[58] Celebrate the Lingual Charm of Collective Nouns: Uncovering Riveting Examples Featuring 'Cry'

A collective noun is a word that describes a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to collective nouns associated with the word "cry," these terms depict a group of beings that display the emotive action of crying simultaneously or in unison. Here are some examples:

1. choir of Tears: A choir of tears refers to a group of individuals crying together, often seen in situations of profound sadness, grief, or mourning. It can be metaphorically used to portray a collective display of shared emotions.

2. Cascade of Cries: A cascade of cries represents a series of cry sounds or wails coming from numerous sources simultaneously. It projects a powerful image of a multitude of voices in sorrow or distress flowing like a cascade of emotions.

3. Weeping Gaggle: Weeping gaggle refers to a gathering or cluster of individuals crying or weeping collectively. It can evoke images of a closely-knit group sharing sadness, vulnerability, or a heartfelt sentiment.

4. Stream of Sobs: A stream of sobs describes a collective outpouring of audible sobbing. This term encapsulates a sense of continuity and unity in displays of deep emotional unrest or pain.

5. Torrent of Troubled Tears: A torrent of troubled tears suggests a rapidly flowing and voluminous display of crying, characteristic of a larger group under immense distress, turbulence, or anguish. It implies a surge of collective emotions being released.

6. Sobbing Congregation: A sobbing congregation refers to a fellowship of individuals who are crying, often in a shared religious, ceremonial, or communal setting. It portrays a unified display of emotions, typically connected to a specific event or atmosphere.

7. Bawl Club: A bawl club represents a group of people engaged in intense crying or wailing. This term carries the notion of a shared activity, where participants congregate to express deep emotions or personal struggles together.

These examples illustrate how collective nouns can be used to describe a group of beings expressing the act of crying, showcasing the power of language to capture various emotions displayed in unison.


Cry Of Activists

The collective noun phrase Cry of Activists encompasses a passionate, unified expression of advocacy and demand. Individually representing individuals who are committed to initiating social or political change, activists embrace the power of their collect...

Example sentence

"The cry of activists echoed through the streets as they demanded justice and equality for all."


Cry of Actors

The collective noun phrase Cry of Actors beautifully captures the enthralling and dramatic essence of a group of performers on a stage. As they come together in unison, their voices resound and intertwine, creating a captivating symphony that grips the au...

Example sentence

"During the audition, the cry of actors filled the theater, creating a cacophony of nerves and anticipation."


Cry Of Audience

The collective noun phrase Cry of Audience refers to the combined vocal expressions and emotional reactions emitted by a group of people witnessing and responding to a performance, event, or public spectacle. It encompasses the various sounds and outburst...

Example sentence

"As the performance ended, a deafening cry of audience erupted in the theater, filling the air with excitement and admiration."


Cry Of Birds

The collective noun phrase Cry of Birds refers to the melodious and distinctive vocalizations made by a group of avian creatures. Evoking images of a serene natural setting, this ethereal term captures the harmonious soundscapes created by the combined vo...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to rise, a cry of birds echoed through the peaceful morning."


Cry Of Cats

Cry of Cats is a mesmerizing collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the essence and melodious power of feline vocalizations. It evokes a world of harmonious echoes, encapsulating the enchanting chorus that cats create when they express their man...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the alley, I was met with a haunting cry of cats echoing in the night."


Cry Of Celebrators

The collective noun phrase Cry of Celebrators refers to a group of people who exuberantly express their excitement, joy, and happiness collectively. This phrase aptly captures the atmosphere and spirit of exultation found among celebratory gatherings and ...

Example sentence

"As the clock struck midnight, a joyous cry of celebrators erupted through the streets, filling the air with excitement and happiness."


Cry Of Chanters

The collective noun phrase Cry of Chanters refers to a group of individuals actively engaged in chanting or reciting verses or religious hymns together. The term cry here implies a powerful, unified vocal expression that resonates with emotion and devotio...

Example sentence

"The cry of chanters filled the air as the choir prepared to sing."


Cry Of Cheerleaders

Cry of Cheerleaders is a vibrant and uplifting collective noun phrase that encompasses a group of enthusiastic and spirited individuals initiating exuberant cheers and chants. This dynamic chorus of energetic voices is typically led by cheerleaders, who u...

Example sentence

"The cry of cheerleaders echoed through the stadium as they rallied the crowd for support."


Cry Of Chicks

A cry of chicks is a charming and endearing collective noun phrase that refers to a group of young birds known as chicks when they vocalize together. This unique phrase aptly captures the collective squawks, peeps, and chirps of these expressive and adora...

Example sentence

"As the mother hen strutted around the farm, a loud cry of chicks followed closely behind her."


Cry Of Children

Cry of Children is a poignant and evocative collective noun phrase that dramatically captures the collective vocal expressions of young ones in distress, pain, or sorrow. It encompasses the resounding, heartfelt wailing, weeping, and sobbing sounds that o...

Example sentence

"The cry of children echoed through the busy playground, filled with excitement and laughter."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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