[47] The Pack Puzzle: Unveiling the Intriguing Collective Nouns for Hyenas

A "cackle" of hyenas is commonly used as a collective noun to nicely capture the raucous, infectious laughter-like vocalizations they are known for. As highly social and gregarious creatures, hyenas often gather in large groups to work together, hunt, and protect their territories. However, other collective nouns have been attributed to these fascinating, carnivorous mammals. Some alternative descriptions include a "clan" of hyenas, highlighting their close-knit family structures resembling a tightly bonded group, or a "laugh" of hyenas, attesting to their distinctive and contagious calls that resonate across African savannas. Whether it be referred to as a cackle, a clan, or a laugh, these collective nouns aptly capture the captivating essence of hyenas and their intriguing behaviors in the wild.


Army Of Hyenas

An army of hyenas is a powerful and formidable group of these intelligent and social predators. Comprised of cunning and adaptable members, this collective noun phrase not only evokes an image of sheer numbers but also suggests a highly coordinated and or...

Example sentence

"An army of hyenas was spotted scavenging near the river, their eerie laughter echoing through the night."


Array Of Hyenas

An array of hyenas is a captivating sight to behold. These charismatic animals, famed for their eerie laughs and cunning behavior, gather together in groups known as arrays. It is within these arrays that the true nature of the hyena is revealed. Breathin...

Example sentence

"An array of hyenas prowled through the grasslands, their piercing laughter echoing through the night."


Assembly Of Hyenas

An assembly of hyenas refers to a unique gathering of these cunning and highly adaptable mammals. Comprised of various species within the hyenidae family, including spotted hyenas, brown hyenas, striped hyenas, and aardwolves, this collective noun phrase ...

Example sentence

"An assembly of hyenas was spotted scavenging near the carcass."


Band Of Hyenas

A band of hyenas is commonly used to refer to a group of hyenas congregating together. This collective noun phrase perfectly captures the essence of these highly social and cunning mammals. With a complex hierarchical structure within their groups, a band...

Example sentence

"A band of hyenas descended upon the carcass, their laughter filling the air as they tore into their meal."


Battalion Of Hyenas

A battalion of hyenas is an awe-inspiring collective noun phrase used to describe a group of these highly adaptive and social animals. Known for their distinctive cackling vocalizations and cunning behavior, hyenas belong to the family Hyaenidae and are s...

Example sentence

"A battalion of hyenas is known for their agility and cunning hunting skills."


Bellowing Of Hyenas

The collective noun phrase Bellowing of Hyenas refers to a group of hyenas producing loud and distinctive vocalizations. Known for their eerie and haunting calls, hyenas emit a range of sounds that include low, deep growls, high-pitched whoops, and spine-...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of hyenas echoed through the night as they made their way through the savannah, their eerie calls piercing the air."


Brigade Of Hyenas

A brigade of hyenas is a captivating collective noun phrase synonymous with an assembly, group, or gang of these remarkable creatures found predominantly in the desolate regions of Africa and parts of Asia. The term brigade evokes a sense of organized coo...

Example sentence

"A brigade of hyenas emerged from the shadows, their eerie cackles filling the night air."


Brood Of Hyenas

A brood of hyenas is a captivating and peculiar collective noun used to describe a group of these cunning and highly adaptable carnivorous mammals known as hyenas. This enticing descriptor perfectly captures the essence of their communal behavior and the ...

Example sentence

"A brood of hyenas gathered near the riverside, their menacing laughs echoing through the air."


Bunch Of Hyenas

A bunch of hyenas refers to a group of these remarkable animals that are known for their cunning nature and unique social structure. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the essence of hyenas' close-knit and social behavior. Picture a patchwork of t...

Example sentence

"Under the glowing moon, a bunch of hyenas gathered at the watering hole, emitting spine-chilling laughs as their predatory instincts awoke."


Cackle Of Hyenas

A cackle of hyenas refers to a group of these fascinating and highly intelligent creatures. Hyenas are primarily found in the savannas and grasslands of Africa and are known for their distinctive vocalizations and laughter-like calls. This collective noun...

Example sentence

"A cackle of hyenas prowled the savannah, their sinister laughter echoing through the night."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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