, share knowledge, and collaborate in efforts to advance scientific knowledge in their respective fields.

5. A flock of geese: A formation of flying geese, with one prominent individual leading at the front, is usually described as a "lead" collective noun. The lead goose takes the lead position, braving the wind and setting the pace for others, representing a highly efficient bird formation.

6. A panel of judges: In judicial or competitive settings, a group of judges collectively known as a "panel" reviews and evaluates cases or performances. Typically, one judge assumes the role of the "lead" or presiding judge, guiding the proceedings and rendering decisions when required.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the numerous collective nouns incorporating the word "lead." However, each of them illustrates the significant role and influence an individual or central guiding entity fulfills within the respective group or team.


Array Of Lead

An array of lead is a term used to describe a grouping or collection of objects made primarily of, or related to, lead. Lead is a heavy metal known for its density, malleability, and toxicity, and the word array implies a visually striking arrangement or ...

Example sentence

"An array of lead bullets lay scattered on the ground after the intense firefight."


Assortment Of Lead

An assortment of lead refers to a diverse gathering or collection of objects made of or related to the metal lead. This collective noun phrase encapsulates various lead-based items or materials found together, presenting a range of shapes, sizes, and purp...

Example sentence

"An assortment of lead was found in the abandoned warehouse, with different shapes and sizes scattered across the floor."


Batch Of Lead

A batch of lead refers to a specific quantity or grouping of lead elements or materials that are assembled or combined together for a particular purpose. Lead, a heavy and malleable metal often used in various industries due to its dense and corrosion-res...

Example sentence

"The workers poured a whole batch of lead to be molded into bullets."


Bundle Of Lead

A bundle of lead is a collective noun phrase that refers to a pile, a gathering, or a cluster of heavy metal pieces made of lead. These compact and dense objects can vary in size, ranging from small rounded chunks to larger sheets or bars. The term bundl...

Example sentence

"A bundle of lead was found in the abandoned factory, preventing any further investigation."


Cache Of Lead

A cache of lead refers to a specific group or collection of lead objects. The noun phrase cache conveys the idea of a hidden or secret store of objects, adding a further element of interest and mystery to the group of lead items. The word lead specificall...

Example sentence

"In the abandoned mine, he stumbled upon a cache of lead, shimmering in the dim light."


Cluster Of Lead

A cluster of lead refers to a gathering or concentrated group of lead objects or materials. Lead, a heavy and malleable metal, is typically found in numerous forms including lead bars, pipes, or bullets. When these lead items are brought together, forming...

Example sentence

"A cluster of lead pencils were scattered all over the classroom floor."


Collection Of Lead

A collection of lead refers to a group or gathering of objects made from the heavy and malleable metal known as lead. Lead, with its dull grayish appearance, is often used in practical applications such as pipes, batteries, and ammunition. This collective...

Example sentence

"The collection of lead on the windowsills created an eerie atmosphere in the abandoned house."


Heap Of Lead

A heap of lead is a collective noun phrase that refers to a pile or accumulation of lead. Lead is a dense metal with a distinct bluish-gray color, typically found in ore deposits. When lead is obtained for industrial or construction purposes, it is often ...

Example sentence

"We found a heap of lead bullets in the attic, leftovers from an old shooting range."


Lead of Foxes

A lead of foxes refers to a grouping or a collection of foxes that are commonly seen together. As cunning and adaptable creatures, foxes are known for their solitary and elusive nature, making a sighting of multiple foxes together quite rare. When multipl...

Example sentence

"The lead of foxes made its way stealthily through the thick forest, their coppery fur blending seamlessly with the surrounding foliage."


Load Of Lead

Load of Lead is a collective noun phrase that evokes images of a heavy and possibly dangerous collection of lead materials. It signifies a quantity or a group of items made entirely of lead or containing a significant amount of this dense and malleable me...

Example sentence

"The beauty of artillery displays is that they captivate the crowd, especially when a load of lead swoops through the air."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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