[37] An Intrusion of Muggles and Other Unusual Collective Noun Examples

Intrusion is a word that generally refers to the act of trespassing or unauthorized entry into a space. However, when utilized as part of a collective noun, it amplifies the notion of intrusion by pointing toward a group or collection of objects, organisms, or phenomena that invade or encroach upon a particular area or setting. This concept showcases the inherent power and strength behind the unified actions of these entities, inevitably leaving a lasting impact on their surroundings. Collective noun examples related to intrusion capture the essence of these bold events or organisms joining forces to disrupt equilibrium or establish themselves. Within the realm of biology, a swarm of locusts can be seen embodying the notion of an intrusive collective noun with their voracious appetite and capacity to swarm and destroy crops. Imagining a flock of seagulls relentlessly encroaching upon a picnic blanket to claim a tasty treat further illustrates this collective example. In ecological terms, an infestation suggests an intrusive assemblage of insects or pests breaching an environment, seeking to establish their presence and possibly causing devastation. Similarly, on a more human level, an invasion or incursion refers to a forceful, invasive action determined to seize control over a territory. Whatever the context, collective nouns with the theme of intrusion convey the powerful impact made by groups as they forcefully insert themselves and their impact into a particular domain, shaping the course of events in a separate and often overpowering manner.


Intrusion Of Ants

The intrusion of ants is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when a large group of these tiny insects collectively invades a particular area or space. The sheer numbers and coordinated motion of their presence make it seem as if the ants are taking over ...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of ants disrupted the peaceful picnic in the park, causing guests to hastily gather their belongings."


Intrusion Of Bystanders

An intrusion of bystanders is an extraordinary sight akin to a sudden influx of uninvited spectators, witnesses, or onlookers. It describes the curious phenomenon of a group of people unwittingly or unexpectedly thrust into a situation where they become p...

Example sentence

"During the altercation, the posse of security guards ensured the intrusion of bystanders was kept to a minimum."


Intrusion Of Cameras

The intrusion of cameras refers to a gathering or accumulation of cameras that have invaded a particular space or event. This collective noun phrase conveys the sense that these devices have entered a given environment in unison, giving rise to a visual s...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of cameras during the private ceremony made everyone uncomfortable."


Intrusion of Cockroaches

The Intrusion of Cockroaches refers to a peculiar and unwanted phenomenon where a large number of cockroaches invade a particular space or area. Cockroaches are hardy creatures that thrive in various environments, and when they gather in substantial numbe...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of cockroaches in the kitchen startled everyone."


Intrusion Of Crowds

Intrusion of Crowds is a vivid collective noun phrase that encapsulates the overwhelming presence and undeniable impact created by a large gathering of people. It conjures up an image of countless individuals converging in a single location, like a bustli...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of crowds at the concert made it difficult to find a good spot to stand."


Intrusion Of Curious Onlookers

The collective noun phrase Intrusion of Curious Onlookers refers to a group of people who exhibit a compelling curiosity and tendency to intrude upon a scene or event, often overwhelmingly so. This unique collective noun suggests both the behavior and cha...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of curious onlookers at the crime scene made it difficult for the investigators to gather evidence."


Intrusion Of Eavesdroppers

An Intrusion of Eavesdroppers is a captivating collective noun phrase used to define a group of individuals who surreptitiously listen to conversations or attempt to gather private or classified information unnoticed. This unique phrase beautifully captur...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of eavesdroppers at the café disrupted our private conversation."


Intrusion Of Fans

An Intrusion of Fans is a captivating collective noun phrase which refers to a bustling and exuberant gathering of individuals who share a passionate interest or admiration for a particular person, group, or creative work. Whether it be music, sports, mov...

Example sentence

"During concerts, the intrusion of fans can sometimes disrupt the performers on stage."


Intrusion Of Gatecrashers

The collective noun phrase Intrusion of Gatecrashers represents a disruptive and unexpected gathering or influx of uninvited individuals. It implies a breach of social norms or boundaries, where these gatecrashers forcefully and unlawfully enter an event,...

Example sentence

"The Intrusion of Gatecrashers at the party was unexpected and chaotic."


Intrusion Of Gawkers

The Intrusion of Gawkers is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of individuals who rudely invade and intrude upon a personal space or private event solely out of curiosity or nosiness. These gawkers exhibit an insatiable desire t...

Example sentence

"The intrusion of gawkers was evident as they crowded around the accident scene, trying to catch a glimpse of the wreckage."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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