[33] Glorious Groupings: Exploring Collective Noun Examples that Radiate with Glory

A collective noun is a term that refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or things. These nouns are unique as they treat the group as a single unit or entity. When it comes to describing a collection of something with the word "glory," one can explore several fascinating examples.

Let us begin with a group of angels, collectively known as a "glory of angels." This collective noun encapsulates the divine beauty, power, and grace that angels possess. It evokes images of a radiant congregation of celestial beings, harmoniously working together for a greater purpose.

In the animal kingdom, there is the remarkable "glory of peacocks." Peacocks are renowned for their resplendent and colorful plumage that is displayed during courtship rituals. Gathered in a collective, a "glory of peacocks" embodies their dazzling beauty and illustrious presence as they fan out their feathers to reveal a breathtaking spectacle.

Exploring human achievements, we can mention the "glory of athletes." This collective noun emphasizes the triumphs, hard work, and accolades that athletes earn through their dedication to their respective sports. A "glory of athletes" embodies a community bound by a mutual pursuit of excellence and success, motivating and inspiring one another towards greatness.

Additionally, another inspiring collective noun with "glory" is a "glory of adventurers." This term encapsulates those brave souls who pursue extraordinary experiences and conquer the unknown. It brings together a diverse group of individuals united by their thirst for discovery, their willingness to take risks, and their courageous exploits.

In conclusion, collective nouns with the word "glory" capture the essence of extraordinary groups of beings or things, radiating splendor and achievement. With their distinctive qualities and endeavors, these groups inspire awe and appreciation in the mind of the beholder. Whether it be angels, peacocks, athletes, or adventurers, the sheer concept of a "glory" collective highlights the collective spirit and magnificence that emerges from the unity of these entities.


Cloud Of Glory

A Cloud of Glory is a captivating and evocative collective noun phrase that conjures images of magnificence and wonder. It refers to a gathering or assembly of beautiful and radiant clouds, shimmering with a breathtaking ethereal light and exquisite hues....

Example sentence

"The disciples watched in awe as a brilliant Cloud of Glory descended upon Jesus during the Transfiguration."


Glory Of Achievements

Glory of Achievements refers to a remarkable and awe-inspiring assemblage of accomplishments. This symbolic and empowering collective noun phrase encapsulates the impressive breadth and depth of achievements realized in various domains, be it personal, pr...

Example sentence

"The Glory of Achievements transcends the boundaries of individual accomplishments."


Glory Of Adventures

Glory of Adventures is a captivating and evocative collective noun that captures the essence and spirit of thrilling journeys and significant feats. This vibrant phrase enchants us with the anticipation of bold expeditions into untamed landscapes, travers...

Example sentence

"The glory of adventures beckoned to the brave and daring souls who yearned to seek thrills and conquer new horizons."


Glory Of Angels

Glory of Angels is a beautiful collective noun phrase that refers to a celestial gathering of divine beings. The term 'glory' evokes a sense of reverence, magnificence, and brilliance, which aptly characterizes the angelic presence. This intriguing phrase...

Example sentence

"The Glory of Angels descended upon the earth, their radiant wings illuminating the night sky."


Glory Of Artists

Glory of Artists is a captivating collective noun phrase that beautifully encapsulates the essence of a group of talented individuals within the realm of artistry. Just as the word glory implies, it represents the immense honor, splendor, and recognition ...

Example sentence

"The glory of artists was showcased at the prestigious art exhibition, where their exceptional works of paintings and sculptures were displayed for the world to admire."


Glory Of Authors

A Glory of Authors radiates an aura of brilliance and achievement that captivates the literary world. This collective noun phrase refers to a gathering or group of exceptional writers who have illuminated literature with their extraordinary talents and ar...

Example sentence

"The glory of authors gathered at the annual book fair, their literary achievements illuminating the venue."


Glory Of Balloons

The collective noun phrase Glory of Balloons refers to a spectacular and enchanting sight where a large group of vibrant and colorful balloons come together, creating an incredible display. This wondrous collective of balloons showcases resplendent hues, ...

Example sentence

"The sky was filled with a glorious display of colorful hot air balloons as the Glory of Balloons floated gracefully overhead."


Glory Of Champions

The collective noun phrase Glory of Champions refers to a group or assembly of exceptional individuals who have attained victory and greatness in their respective fields or endeavors. Whether in sports, academics, business, or any other competitive domain...

Example sentence

"The Glory of Champions shone brightly as the team celebrated their victorious season."


Glory Of Clouds

A glory of clouds is a poetic and captivating collective noun phrase that merges both the ethereal beauty of clouds and the sense of wonder they evoke. It characterizes a group of clouds that gather and arrange themselves harmoniously in the sky, creating...

Example sentence

"As the sun set on the golden horizon, a majestic glory of clouds painted the sky with vibrant hues of orange and purple."


Glory Of Creations

Glory of Creations is a captivating collective noun phrase that vividly captures the astonishing beauty and awe-inspiring artistry that is associated with all the exquisite marvels of nature and the creative genius of humankind. This term not only encompa...

Example sentence

"The Glory of Creations is a breathtaking display of artistic expression scattered throughout the gallery."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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