[3] The Vibrant Vocabulary of the Collective Noun: Exploring Dole Examples – From Dolphins to Bananas!

The collective noun "dole" refers to a related group or gathering of a particular species or type of animal. While a bit less common, different forms of the word "dole" are used to describe specific groupings of animals. Some examples include:

1. Dole of Doves: This collective noun is used to describe a group of doves that gather together, particularly when feeding or nesting. It illustrates the peaceful and social nature of these birds, as they coexist harmoniously within a larger group.

2. Dole of Turkeys: This collective noun represents a congregation of turkeys. Typically, these social birds roam together in loosely formed groups, often foraging for food or traveling for safety. Spotting a dole of turkeys in a meadow or on the edge of a forest can be truly captivating.

3. Dole of Dogs: Although not as widely recognized, some sources refer to a gathering of dogs as a "dole." This collective noun implies a friendly gathering of canine companions or a group of dogs participating in specific activities such as training sessions or shows.

4. Dole of Horses: Another example is a "dole" of horses, representing a distinct herd or group of these majestic animals. Horses are known for their strong social bonds, and a dole of horses may be seen grazing together or galloping around freely in an open pasture.

The collective noun "dole" allows us to communicate and appreciate the unity and behavior found within these different groups of animals.


Dole of Doves

A dole of doves is a poetic and charming collective noun phrase used to describe a group of doves. Derived from Middle English, the term dole typically refers to a gathering or assemblage of something. When applied to these graceful birds, it encapsulates...

Example sentence

"A dole of doves gathered on the rooftop, their soft cooing filling the air with a soothing melody."


Dole of Turtle Doves

A dole of turtle doves refers to a specific collective noun used to describe a group of turtle doves, a type of small migratory birds known for their gentle cooing sounds and elegant white and gray plumage. The noun dole suggests a sense of compassion and...

Example sentence

"A dole of turtle doves was seen pecking at the bird feeder in my back garden."


Dole of Turtles

A dole of turtles refers to a group or collective gathering of turtles. The word dole is derived from the Middle English term doelen, which means to suffer grief or sorrow, offering an artistic twist to describe these fascinating reptiles collectively. Th...

Example sentence

"A dole of turtles lazily sunbathed on the riverbank as tourists snapped pictures."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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