[20] A Coterie of Collective Nouns: Unveiling Examples in the Language Realm

A coterie is a highly intriguing and distinctive term in the realm of collective nouns, typically used to refer to gatherings or groups of individuals bound together by a shared interest or purpose. This word perfectly encapsulates a unique sense of exclusivity and camaraderie, as it often signifies a select group of like-minded people who come together with a synergistic goal in mind.

A coterie can be seen among numerous domains, such as arts, literature, politics, and even association with animals. For instance, in the literary world, one might encounter a coterie of poets collaborating and inspiring each other to develop their craft and share ideas in a profound manner. Similarly, in the artistic realm, a coterie of painters may gather to exchange techniques and stimulate creativity amongst themselves.

Beyond the realm of human beings, the word coterie can be applied to certain animal groups as well, each with its captivating characteristics. Take, for example, a coterie of vultures soaring in the sky, working cooperatively to locate food sources and perform their vital role within the ecosystem. By grouping together, these vultures form a unit built upon collective endeavor and interdependence.

In essence, a coterie effortlessly adds a layer of allure and a distinctiveness making it an exceptionally valuable term within the rich tapestry of collective nouns. It reinforces the notion of intense bonding and shared purpose within various realms, symbolizing the power born of unity, collaboration, and mutual support.


Coterie Of Alpacas

A coterie of alpacas refers to a captivating and endearing gathering of these gentle, camelid creatures. Known for their fluffy fleece, majestic appearance, and docile temperament, alpacas form close-knit social groups making coterie an apt term to descri...

Example sentence

"A charming coterie of alpacas grazed peacefully in the lush green fields."


Coterie Of Chamois

A coterie of chamois refers to a unique and captivating gathering of these elegant and agile mountain-dwelling animals. Chamois themselves are a species of magnificent, sure-footed ungulates native to the lofty peaks of the European Alps and other mountai...

Example sentence

"In the alpine meadows, a coterie of chamois bounded gracefully across the rocky terrain, their agile movements blending with the scenic landscape."


Coterie Of Chickens

A coterie of chickens is an enchanting and joyous sight to behold. This vivacious collective noun phrase describes a delightful gathering of these feathered creatures, radiating with beauty and endless charm. Picture a small group of chickens who have for...

Example sentence

"A coterie of chickens gathered excitedly around the farmer, clucking and pecking at his feet."


Coterie Of Courtiers

A Coterie of Courtiers refers to a group of individuals who serve in the royal court or high-ranking nobility, engaged in various tasks and responsibilities relating to the courtly affairs. This collective noun phrase paints a picture of a close-knit circ...

Example sentence

"The Queen's court was adorned with a coterie of courtiers, each one elegantly dressed and versed in proper etiquette."


Coterie Of Critics

A coterie of critics refers to a group or assembly of knowledgeable individuals who specialize in critically analyzing and evaluating various forms of art, literature, performances, or any other creative works. This term captures the essence of critics co...

Example sentence

"The coterie of critics gathered in the theater lobby to share their scathing reviews of the play."


Coterie Of Dogs

A coterie of dogs refers to a delightful and captivating collection of these ever-faithful and enchanting animals. It represents a group of dogs belonging to different breeds and sizes, united together in their shared love for companionship and loyalty. T...

Example sentence

"A coterie of dogs gathered in the park, each wagging their tails and sniffing the air enthusiastically."


Coterie Of Girls

A coterie of girls refers to a close-knit group of female individuals who share a common bond, often originating from a shared interest, hobby, or mutual social circle. This collective noun phrase hints at a sense of exclusivity and camaraderie within the...

Example sentence

"A coterie of girls gathered excitedly around the latest fashion magazine, exclaiming over the new trends."


Coterie Of Intelligence

A coterie of intelligence is an exclusive and intimate group comprising highly intelligent individuals who have gathered together to collectively engage in the pursuit and exchange of knowledge, wisdom, and intellectual discourse. This prestigious assembl...

Example sentence

"The coterie of intelligence gathered in a secluded room, ready to brainstorm solutions for a complex problem."


Coterie Of Karens

A coterie of Karens is a whimsical and entertaining collective noun phrase used to describe a humorous group of individuals known as Karens. Originally arising from popular culture and internet memes, the term Karen has come to symbolize a stereotype of a...

Example sentence

"A coterie of Karens gathered outside the customer service desk, demanding to speak with the manager."


Coterie Of Ladies

A coterie of ladies refers to a close-knit and exclusive group of women who frequently associate with one another. This collective noun phrase beautifully depicts the elegance, charm, and sophistication that embodies this particular group. The term coteri...

Example sentence

"A coterie of ladies, dressed in glamorous gowns, occupied the corner of the ballroom, captivating everyone with their grace and charm."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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