[132] Unveiling the Horde: A Fascinating Dive into Collective Noun Examples

A horde, in English grammar, is a collective noun used to define a large group or mass of people, animals, or things gathered together in a chaotic, unruly manner. Similar to a swarm or a multitude, a horde usually illustrates a sense of overwhelm, intensity, or lack of orderliness. Hordes tend to convey a dynamic and vibrant image, suggesting a crowd that is abundant, bustling, and overflowing in its sheer number. Some examples of collective nouns using the term horde may include:

1. Horde of tourists: An enormous group of sightseers or travelers bustling to explore famous landmarks or destinations. This horde can be seen navigating busy streets or gathering around popular attractions.

2. Horde of shoppers: A large swarm of enthusiastic consumers who collectively descend upon stores during sales events or holiday shopping seasons. These hordes usually exhibit excitement, competitiveness, and a shared goal of finding the best deals.

3. Horde of fans: A mass gathering of devoted enthusiasts passionately supporting a sports team, musician, or celebrity. These hordes can be observed at stadiums, concerts, or events, showcasing their enthusiasm through chants, cheers, and waving flags or banners.

4. Horde of zombies: In popular culture and fiction, a horde is often associated with the undead creatures known as zombies. These hordes depict immense numbers of flesh-eating beings, usually seen in movies, TV shows, or video games, overwhelming their human counterparts.

5. Horde of ants: A multitude of tiny creatures working together in perfect cooperation to achieve their objectives. This horde showcases remarkable collective decision-making, efficiency, and precision in achieving tasks such as foraging, building nests, or defending their colony.

Through these examples, it becomes evident how the term "horde" characterizes a large group or mass, often marking a chaotic or intense gathering of people, animals, or things.


Horde Of Adventurers

A Horde of Adventurers brings to mind the thrilling image of a large group of intrepid souls coming together on a unified quest, ready to face unknown challenges and explore the uncharted territories of the imagination. This collective noun phrase evokes ...

Example sentence

"A horde of adventurers descended upon the forgotten ruins, eager to unearth their hidden treasures."


Horde Of Aliens

A horde of aliens is a striking collective noun phrase that conjures up a vivid and imaginative image in one's mind. It brings to the forefront the idea of vast numbers of extraterrestrial beings converging upon a specific space or destination. The word h...

Example sentence

"A horde of aliens descended upon the small town, causing chaos and confusion among its inhabitants."


Horde Of Alligators

A horde of alligators refers to a group of these fearsome reptiles coming together in a collective unit. It conjures the image of a powerful and formidable assemblage of alligators, typically seen while they are basking in the sun or occupying a particula...

Example sentence

"A horde of alligators basks lazily in the Florida sun, their scaly bodies creating an intimidating sight."


Horde Of Anacondas

A horde of anacondas refers to a group or gathering of these large and powerful snakes. Renowned for their size and strength, anacondas commonly live in the dense rainforests and swamps of South America. As one of the most fearsome and formidable reptiles...

Example sentence

"A horde of anacondas slithered through the dense Amazon rainforest, their powerful presence filling the air with a sense of danger and grandeur."


Horde Of Ants

A horde of ants refers to a large and bustling gathering or swarm of these small, industrious insects. It describes the extraordinary sight of countless ants working in unison, busily moving about with their precise and coordinated actions. As the word ho...

Example sentence

"A horde of ants are swarming towards the food crumbs on the kitchen floor."


Horde Of Aphids

A horde of aphids is a gathering of tiny insects that captivates the eye with its sheer number and bustling activity. This collective noun phrase brings together hundreds, thousands, or even millions of these minuscule pests that converge upon their chose...

Example sentence

"In the garden, we discovered a horde of aphids infecting the roses."


Horde Of Baboons

A Horde of Baboons refers to a group of baboons, wild primates found primarily in Africa and Arabia. This collective noun suggests a large and bustling assemblage of baboons, typically seen roaming together as they traverse through their natural habitats....

Example sentence

"A horde of baboons lives in the dense jungles of Africa, and their numbers can be quite overwhelming."


Horde Of Badgers

A horde of badgers is a captivating and elusive collective noun phrase that perfectly encapsulates the image of a large and formidable group of these cunning and resilient creatures. Bound by the common purpose of survival, badgers gather in hordes, addin...

Example sentence

"A horde of badgers scurried through the underbrush, their black and white stripes blending in with the foliage."


Horde Of Barbarians

A horde of barbarians refers to a group or gathering of uncivilized and fierce warriors who have formed an alliance or united under a common purpose. This collective noun phrase conveys a sense of chaos, brute strength, and an intimidating force that stri...

Example sentence

"The sound of the horde of barbarians grew louder as they approached the village, instilling fear in the hearts of the townspeople."


Horde Of Bats

A horde of bats is a captivating spectacle in nature, encompassing a large group or gathering of these fascinating nocturnal creatures. Picture hundreds, if not thousands, of bats filling the evening sky as they engage in their lively activities. With the...

Example sentence

"A horde of bats emerges from the darkened cave, their leathery wings casting eerie silhouettes against the moonlit sky."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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