[28] The Corps Junction: Unlocking the Impeccable Charm of Collective Noun Examples

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. One such collective noun is "corps". The term "corps" refers to a specific type of collective noun that is predominantly used to describe groups of people or organizations. Derived from the French word for body, "corps" emphasizes the unified and cohesive nature of the group it represents.

Examples of collective nouns that incorporate the word "corps" include:

1. The Peace Corps: This internationally recognized organization assigns volunteers to countries around the world to assist with development projects, promoting peace and understanding among nations. The Peace Corps arranges these volunteers into a collective unit that embody the dedication and volunteer spirit of its members.

2. The Marine Corps: As one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces, the Marine Corps serves primarily as an expeditionary and amphibious force capable of rapid response and sustained operations. Also known as the "Few and the Proud," the Marine Corps represents disciplined teamwork, resilience, and honor.

3. The Ballet Corps: In the world of dance, a ballet corps refers to a group of dancers who perform as a cohesive unit during classical ballet performances. These dancers are known for their synchronization, precision, and elegance, accentuating the beauty and grace of the art.

4. The medical corps: Commonly found within the armed forces of various nations, the medical corps encompasses doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who provide medical aid to military personnel in times of conflict or peace. Their dedication, expertise, and teamwork ensure the health and well-being of the servicemen and women they serve.

These examples illustrate how the collective noun "corps" is often used to group individuals who work together towards a common goal, displaying qualities such as unity, discipline, expertise, and collaboration. The use of "corps" accentuates the essential role that each individual plays within the collective, emphasizing the overall strength, skill, and dedication of the group as a whole.


Corps Of Aeroplanes

The phrase Corps of Aeroplanes refers to a group or collection of aeroplanes, united under a common purpose or association. Unlike the usual concept of a single aircraft, this particular collective noun emphasizes not only the individual planes but also t...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Aeroplanes was an impressive display of flying precision during the airshow."


Corps Of Artillery

The Corps of Artillery encapsulates a vital component of any well-prepared military force, showcasing a tightly knit group of skilled and specialized individuals working in unison to effectively wield the overwhelming power of artillery in warfare. Often ...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Artillery was recognized for their exceptional skill during the military parade."


Corps Of Athletes

The Corps of Athletes refers to a group or collective noun phrase that designates a specialized assembly of individuals actively engaged in athletic pursuits. It signifies a well-organized body of athletic performers united by their shared discipline, ded...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Athletes gathered at the stadium, ready to display their skills on the field."


Corps Of Boats

A Corps of Boats refers to a group or collection of boats organized together for a specific purpose or undertaking. This assemblage of boats can range in size and may consist of anything from small watercraft to large vessels, depending on the context. A...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Boats patrolled the river regularly, ensuring the safety and security of vessels passing through."


Corps Of Generals

A Corps of Generals is a specialized and prestigious collective noun phrase that refers to a group of high-ranking and accomplished military officers in a hierarchical organization, such as the armed forces. Typically found within armies, navies, or air f...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Generals assembled at the military headquarters for a crucial strategic meeting."


Corps Of Gentlemen

The Corps of Gentlemen refers to an elite group of refined individuals, usually consisting of men, who have attained a high standing within their respective fields. This exclusive collective noun phrase encapsulates a certain elegance, courtesy, and sophi...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Gentlemen gathered together for their weekly meeting, discussing important matters of etiquette and ensuring they upheld the highest standards of chivalry."


Corps of Giraffes

The Corps of Giraffes is a magnificent and awe-inspiring collective noun phrase used to describe a group of these elegant and graceful creatures. These majestic animals, known for their wonderful long necks and unique spotted patterns, gather together to ...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Giraffes calmly grazed across the vast savannah, their long necks arched gracefully above the treetops."


Corps Of Gossips

The Corps of Gossips is a whimsical and playful expression used to describe a gathering or group of people who thrive on the art of exchanging news, rumors, and tidbits of information about the lives of others. This captivating and vibrant assemblage of i...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Gossips sipped their cups of tea eagerly, ready to dish out the latest rumors."


Corps Of Hunters

The Corps of Hunters is a united and skillful group of individuals specialized in the art of hunting. Comprised of highly trained and meticulous experts, this collective noun phrase refers to a dedicated league of hunters working together towards a shared...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Hunters bravely set out into the woods to track down the elusive wolf pack."


Corps of Marchers

The Corps of Marchers is a captivating collective noun phrase that conjures up visions of unity, discipline, and purpose. Typically used to refer to a specific group of individuals who engage in organized procession, the phrase carries a majestic quality ...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Marchers gathered in formation, dressed in identical uniforms and carrying flags and banners."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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