[30] Covering the Basics: Common Collective Noun Examples Explained

A collective noun is used to refer to a group of people, animals, or things as a single entity. One specific type of collective noun is those associated with the word "cover". The word "cover" typically connotes protection, concealment, or sheltering, and as such, it often appears in phrases or groups that relate to these concepts.

Some examples of collective nouns incorporating the word "cover" are:

1. A cover of darkness: This phrase refers to the darkness in which someone or something is hidden or obscured. It can also allude to the time of night when such cover is achieved, often used symbolically to represent secrecy or illicit activities.

Example: The burglars found the perfect opportunity to break in under the cover of darkness.

2. A cover of trees: When a number of trees grow densely together, they form a collective noun known as a cover of trees. This is often found in dense forests or wooded areas.

Example: We sought shelter from the rain under the cover of trees.

3. A cover of fog: Fog is a collective noun in itself, created when numerous tiny water droplets suspend in the air, reducing visibility. When fog rolls in, it creates an encompassing cover that can mask objects.

Example: The ships remained anchored near shore, waiting for the cover of fog to dissipate.

4. A cover of documents: In this context, a cover refers to the protective canopies used to house important or sensitive documents. It indicates the act of hiding or safeguarding valuable paperwork.

Example: The private investigators discovered a hidden cover of documents in the suspect's attic.

5. A cover of books: A cover of books denotes a large collection or pile of books closely stacked together, creating an overall protective layer. This phrase reflects the idea of books serving as a guard or shield for knowledge.

Example: The bibliophile felt immense joy as they entered the library, surrounded by a glorious cover of books.

Collective nouns employing the word "cover" can effectively illustrate a sense of unity, concealment, or enclosure, whether in nature, human actions, or even metaphorical expressions.


Cover Of Books

Cover of Books is a captivating collective noun phrase that conjures the image of an abundant collection of literary treasures. It refers to a gathering or grouping of a myriad of well-acknowledged books, each adorned with its unique and eye-catching cove...

Example sentence

"The cover of books displayed an array of vibrant colors and intricate designs."


Cover Of Bushes

A cover of bushes is a dynamic and picturesque grouping of dense vegetation, usually consisting of various types of plants and shrubs. This collection of bushes forms an intricate network of interwoven foliage with intertwining branches, creating a beauti...

Example sentence

"The cover of bushes provided a suitable hiding place for the birds, ensuring their safety from predators."


Cover Of Clouds

Cover of Clouds refers to a stunning sight where the sky becomes cloaked with an enthralling assemblage of clouds. This collective noun phrase conjures a picturesque and captivating image of billowy formations spanning across the celestial expanse. It enc...

Example sentence

"As we gazed up at the sky, we were amazed by the vast cover of clouds spread out above us."


Cover of Coots

The collective noun phrase Cover of Coots refers to a group of coots gathered together, typically taking shelter or resting together in a specific location. Coots are medium-sized water birds that are part of the rail family. They possess charcoal-gray pl...

Example sentence

"The cover of coots gathered at the edge of the lake, creating an impressive spectacle."


Cover Of Darkness

Cover of Darkness is an evocative and enigmatic collective noun phrase that embodies the idea of a veil of obscurity and secrecy. It alludes to a state where visibility and understanding are inhibited due to the absence or suppression of light. This phra...

Example sentence

"The cover of darkness provided necessary shelter for the hunted fugitives."


Cover Of Dreams

Cover of Dreams is a mesmerizing and enchanting collective noun phrase that evokes imagery of a vast expanse where dreams come to life. It encapsulates a cohesive group or collection of intangible yet powerful aspirations, fantasies, and desires. Just as ...

Example sentence

"The Cover of Dreams, a group of talented artists, mesmerizes audiences with their unique performances."


Cover Of Ferns

Cover of Ferns is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a delightful congregation of ferns found in their natural habitat. The phrase denotes a wondrous group of lush, verdant plants that beautify the landscape while providing protective cov...

Example sentence

"The cover of ferns greeted us as we ventured deep into the rainforest."


Cover Of Flowers

Cover of Flowers is a collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the imagery of an abundance of flowers that covers and adorns a particular area. This phrase is used to describe a stunning and visually enchanting scene where countless flowers are sp...

Example sentence

"The cover of flowers bloomed beautifully in the field, painting a vibrant and fragrant picture."


Cover Of Foxes

A cover of foxes refers to a gathering or group of these wild and cunning animals. Foxes are well-known for their intelligence, adaptability, and stealthiness, all of which make them skilled hunters. This particular collective noun, cover, highlights thei...

Example sentence

"The cover of foxes scattered across the meadow, their red fur gleaming in the sunlight."


Cover Of Grass

Cover of Grass is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase that vividly depicts a scene or landscape teeming with an expansive carpet of lush green blades. It encapsulates the lushness and vitality of nature, summoning images of sun-kissed meadows or...

Example sentence

"The cover of grass greeted us as we entered the park, rolling out like a green carpet."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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