[20] A Glaring Compilation: Collective Noun Examples that Shed Light on the Animal Kingdom

A glaring is a collection or group of hawks or cats. When referring to hawks, it can also be known as a hurt or a cast. These striking collective nouns describe the distinctive behavior and observation of these creatures when they gather together. Just like hawks, a group of cats is often referred to as a glaring due to their mesmerizing eyes and glistening coats that seem to give off an intense and focused gaze. Imagine a scene where several hawks or cats gather together, and their piercing eyesic atsee fixed upon a target. The unity and intensity displayed by a glaring of hawks or cats are truly captivating, making these collective nouns a perfect fit for these majestic and enigmatic animals.


Glaring of Cats

A glaring of cats is a captivating and enchantingly quirky term used to describe a group of cats. This lighthearted collective noun phrase perfectly conveys the mysterious and intense aura often associated with feline companions. Imagine a scene where sev...

Example sentence

"As I walked down the alley, a glaring of cats stared at me with their piercing eyes."


Glaring Of Computer Monitors

A Glaring of Computer Monitors is a unique and captivating collective noun phrase used to refer to a gathering or assemblage of computer monitors situated side by side. The adjective glaring in this context evokes a sense of intensity and brilliance, symb...

Example sentence

"The glaring of computer monitors dazzled me as I approached the IT department."


Glaring Of Critics

A glaring of critics is a vibrant and lively collective noun phrase that encapsulates the dynamic nature of a group of critics or reviewers gathered together to express their opinions. The word glaring connotes the intensity with which these individuals s...

Example sentence

"The glaring of critics was not impressed with the new movie release and gave it scathing reviews."


Glaring Of Detectives

A glaring of detectives refers to a group of detectives working together, typically in an intense investigative environment. The term glaring aptly depicts their focused and scrutinizing approach towards solving crimes, leaving no stone unturned. In this ...

Example sentence

"The glaring of detectives carefully examined the crime scene, peering over every detail searching for any clues."


Glaring Of Eyes

A glaring of eyes refers to a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of eyes, typically characterized by an intense or piercing gaze. The term glaring suggests a combination of focused attention and a sense of scrutiny or challenge in the glare. ...

Example sentence

"In the darkness, a glaring of eyes watched intently from the shadows."


Glaring Of Flames

Glaring of Flames is a captivating collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the tumultuous and mesmerizing presence of multiple flames. Glaring denotes the intense luminosity and brilliance emitted by such flames, creating a visually staggering si...

Example sentence

"The roaring fire engulfed the forest, sending a glaring of flames high into the night sky."


Glaring Of Flashlights

A glaring of flashlights is a captivating and unique sight that brings together a group of the handheld illumination devices into a collective unit. The noun phrase glaring effectively captures the intense brightness emitted by each individual flashlight,...

Example sentence

"The glaring of flashlights pierced through the darkness, revealing a hidden path in the forest."


Glaring Of Headlights

A glaring of headlights is a captivating collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence of a group of headlights illuminating the darkness of the road. It evokes a powerful image of intense brightness, sharp focus, and piercing luminosity. ...

Example sentence

"As the night took over the city, a glaring of headlights pierced through the darkness, illuminating the empty streets."


Glaring Of Icicles

A glaring of icicles is a captivating and ethereal sight to behold, defined by its tremendous beauty and sheer magnificence. Formed by the intricate nature's artistry during winter, a glaring emerges as a collective noun phrase to describe a cluster of ic...

Example sentence

"As the winter sun shone brightly, a glowing and mesmerizing Glaring of Icicles hung precariously from the roof."


Glaring Of Jewels

Glaring of Jewels is a captivating and dazzling collective noun phrase, which represents a visually stunning sight. It refers to a group or cluster of jewels exuding a radiant and intense glow. The term glaring, resonating with luminosity and brilliance, ...

Example sentence

"In the display case, a glaring of jewels glittered in a mesmerizing array of colors and shapes."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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