[37] The Exaltation of Collective Nouns: A Rollicking Roster of Examples

Exaltation is a collective noun that typically refers to a group of states characterized by an intense feeling of joy, happiness, and excitement. This euphoric sentiment often stems from shared accomplishments, triumphs, or significant successes. Ascribing the term "exaltation" to these group settings elevates the intensity of the positive emotional experience, conveying a palpable atmosphere of elation that pervades the gathering.

An exaltation of the bonds formed in team sports can exemplify this concept. Picture a stadium filled with enthusiastic supporters who share a deep connection through their unwavering loyalty to a particular team. Whether witnessing a crucial goal or experiencing a memorable victory, the collective exaltation of the fans is profound, with their heartfelt chants and visceral cheers resonating in unison. The shared fervor transcends individual fan experiences, magnifying the joy beyond what any one person could feel alone.

Another example can be found in the realm of academic achievements. Imagine a room adorned with decorations and filled with scholars who have all excelled in their respective fields and been recognized for academic brilliance. This gathering, pulsating with enthusiasm and intellectual vigor, forms an exaltation of excellence. The intellectual energy combined with a sense of achievement produces an environment of heightened motivation and exhilaration. Collaborative conversations buzz among peers, further igniting the passionate pursuit of knowledge as minds join together in unparalleled intellectual exultation.

In summary, exaltation, as a collective noun, encompasses the surge of supreme joy, gladness, and elation that permeates a group or community. It signifies a powerful sense of shared accomplishment and immense happiness that resonates harmoniously among individuals, accentuating the atmosphere and amplifying the feeling beyond what can be experienced individually.


Exaltation Of Achievements

Exaltation of Achievements is a captivating and powerful collective noun phrase that encapsulates a sense of admiration and praise over noteworthy accomplishments. The phrase portrays the image of a gathering or assembly of success, dignifying triumphant ...

Example sentence

"The exaltation of achievements was palpable as the team celebrated their latest victory."


Exaltation Of Angels

Exaltation of Angels is a profound and evocative collective noun phrase that encapsulates the majestic congregation of celestial beings known as angels. This striking term signifies the gathering of these ethereal entities, casting a captivating aura of r...

Example sentence

"In the exaltation of angels, heavenly bodies gracefully descend from the skies, shimmering with radiant wings."


Exaltation Of Artists

Exaltation of Artists is an apt and majestic collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence and brilliance of a group of artists gathered together. It encapsulates a sense of awe and reverence for these creative souls, who embark on a shared...

Example sentence

"Exaltation of Artists unveiled their latest exhibition, showcasing an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, and multimedia installations."


Exaltation Of Blessings

Exaltation of Blessings is a vivid collective noun phrase reminiscent of a reverent and elevated assembly of divine bestowals. Inspired by the profundity and abundance of blessings, the term encompasses the accumulated goodness and fortitude that shower u...

Example sentence

"The exaltation of blessings enveloped the church as the congregation sang hymns of thanksgiving."


Exaltation Of Crescendos

Exaltation of Crescendos is an intriguing and captivating collective noun phrase that evokes a symphony of musical brilliance. It conjures a transcendental sensory experience, transforming the contemplation of crescendos into a magical atmosphere of awe a...

Example sentence

"During the performance, the exaltation of crescendos filled the concert hall, captivating the audience."


Exaltation Of Dancers

Exaltation of Dancers is a captivating collective noun phrase that encapsulates the essence and beauty of a group of talented performers in harmonious motion. It portrays an image of graceful artistry, intense passion, and profound connection between the ...

Example sentence

"The exaltation of dancers moved across the stage with grace and precision, commanding the attention of the audience."


Exaltation Of Dreams

The collective noun phrase Exaltation of Dreams refers to a symbolic gathering or assemblage of dreams. In this context, exaltation signifies the high levels of praise, veneration, or idealization that dreams are often associated with. Dreams are universa...

Example sentence

"Exaltation of Dreams refers to a collection of aspirations that rises up amidst the slumber of our minds."


Exaltation Of Encores

Exaltation of Encores is a delightful collective noun phrase that encapsulates the vivacity and fervor emanating from an enthralled audience, as they collectively demand and celebrate multiple encore performances during a captivating live event. This uniq...

Example sentence

"The exaltation of encores that filled the auditorium showed their enthusiasm for the performance."


Exaltation Of Flames

Exaltation of Flames is a captivating collective noun phrase that beautifully evokes imagery of the stunning dance and awe-inspiring prowess of a gathering of flames. It essentially refers to a distillation of fire in its most enchanting form; a grand con...

Example sentence

"From a distance, we could see an exaltation of flames dancing in the night sky, creating a mesmerizing display."


Exaltation Of Fowls

Exaltation of Fowls is a mesmerizing collective noun phrase used to describe a flock of birds in flight. Inspired by the grace and beauty of birds soaring freely in the open skies, this phrase encompasses the awe-inspiring sight of feathered creatures asc...

Example sentence

"An exaltation of fowls gathered by the riverside as the sun came up, their vibrant feathers gleaming in the morning light."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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