[34] Collective Nouns that Gleam: Bringing Radiance and Unity to Descriptions

A gleam is an enchanting and sparkling phenomenon that captivates our eyes with a radiant and shimmering light. When translated into collective nouns, the enchantment of glimmers multiplies, creating a surreal and extraordinary ensemble. Here are some marvelous collective noun examples featuring the word "gleam":

1. A chorus of Gleams: Like a symphony of stars twinkling in the night sky, this collective noun unites an array of radiant reflections, infusing any atmosphere with a celestial ambiance.

2. A Cluster of Gleams: Resembling a mesmerizing constellation of luminescent individuals, this collective noun evokes a gathering of gleams, dazzling observers with their brilliance and allure.

3. A Cascade of Gleams: Conjuring up images of luminous cascades descending from greater heights, this collective noun describes a surreal pairing of countless gleams, creating an overwhelming and awe-inspiring visual display.

4. A Array of Gleams: Like an artful arrangement of shimmering gems showcased in an exhibition, this collective noun portrays a harmonious assembly of gleams, showcasing their beauty and radiance in perfect harmony.

5. A Symphony of Gleams: Unifying the mesmerizing glow of diverse sources, this collective noun brings together an orchestra of gleams, intertwining their luminosity delicately and creating a symphony of light.

6. A Galaxy of Gleams: Imagine a gathering of celestial bodies, each emitting its celestial light, shaping a magnificent, awe-inducing scene. This collective noun truly portrays a remarkable congregation of gleams, forming a stellar galaxy of shimmering lights.

7. A Kaleidoscope of Gleams: Reflecting the potent and captivating nature of a kaleidoscope’s intricate patterns, this collective noun presents a mirage of vivid, shifting gleams, displaying a whimsical fusion of colors and lights.

In essence, these collective noun examples breathe life into the term "gleam" by enigmatic and mesmerizing means. They ignite our imagination and urge us to treasure the breathtaking power and beauty found within these radiant phenomena.


Gleam Of Brilliance

Gleam of Brilliance refers to a unique collective noun phrase that epitomizes a group of exceptionally bright and talented individuals coming together to create an exhilarating force. Just like the radiant gleams from countless stars merging into a breath...

Example sentence

"As the musicians played on stage, a gleam of brilliance shone through their captivating performance."


Gleam Of Dewdrops

A gleam of dewdrops is an enchanting and picturesque collective noun phrase that evokes imagery of nature's beauty and serenity. It portrays a delicate formation of tiny spheres of moisture, reflecting and refracting light with a captivating brilliance. E...

Example sentence

"As the sun rose, a gleam of dewdrops adorned the freshly bloomed flowers in the meadow."


Gleam Of Diamonds

A gleam of diamonds is a stunning and captivating collective noun phrase that conjures up images of brilliance and opulence. It refers to a group of diamonds, acting as a breathtaking visual spectacle. The word gleam suggests the scintillating radiance ea...

Example sentence

"The gleam of diamonds caught everyone's eye as the actress stepped onto the red carpet."


Gleam Of Enlightenment

A gleam of enlightenment is an evocative collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence of illuminating knowledge and wisdom. It refers to a group of individuals who have been enlightened and gained deeper understanding, often through profou...

Example sentence

"The collective noun phrase Gleam of Enlightenment refers to a group or collection of moments or insights that bring enlightenment or understanding."


Gleam Of Eyes

A Gleam of Eyes is an evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a group of eyes that collectively emit a brilliant sparkling light or gleaming effect. It captures the image of various eyes exhibiting a striking luminosity, presenting a captivating...

Example sentence

"As the sun dipped below the horizon, a gleam of eyes appeared from the darkness of the forest, reflecting its fading light."


Gleam Of Fireflies

A Gleam of Fireflies is an enchanting collective noun phrase used to describe a mesmerizing sight of fireflies brightly illuminating the dark canvas of the night. Like twinkling stars at ground level, these tiny insects emit a captivating gleam through th...

Example sentence

"As the sun set over the fields, a gleam of fireflies began to dance among the tall grass."


Gleam Of Flashing

A gleam of flashing refers to a visually captivating and dazzling collective phenomenon observed in certain natural settings or during specific events. This captivating noun phrase is often associated with places or situations where numerous reflective su...

Example sentence

"The gleam of flashing lights in the distance caught my attention as I made my way through the city."


Gleam Of Frogs

Gleam of Frogs is a whimsical and enchanting collective noun phrase that vividly captures the essence and beauty of a group of frogs. Just as the word gleam refers to a faint radiance or sparkle, this collective noun perfectly encapsulates the magical sig...

Example sentence

"A gleam of frogs gathered on the lily pads, their vibrant colors creating a dazzling reflection in the pond."


Gleam Of Glass

A gleam of glass is an enchanting collective noun phrase that captures the exquisite beauty and mesmerizing allure that glass possesses. It refers to a group or collection of various glass objects, whether delicate glassware, ornate stained-glass windows,...

Example sentence

"Walking through the art gallery, we were captivated by the gleam of glass sculptures on display."


Gleam Of Glimmering

Derived from antiquated terms for glimmer or shimmer, a 'Gleam of Glimmering' is a captivating and poetic collective noun phrase, encapsulating the image of radiant and tranquil beauty. Consisting of the collective noun 'gleam,' referring to a soft and lu...

Example sentence

"As I entered the night sky, a gleam of glimmering diamonds twinkled above, adorning the dark canvas."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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