[33] Celebrating Cultural Cohesion: Collective Noun Examples Reminiscent of Vibrant Cultures

Culture noun examples generally describe a vibrant amalgamation of attitudes, values, practices, and beliefs shared by a group or society. When it comes to collective nouns associated with culture, numerous terms brilliantly capture the essence of these shared experiences. One such collective noun is a mosaic of culture, representing the way diverse cultural elements beautifully blend together to form a harmonious whole. Another is a tapestry of culture, signifying the intricate and interconnected nature of various cultural threads that construct a rich, colorful fabric. Iconically, an orchestra of culture symbolizes the symphony of arts, traditions, and customs harmoniously performed by different cultural groups. Furthermore, a kaleidoscope of culture conveys the captivating array of constantly evolving cultural dynamics, with each individual element contributing to a constantly shifting, breathtaking composition. Lastly, a quilt of culture portrays diverse cultural aspects beautifully stitched together, forming a comforting and nurturing communal heritage. These collective nouns illustrate the vibrancy, complexity, and diversity of culture, highlighting how it enriches our world with its magnificent array of traditions, customs, and identities.


Culture Of Aboriginals

The term Culture of Aboriginals refers to the collective noun phrase used to describe the way of life, traditions, customs, beliefs, and practices of Aboriginal peoples. Aboriginals are indigenous communities that have inhabited lands across the globe for...

Example sentence

"The culture of Aboriginals is rich and vibrant, rooted in thousands of years of history."


Culture Of Academics

The collective noun phrase Culture of Academics refers to the cohesive set of beliefs, values, practices, and attitudes inherent within the field of academia. It encompasses the shared experiences, expectations, and norms that shape and guide scholarly en...

Example sentence

"The Culture of Academics at this university promotes a strong emphasis on research and intellectual growth."


Culture Of Activists

Culture of Activists refers to a dynamic and vibrant collective noun phrase that encompasses individuals who passionately dedicate themselves to advocating for progressive social, environmental, or political change. This inclusive and diverse group compri...

Example sentence

"The culture of activists is a vibrant and dynamic network of individuals striving for change and social justice."


Culture Of Anthropologists

Culture of Anthropologists refers to the shared values, belief systems, and practices that are integral to the community of professionals engaged in the discipline of anthropology. As a collective noun phrase, it emphasizes the cohesive and distinct chara...

Example sentence

"The Culture of Anthropologists is a vibrant and diverse community that gathers to study and understand different societies and cultures around the world."


Culture Of Artisans

Culture of Artisans refers to a vibrant and diverse community of skilled craftsmen and artists who possess exceptional craftsmanship in various artistic disciplines. This collective noun phrase encompasses individuals belonging to different cultural backg...

Example sentence

"The Culture of Artisans in this city is a vibrant and diverse community of skilled craftsmen and women."


Culture Of Artists

The collective noun phrase Culture of Artists refers to a vibrant and diverse group of individuals who all share a deep passion for various art forms and creative expressions. This inclusive community consists of painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, a...

Example sentence

"The Culture of Artists is a dynamic and vibrant community that thrives on creative expression."


Culture of Bacteria

The collective noun phrase Culture of Bacteria refers to a controlled environment created for the purpose of cultivating and studying bacteria. It denotes a collection of microbial organisms growing and thriving under specific laboratory conditions, allow...

Example sentence

"The culture of bacteria in the microbiology lab showed remarkable growth under the right conditions."


Culture Of Believers

Culture of Believers is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of individuals who share a common set of beliefs and values. It encompasses a comprehensive and multifaceted cultural context forged by the collective spirituality, traditions, practi...

Example sentence

"The Culture of Believers is vibrant and diverse, incorporating different belief systems and practices."


Culture Of Cells

The collective noun phrase Culture of Cells refers to a group or collection of cells that are grown together in controlled laboratory conditions, enabling them to interact and function as a unified system. It encompasses cells derived from various organis...

Example sentence

"The culture of cells in the laboratory showed robust growth and were found to be highly responsive to stimuli."


Culture Of Critics

Culture of Critics is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of individuals who are deeply engaged in the realm of artistic and intellectual expressions, with a distinct focus on analyzing, critiquing, and appreciating the various asp...

Example sentence

"The culture of critics is an integral part of the art scene, providing meaningful and insightful analysis to artists and enthusiasts alike."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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