[30] Holiness Personified: Divine Collective Noun Examples we Revere

The concept of collective nouns allows us to collectively refer to a group of beings, objects, or things. In this context, the word holiness adds a spiritual and sacred touch to these collectives. Here are a few examples of collective nouns incorporating the word "holiness":

1. A halo of holiness: When a group of saints or angelic beings is depicted together, we may speak of them as a halo of holiness. These celestial figures create an aura of divinity and serve as symbols of purity and righteousness.

2. A congregation of holiness: In religious settings, a congregation gathers to worship and perform religious rituals. Being a congregation implies coming together under the banner of holiness, seeking spiritual guidance and practicing devotion. Therefore, this collective noun represents the assembly of individuals striving for spiritual growth.

3. A chant of holiness: Particularly in rituals or ceremonies, a repetitive and harmonized vocal musicality is often used to create an atmosphere of sacral significance. Thus, when a group participates in such ora or singing, we can use the phrase, "a chant of holiness," signifying a collective endeavor to evoke deep spiritual connections.

4. A sanctity of holiness: When referring to a meticulous group that consistently observes religious protocol, adherence to sacred texts, and upholds moral and ethical values, the term "a sanctity of holiness" is fitting. This collective noun emphasizes the group's commitment to keeping holiness intact in their actions, thoughts, and deeds.

5. A pilgrimage of holiness: People of specific spiritual or religious beliefs embark on spiritual journeys, often seeking purification and a stronger connection to the divine. When speaking about a group traveling for such purposes, we can utilize the collective noun "a pilgrimage of holiness." It encapsulates their shared pursuit of sacredness and their descent into higher levels of spirituality.

These examples highlight how the incorporation of "holiness" in collective nouns maintains a connection to the sacred and the divine, emphasizing the communal pursuit of virtue, enlightenment, and devotion.


Holiness Of Altars

A Holiness of Altars refers to a sacred and powerful collection of altars in a religious setting. This collective noun phrase denotes a group or congregation of holy spaces dedicated to the worship and reverence of a higher power. Each individual altar wi...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Altars is considered sacred in many religious ceremonies."


Holiness Of Angels

Holiness of Angels is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of angels embodying unparalleled sanctity and sacredness. These celestial beings are considered pure and flawless in character, standing as divine messengers in various religious tradit...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Angels was evident in the way they glowed with divine light."


Holiness Of Blessings

Holiness of Blessings is a unique and powerful collective noun phrase that invokes a sense of divinity and spiritual significance. It signifies a sacred gathering or accumulation of blessings that holds deep religious connotations. Holiness, representing ...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Blessings encompassed our hearts as we gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, grateful for the abundance of food and love surrounding us."


Holiness Of Compassion

Holiness of Compassion refers to a collective noun phrase that encapsulates the essence of divine benevolence and empathy. It symbolizes a group or gathering of extraordinarily compassionate and empathetic individuals who possess an innate understanding o...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Compassion fills the hearts of those who strive for kindness and understanding."


Holiness Of Devotion

The collective noun phrase Holiness of Devotion encapsulates the profound and dedicated approach to faith and spirituality exhibited by a group of individuals. It symbolizes an environment where fervent devotion is held in the utmost esteem and is a centr...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Devotion was evident during the religious ceremony, as hundreds of worshippers sang in unison."


Holiness of Donuts

Holiness of Donuts is a captivating and intriguing collective noun phrase that brings together two seemingly disparate concepts - holiness and donuts. It combines the sacred and the indulgent in a creative and imaginative way, provoking curiosity and igni...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Donuts lies in their perfectly golden and fluffy exterior, with a secret recipe that is revered and protected by the master bakers."


Holiness Of Elevation

Holiness of Elevation is a poetic and ethereal collective noun phrase that conjures a profound sense of spirituality and ascension. This phrase reflects a gathering or collective assembly of sacred beings existing in a realm beyond the ordinary, where div...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Elevation resided in the breathtaking display of mountain peaks, where beauty met spirituality."


Holiness Of Enlightenment

The Holiness of Enlightenment is a captivating and profound collective noun phrase that embodies absolute purity and illumination. This phrase refers to a gathering or assembly of enlightened beings, individuals who have achieved a state of spiritual awak...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Enlightenment refers to the group of spiritual leaders who have attained a state of pure consciousness and understanding."


Holiness Of Faith

Holiness of Faith is a compelling and profound collective noun phrase that conveys the essence of devoutness, spirituality, and unwavering belief. It brings together the concepts of holiness and faith, emphasizing the sacredness and divine nature of relig...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Faith radiates within the hearts of devout believers."


Holiness Of Grace

Holiness of Grace is a symbolic and profound collective noun phrase. It encapsulates the amalgamation of two powerful concepts: holiness and grace. In this phrase, holiness represents the unparalleled purity and sanctification, while grace embodies divine...

Example sentence

"The Holiness of Grace emanates from the divine presence and permeates every aspect of our spiritual journey."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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