[61] Crowds of Corn: Unraveling the Collective Nouns That Reveal the World of this Storied Crop

A collective noun for corn refers to a group or collection of corn plants or ears. This noun captures the notion of a cluster, as corn plants often grow closely together, forming a unified entity. Common collective nouns for corn include a "field of corn," depicting an expanse of corn in a specific area, and a "patch of corn," suggesting a smaller grouping of the plants. Additionally, the term "row of corn" conveys the idea of corn plants planted in a uniform line along agricultural fields. These collective nouns eloquently portray the dense, bounded nature of corn growth, emphasizing its inherent unity within a given space.


Acre Of Corn

An acre of corn refers to a vast area planted with rows upon rows of corn crops, forming a picturesque and vibrant landscape. With each acre covering about 43,560 square feet, this collective noun phrase invokes an imagery of a field stretching out as far...

Example sentence

"An acre of corn was planted on the Robeson's farm last spring."


Bag Of Corn

A bag of corn refers to a specific group of corn residing within a bag or container. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the harvest or collection of corn, typically found in agricultural settings. The bag serves as a vessel that holds numerous indiv...

Example sentence

"I opened the cupboard and saw a bag of corn, ready to be cooked."


Barrel Of Corn

A barrel of corn refers to a collective noun phrase that denotes a large quantity or group of corn ears that have been harvested and stored together in a barrel. The phrase captures a vivid image of an iconic farming practice, where farmers gather their b...

Example sentence

"A barrel of corn was delivered to the local mill for processing."


Basket Of Corn

A basket of corn refers to a grouping or gathering of various cobs of corn collected and placed together in a basket or container. This collective noun phrase evokes an image of a cylinder-shaped or woven receptacle filled with vibrant, golden corn husks....

Example sentence

"The basket of corn was overflowing with ripe, golden ears."


Bin Of Corn

A bin of corn refers to a grouping or collection of corn stored together in a large receptacle, typically used for agricultural or industrial purposes. The phrase bin of corn paints a vivid image of a volume of corn neatly organized and contained within a...

Example sentence

"I observed a bin of corn being unloaded from the truck at the farm."


Bite Of Corn

A Bite of Corn is a collective noun phrase that aptly represents a group of individuals indulging in one of nature's most quintessential crops - corn. This phrase conveys the act of taking a mouthwatering, satisfying bite into a succulent corn cob, highli...

Example sentence

"There was a large bite of corn sitting on my plate, waiting to be enjoyed."


Bits Of Corn

Bits of Corn is a intriguing and versatile collective noun phrase that evokes images of small, fragmented pieces of the golden crop. It refers to small fragments or broken parts of corn kernels that are usually encountered when the fresh cob is harvested ...

Example sentence

"Bits of corn were scattered across the kitchen floor after the bag ripped open."


Blade Of Corn

A blade of corn refers to a strikingly vivid collective noun phrase that describes a group of individual corn plants growing together. Representing both the visual and agricultural aesthetics of corn, this phrase portrays a magnificent sight where personi...

Example sentence

"In the big field, a blade of corn gently waved in the summer breeze."


Bowl Of Corn

A bowl of corn refers to a group or collection of individual corn kernels that are contained within a single bowl. The phrase evokes an image of golden yellow corn kernels, neatly arranged in a circular vessel or container, waiting to be enjoyed. This col...

Example sentence

"I bought a huge bagel and a bowl of corn from the food vendor at the park."


Box Of Corn

A box of corn refers to a specific grouping or collection of unhusked corn cobs that are typically contained within a box or similar container. It represents a tangible unit that is purposefully packed with corn for ease of handling, transport, and storag...

Example sentence

"We harvested a box of corn from our backyard garden."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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