[43] Buzzing with Examples: The Hive of Collective Nouns

A "hive" is a collective noun for a group of bees or wasps living together in a structured and harmonious society. Similar to a bustling city, these diligent insects work collaboratively inside a richly organized hive. The word "hive" can also be used metaphorically to describe other groups of living organisms or individuals joined together for a common purpose. For instance, a "hive" of humans or a "hive" of activity can be used to convey a sense of unity, organization, and busy productivity. examples of collective noun usages incorporating "hive" include: a hive of bees, a hive of wasps, a hive of activity, a hive of industry, a hive of business, a hive of creativity, a hive of students, and so on. In all these instances, the term "hive" aptly summarizes the cooperative nature and harmonious workings of the group.


Hive Of Activities

Hive of Activities is a captivating collective noun phrase that vividly describes a dynamic and bustling setting filled with numerous simultaneous actions or tasks. Just as a hive is abuzz with incessant movement of industrious bees working in unison, a h...

Example sentence

"The local community center was a hive of activities, with children participating in sports, adults attending fitness classes, and seniors chatting over coffee in the cafe."


Hive Of Adventurers

A hive of adventurers is a unique and exciting collective noun phrase that encompasses a group of individuals who possess an insatiable thirst for exploration, discovery, and thrilling experiences. Like the Buzzing bees working harmoniously yet fervently ...

Example sentence

"In the bustling city of Eldoria, a hive of adventurers could always be found at the local tavern, sharing tales of their daring exploits."


Hive Of Analysts

A hive of analysts refers to a group or collection of analysts who work together towards a common purpose, sharing their expertise, insights, and guidance to analyze complex situations, trends, or data. Just like a beehive where bees work collaboratively ...

Example sentence

"A hive of analysts worked tirelessly in the war room, poring over the data and examining every possible angle."


Hive Of Ants

A hive of ants refers to a unique and fascinating phenomenon found in the intricate world of these miniature insects. It describes a teeming and bustling group of ants, tirelessly working together in a highly organized manner, just like the harmonious act...

Example sentence

"I observed a hive of ants working together diligently to transport food back to their nest."


Hive Of Artists

A hive of artists is a collective noun phrase that symbolizes a dynamic gathering or community of talented individuals engaging in various forms of artistic expression. Just like the way bees work cohesively inside a beehive, an equivalent sense of creati...

Example sentence

"The art gallery was buzzing with excitement as a hive of artists gathered to display their latest creations."


Hive of Bees

A hive of bees refers to a collective noun phrase used to describe a grouping or gathering of bees in a particular location. It symbolizes the organized and highly complex society of bees and highlights the close-knit nature of their interactions. A hive...

Example sentence

"I watched as a buzzing hive of bees diligently gathered nectar from the flowers in my garden."


Hive Of Builders

A hive of builders is an imaginative and poetic term used to describe a group of hardworking individuals coming together with a shared purpose of creating and constructing. Just as a hive in nature represents a bustling and cooperative community of bees, ...

Example sentence

"A hive of builders diligently worked on constructing the skyscraper in the heart of the city."


Hive Of Challenges

Hive of Challenges is a vivid collective noun phrase that evokes an image of abundant complexity and intensity in a specific context. Metaphorically borrowing from the industrious and harmonious nature of a beehive, this phrase symbolizes an interconnecte...

Example sentence

"The class of 2020 faced a hive of challenges, including adapting to virtual learning and uncertainty surrounding graduation ceremonies."


Hive Of Chefs

A hive of chefs is a collective noun phrase used to represent a group or gathering of talented individuals dedicated to the culinary arts. Just as bees in a hive work in harmony to produce wondrous creations, the hive of chefs exemplifies collaboration an...

Example sentence

"The hive of chefs was abuzz with energy as they prepared to create a feast for the extravagant banquet."


Hive Of Crafters

A collective noun phrase, Hive of Crafters, conjures up an imaginative image of a bustling and vibrant community of highly skilled artisans, creators, and artists working harmoniously to pursue their craft. Just as bees collaborate and thrive in a hive, t...

Example sentence

"A hive of crafters buzzed with creativity as they worked on their latest projects."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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