[1] Flank it! A 'Herd' of Collective Noun Examples with 'Flank'

A collective noun refers to a group of people, animals, or things. When the word "flank" is used as a collective noun, it typically relates to a specific grouping or grouping behavior within the animal kingdom, particularly among herd animals. The term "flank" refers to the side of an animal between the ribs and the hip. Often used in describing herds or packs of animals, a few examples of collective nouns with the word "flank" are:

1. A flank of cattle: This collective noun describes a group or herd of cattle. It emphasizes their tendency to stick together and move in a distinctive group formation known as a "flank."

2. A flank of horses: Similarly, this term is used to describe a group or herd of horses. It highlights the fact that they often stand and graze together, forming strong bonds and displaying a cohesive appearance.

3. A flank of elephants: elephants in the wild are known to move in tight-knit family groups. A "flank" of elephants refers to their close association within this group circle as they navigate through their habitat, assisting each other when necessary.

4. A flank of wolves: Wolves are social animals that live in packs comprising close family members. A "flank" of wolves describes their collective unity as they traverse the wilderness together, relying on their coordinated efforts for hunting and survival.

Overall, adopting the term "flank" as a collective noun helps emphasize the unity and cooperative behavior often displayed by animals, highlighting their ability to stay together and protect each other within their respective herds or packs.


Flank of Soldiers

A flank of soldiers refers to a group or formation of soldiers positioned on one side of a military unit or in strategic alignment during combat or military operations. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the organized and tactical arrangement of soldi...

Example sentence

"The flank of soldiers marched in perfect formation, their synchronized steps creating an intimidating force."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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