[32] Unveiling the Feminine Charm: A Fascinating Exploration of Collective Nouns for Ladies

Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. In the case of ladies, also known as women or females, there are several collective nouns specifically associated with them. These terms not only capture the essence of feminine society but also showcase the diverse roles and interests of women. Here are some interesting collective nouns for ladies:

1. Sisterhood: This term encompasses the idea of women forming a strong bond, often emphasizing the uniqueness of the female experience in a supportive and empowering community. It symbolizes the camaraderie and solidarity among women, highlighting their shared goals and ambitions.

2. Coven: Originally associated with a group of witches, a coven represents a gathering of ladies with shared interests, perhaps involved in spiritual practices, exploring alternative beliefs, or fostering a sense of mystery and enchantment.

3. Clutch: Derived from the realm of fashion, a "clutch" refers to a group of elegantly dressed ladies gathering for a special event, such as a high-profile occasion or a stylish outing, exhibiting poise, grace, and sophistication.

4. Matriarchy: Although not strictly a collective noun, referring more to a sociopolitical system where women hold primary leadership positions, it describes a group of ladies who lead and dictate the decision-making process while nurturing and guiding their community.

5. Troupe: Traditionally used in performing arts, a troupe refers to a group of actresses or female performers collectively engaged in theater, dance, music, or other creative mediums, showcasing their collective talents and skills.

6. Club: A club for ladies signifies a specific group established around shared hobbies, interests, or professional activities. This term highlights women's collective pursuit of common goals, camaraderie, and often provides a platform for professional networking and personal growth.

7. Gathering: This term signifies a casual meeting or coming together of ladies who seek community, friendship, or intellectual exchange. It captures the essence of connection and fostering relationships among women driven by similar aspirations or experiences.

These collective nouns celebrate the unity, strengths, and multifaceted nature of women, allowing us to appreciate and acknowledge the diverse communities and groups they form while emphasizing their remarkable influence and contributions to society.


Ancestry Of Ladies

The phrase Ancestry of Ladies refers to a collective group or lineage of esteemed and notable women who hold deep historical significance through their familial connections. It captures the ancestral heritage of distinguished females who share a common bl...

Example sentence

"The Ancestry of Ladies traces back several generations, captivating historians and genealogists alike."


Assembly Of Ladies

An Assembly of Ladies is a charming and regal collective noun phrase that refers to a gathering of women in a formal or esteemed setting. This elegant group represents a powerful and diverse network of graceful individuals who have come together to contri...

Example sentence

"Last week, an assembly of ladies came together to discuss issues impacting women in the community."


Association Of Ladies

The Association of Ladies is a refined and sophisticated collective noun phrase that represents a group of accomplished and empowered women who have come together to create a sense of unity and camaraderie. The phrase evokes an image of elegance, grace, a...

Example sentence

"The Association of Ladies gathered at the annual charity gala to raise funds for women empowerment."


Bevy of Ladies

A bevy of ladies refers to a delightful gathering or group comprised of women, typically characterized by their elegance, grace, and beauty. This collective noun phrase connotes an aura of charm and sophistication, emphasizing the enchanting aspect of the...

Example sentence

"A bevy of ladies enters the ballroom gracefully, capturing everyone's attention with their elegance."


Board Of Ladies

The term Board of Ladies is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group or governing body compromised entirely of women who come together for the purpose of leadership, decision-making, or taking initiatives in various fields. Typically, a board con...

Example sentence

"The Board of Ladies met every month to discuss community projects and philanthropic efforts."


Circle Of Ladies

A Circle of Ladies refers to a group of women who come together with a sense of unity and purpose. This collective noun phrase signifies a close-knit gathering of women who share common interests, experiences, or goals, usually on an informal basis. The t...

Example sentence

"The Circle of Ladies gathered at their favorite café to catch up and share stories."


Club Of Ladies

A Club of Ladies is a delightful collective noun phrase that exemplifies an assembly of graceful and sophisticated women coming together for various purposes. This charming phrase evokes images of a close-knit community of distinguished ladies converging ...

Example sentence

"Club of Ladies is organizing a charity event to raise funds for local shelters."


Coalition Of Ladies

A coalition of ladies encapsulates a powerful alliance and a united front of women from diverse backgrounds, coming together with a shared purpose. This collective noun phrase highlights their unity, strength, and solidarity towards a common goal. A coali...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Ladies hosted an empowering event to celebrate women's achievements and advocate for gender equality."


Community Of Ladies

A community of ladies refers to a gathering or group of women who come together to support, inspire, and empower one another, often sharing similar interests or experiences. This collective noun phrase captures the essence of solidarity, sisterhood, and s...

Example sentence

"The Community of Ladies came together at the charity event to raise funds for breast cancer awareness."


Company Of Ladies

A company of ladies is blithely gathered, elegant and refined. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of women who exude sophistication and beauty, epitomizing grace and intelligence. Whether in an illustrious social setting or a cultured gathering...

Example sentence

"A company of ladies walked gracefully into the ballroom, their elegant gowns billowing with every step."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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