[17] The Purrfect List: Unique Collective Noun Examples with 'Kennel' for Animal Enthusiasts

A kennel is a place where dogs are housed and cared for collectively, and as such it has become associated with several collective nouns. A collective noun refers to a group of individuals, often sharing a common characteristic or purpose. With the word "kennel," there are various interesting collective noun examples tied to canine-related activities.

One prevalent example is a "kennel" itself, which represents a group of dogs living together under one roof and receiving collective care from their owners or caretakers. Kennels serve as temporary accommodations or proper businesses that take responsibility for managing and maintaining a collection of dogs.

Another collective noun example using the word "kennel" is a "pack," which refers to a group of dogs that live, travel, or hunt together. This term is often applied to wolf packs in the wild, showcasing their social structure and cooperative behavior. In domesticated settings, kennels accommodating multiple dogs might also have their resident canines referred to as a pack.

Furthermore, a "brace" is a collective noun used for a pair of dogs, particularly when they are harnessed together for pulling objects or engaging in specific activities like sled pulling or hunting. These pairs often display remarkable coordination and teamwork, emphasizing the strong bond between two dogs working together towards a common purpose.

Lastly, though somewhat less common, a "leash" can also represent a collective noun associated with dogs under someone's control. When a dog owner walks multiple dogs at the same time, loosely holding one leash that connects all their dogs, it can be termed a leash of dogs. It signifies a shared containment or control of multiple dogs, maintaining their collective behavior under one management.

These collective noun examples exemplify how the word kennel contributes to conceptualizing groups or collections of dogs. Whether it's a pack surviving in the wild, dogs dwelling together in a kennel, or a brace or leash serving guided activities, these collective nouns aptly capture the affinity between dogs and their social dynamics within a confined group setting.


Kennel Of Dog Breeds

A kennel of dog breeds refers to a gathering or grouping of various dog breeds found together in one place. This collective noun phrase captures the diverse and distinctive array of different breeds in a single location, reminiscent of an actual kennel or...

Example sentence

"The kennel of dog breeds gathered for the annual dog show, each breed showcasing its unique traits and charm."


Kennel of Dogs

A kennel of dogs is a descriptive collective noun phrase that denotes a group of dogs, typically housed or residing together. The word kennel refers to both a physical structure where dogs are kept and the broader concept of dogs being raised or sheltered...

Example sentence

"The kennel of dogs played joyfully in the park, chasing one another and wagging their tails."


Kennel Of Foster Dogs

A Kennel of Foster Dogs refer to a group of dogs that are being cared for in a temporary or temporary-like environment known as a kennel or shelter, with the intention of finding them a permanent and loving home. In this collective form, the phrase encaps...

Example sentence

"The kennel of foster dogs was filled with wagging tails and eager barks as they eagerly awaited their new forever homes."


Kennel Of Greyhounds

A kennel of Greyhounds refers to a captivating and cohesive group of these extraordinary canine athletes that are renowned for their astonishing speed and regal appearance. As the collective noun suggests, a kennel of Greyhounds provides imagery of a stru...

Example sentence

"A kennel of Greyhounds was gathered together, their sleek bodies shining in the sunlight as they eagerly awaited the start of the race."


Kennel Of Guard Dogs

A kennel of guard dogs refers to a group of highly trained canines who are relied upon to provide security and protection. These intelligent and vigilant animals are specifically bred and raised to serve as guards, defending properties, people, or specifi...

Example sentence

"The kennel of guard dogs was highly praised for its exceptional training and unmatched level of loyalty."


Kennel Of Hounds

A Kennel of Hounds refers to a group or collection of hounds that are commonly bred and trained for hunting purposes. Hounds are known for their exceptional sense of smell, stamina, and hunting agility, making them an ideal choice when tracking down prey....

Example sentence

"A kennel of hounds can be quite noisy when they start barking in unison."


Kennel Of Hunting Dogs

A kennel of hunting dogs refers to a group of specialized dogs that are bred and trained for hunting purposes. The word kennel implies a confined or sheltered area where the dogs are kept. Hunting dogs are bred to possess heightened senses, endurance, str...

Example sentence

"A kennel of hunting dogs eagerly await their next scent-filled adventure in the wilderness."


Kennel Of Police Dogs

A kennel of police dogs refers to a group or collection of highly trained canines that have been specifically trained to assist law enforcement officers in various tasks and operations. These police dogs belong to a specialized unit or division within a l...

Example sentence

"The kennel of police dogs gathered for their daily training session."


Kennel Of Puppies

A kennel of puppies refers to a collective noun phrase that denotes a group of young dogs, typically under one year old, which have been sheltered or confined together indoors or out. The phrase kennel of puppies not only encapsulates their physical envir...

Example sentence

"The kennel of puppies played together, their tiny paws racing across the floor."


Kennel Of Racing Dogs

A kennel of racing dogs refers to a group or collective noun phrase denoting a collection of canine athletes specifically bred and trained for racing. This collective noun encapsulates the sense of camaraderie, agility, and competitiveness characteristic ...

Example sentence

"A kennel of racing dogs can be seen practicing on the track every morning, displaying their impressive speed and agility."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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