[6] Demystifying Collective Nouns: A Comprehensive Database of Examples

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of things or beings. When it comes to databases, there are numerous examples of collective nouns that highlight different aspects of the concept.

Firstly, a common example is a "repository" of databases. A repository typically refers to a centralized location or system where multiple databases are stored and managed. It can consist of different types of databases serving different purposes and cater to various applications.

Another collective noun example in the realm of databases is a "cluster." A cluster represents a group of interconnected and coordinated databases that work together to handle high-volume and complex tasks seamlessly. Clusters are often used in distributed computing to achieve high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability, ensuring that databases can process a substantial workload effectively.

Furthermore, databases can be organized into a "federation." This collective noun describes a group of independent and autonomous databases that are brought together by a common structure or architecture. Federations enable cooperation and collaboration across databases while preserving some level of autonomy and decentralization.

Additionally, a "compilation" of databases is a collective noun that relates to the comprehensive assembly of various databases on a particular subject or domain. A compilation often aims to gather relevant and valuable information from diverse source databases into a concise and consolidated form for easy access and retrieval.

Lastly, a "network" of databases is another notable collective noun that characterizes the interconnectivity between multiple databases. A network implies a system where databases are linked, allowing communication, data sharing, and integration functionalities to create cohesive and interconnected data environments.

In conclusion, when we talk about collective nouns with the word database, we encounter various examples such as repositories, clusters, federations, compilations, and networks. These collective nouns reflect the diversity and interconnectedness of databases in different contexts, showcasing the essential role they play in managing and organizing information across various domains.


Database Of Definitions

The Database of Definitions is an extensive collection of knowledge carefully curated to provide profound explanations and interpretations of various terms, concepts, and subjects. This comprehensive repository is a go-to resource for anyone seeking clari...

Example sentence

"The Database of Definitions contains an extensive collection of word explanations and descriptions."


Database Of Documents

A database of documents refers to a comprehensive collection or library of various types of written materials, records, or information stored in an organized and accessible electronic format. This specialized electronic repository accumulates a wide range...

Example sentence

"The database of documents includes a vast collection of PDFs, Word files, and spreadsheets."


Database Of Files

The Database of Files is a comprehensive and organized collection of different types of electronic documents, records, and data. This collective noun phrase refers to a structured system that stores and manages a vast array of files efficiently, enabling ...

Example sentence

"The database of files contains a vast collection of digital documents ranging from important reports to confidential contracts."


Database Of Intelligence

The collective noun phrase Database of Intelligence refers to a comprehensive collection of information, knowledge, and insights about various subjects, events, trends, and individuals. It exemplifies a systematic gathering of data from diverse sources, s...

Example sentence

"The Database of Intelligence contains vast amounts of information that helps organizations make informed decisions."


Database Of Maps

The collective noun phrase Database of Maps refers to a comprehensive and organized collection of various maps compiled for different purposes and sourced from different geographical regions. This database serves as a centralized repository designed to as...

Example sentence

"The Database of Maps provides a comprehensive collection of geographic information from all over the world."


Database Of Websites

The phrase Database of Websites is a collective noun phrase that refers to a carefully organized and vast collection of online resources, each represented by a unique website address. It is a repository of diverse digital platforms spanning various catego...

Example sentence

"The Database of Websites contains millions of online platforms and pages, representing a vast collection of information."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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