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A dray is a type of cart or carriage used for carrying heavy goods or loads. When used as a collective noun, a "dray" can describe a group of horses or oxen working together to pull such carts. In this context, they are often known as a dray team. With their sheer power and teamwork, dray teams have been indispensable in various endeavors throughout history, especially in agriculture, construction, and transportation. These formidable equine or bovine entities braided into a unified force, symbolizing both synergy and efficiency, remind us of the power found in collaboration. The sight of a dray team pulls awe from onlookers as the harmonious synchronization of these creatures seamlessly results in the successful movement of bulky, unwieldy loads from point A to point B. Thus, a dray becomes a striking example of collective noun showcasing the very essence of collaboration and the sheer strength that stems from cooperation.


Dray Of Barrels

A dray of barrels is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a fascinating sight. Imagine a gathering of barrels arranged in a specific manner, resembling a formation or installation. This unique collective noun phrase captures the aestheti...

Example sentence

"A dray of barrels was delivered to the brewery just in time for them to start fermenting the beer."


Dray Of Cargo

A dray of cargo refers to a distinctive collective noun phrase used to depict a group or collection of various goods or items being transported by a dray. The term dray historically refers to a specific type of cart or wagon designed for carrying heavy go...

Example sentence

"A dray of cargo lined up along the dock, ready to be loaded onto the waiting ship."


Dray Of Carriages

A dray of carriages is a charming and picturesque collective noun phrase that refers to a group or gathering of horse-drawn carriages. The term dray infuses a sense of historical significance and elegance, transporting the imagination back to a bygone era...

Example sentence

"I saw a dray of carriages passing by the park, each one elegant and grand."


Dray Of Carters

Dray of Carters refers to a captivating sight, used to describe a group or gathering of individuals known as carters engaged in the noble craft of carting. Defined as those who oversee the movement of goods or materials by cart, this unique term conjures ...

Example sentence

"A Dray of Carters hurriedly maneuvered their horse-drawn carriages through the bustling city streets."


Dray Of Casks

A dray of casks refers to a specific group or collection of casks that are transported by a horse-drawn cart, known as a dray. This collective noun phrase captures the visual image of a series of sturdy and wooden barrels harnessed together on a cart, typ...

Example sentence

"The dray of casks lined up outside the brewery, ready to be filled with freshly brewed beer."


Dray Of Deliveries

A dray of deliveries is a charming and playful collective noun phrase used to describe a group of enthralling and industrious delivery vehicles or carriers. Imagining a bustling scene filled with diverse modes of transportation beautifully labeled as a dr...

Example sentence

"A dray of deliveries arrived at the warehouse all at once, causing quite a commotion."


Dray Of Draft Horses

A dray of draft horses refers to a gathering of magnificent and mighty animals. The word dray commonly designates a strong vehicle used for transporting heavy loads, typically pulled by horses. In this context, it symbolizes the weight and power capabilit...

Example sentence

"A dray of draft horses pulled the heavy logging cart through the rugged terrain, their powerful hooves thundering against the earth."


Dray Of Freight

A dray of freight refers to a group or collection of wagons or carts used to transport goods in bulk. These freight wagons are typically large and sturdy, designed to carry heavy loads across long distances. The term dray specifically denotes a specific t...

Example sentence

"A dray of freight pulled into the loading dock, ready to be unloaded and distributed."


Dray Of Goods

A dray of goods is a collective noun phrase referring to a specific group or collection of items being transported or delivered. The term 'dray' typically describes a low, strong cart or sled that is used for hauling heavy loads. In this context, 'dray of...

Example sentence

"A dray of goods arrived at the warehouse, ready to be distributed to various stores."


Dray Of Hauls

Dray of Hauls is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase that evokes images of heavy-duty vehicles and diligent labor. This particular phrase makes reference to a fictional gathering or group of hauling vehicles known as drays. Defined as strong, s...

Example sentence

"A dray of hauls filled the streets with their bustling activity, delivering supplies to various businesses and homes."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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