[36] Flock, Band, or Crew: Unveiling Collective Nouns for Hoodlums

Collective nouns are specific group names that are used to refer to a collection or gathering of individuals. In the case of hoodlums, who are generally unruly or disruptive individuals, several intriguing collective nouns can be applied to groups of such individuals.

1. A gang of Hoodlums: Suggestive of a group of people engaging in illegal or criminal activities, "gang" perfectly encapsulates the nature of this collective noun.

2. A Racket of Hoodlums: Implying a noisy or disruptive group, this collective noun draws attention to the commotion or racket that a gathering of hoodlums may create.

3. A Maraud of Hoodlums: Derived from the word maraud, as in to roam or move about in search of targets, this collective noun highlights the often predatory actions of hoodlums as they cause mischief or engage in unlawful behaviors.

4. A Troubling of Hoodlums: Characterized by troublesome or unmanageable behavior, this collective noun conveys the disturbing or unsettling nature of such a gathering.

5. A Chaos of Hoodlums: Reflecting the disorder and confusion that can arise when hoodlums come together, this evocative collective noun emphasizes the tumultuous atmosphere caused by their presence.

6. A Delinquent of Hoodlums: Focusing on the rebellious or lawbreaking tendencies of this group, "delinquent" as a collective noun portrays hoodlums as individuals who defy established norms.

7. A Mischief of Hoodlums: Reinforcing the inclination of hoodlums to cause harm, unrest, or playful misbehavior, this collective noun accentuates their mischievous nature.

8. A Prowl of Hoodlums: Illuminating the predatory instincts and prowling behavior associated with hoodlums, this collective noun underscores their readiness to commit acts of vandalism or disruption.

These collective nouns provide colorful and expressive ways to categorize gatherings of hoodlums, capturing the essence and reputation associated with such groups while conveying their disruptive, unruly, or unlawful tendencies.


Assembly Of Hoodlums

Assembly of Hoodlums is a vivid and intriguing collective noun phrase used to describe a group of individuals often associated with mischievous or rebellious behaviors. This particular term portrays an image of a gathering that elicits a sense of disturba...

Example sentence

"An assembly of hoodlums gathered on the street corner, causing chaos and mischief."


Band Of Hoodlums

A band of hoodlums refers to a group or gathering of mischievous and unruly individuals, often in the context of unlawful activities or causing trouble. The term band suggests a sense of collective action or camaraderie among the members, while hoodlums i...

Example sentence

"A band of hoodlums roamed the city streets, causing chaos wherever they went."


Brigade Of Hoodlums

A Brigade of Hoodlums is a colorful and expressive collective noun phrase that brings to mind a group of unruly individuals with a knack for mischief. The word brigade imparts a sense of organization, purpose, and unity, suggesting a close-knit group with...

Example sentence

"The city was run-down and chaotic, with a visible brigade of hoodlums causing mayhem on every corner."


Brood Of Hoodlums

A brood of hoodlums is an intriguing collective noun phrase used to symbolize a group of unruly and mischievous individuals. Brood signifies a group of young offspring, while hoodlums refers to troublemakers known for their delinquent behaviors. Combined,...

Example sentence

"A brood of hoodlums gathered on the street corner, unleashing chaos and mayhem as they wreaked havoc in the neighborhood."


Bunch Of Hoodlums

A bunch of hoodlums refers to a group of individuals who engage in unruly and often criminal behavior. The collective noun phrase conveys a sense of contempt and disregard for societal norms. Members that make up this group are typically known for disrupt...

Example sentence

"A bunch of hoodlums was causing chaos in the park, vandalizing public property."


Cadre Of Hoodlums

A Cadre of Hoodlums is a vivid and evocative collective noun phrase that succinctly embodies the image of a group of mischievous and unruly individuals. Cadre implies a small, cohesive unit united in pursuit of common objectives, while Hoodlums refers to ...

Example sentence

"A cadre of hoodlums loitered behind the abandoned warehouse, exchanging shifty glances."


Clique Of Hoodlums

A Clique of Hoodlums refers to a specific group or gathering of individuals characterized by notoriety, delinquency, and disruptive behavior. Each member of this cohesive unit displays traits of rowdiness, rebellion, and a penchant for engaging in unlawfu...

Example sentence

"The clique of hoodlums swaggered down the street, their leather jackets and rebellious attitudes making them stand out in the crowd."


Cluster Of Hoodlums

A cluster of hoodlums refers to a group of mischievous or unruly individuals who exhibit disruptive or delinquent behavior. This collective noun phrase epitomizes the sense of disorder and mayhem that surrounds these hoodlums. Much like a gathering of men...

Example sentence

"A cluster of hoodlums was causing chaos on the street corner, shouting and harassing innocent bystanders."


Coalition Of Hoodlums

The phrase Coalition of Hoodlums refers to a group or gathering of unruly and mischievous individuals, typically characterized by engaging in criminal activities. The word coalition suggests their organized nature, indicating that these hoodlums have come...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Hoodlums caused mayhem on the streets, vandalizing buildings and vehicles."


Collective Of Hoodlums

A Collective of Hoodlums is a captivating, yet slightly harrowing, group of individuals who share an affinity for mischief and troublemaking. This charismatic assemblage of rogues thrives in obscurity, brimming with audacity and a rebellious spirit that d...

Example sentence

"The collective of hoodlums were causing chaos in the streets, vandalizing and starting fights."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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