[7] The Congress, Flight, & Colony: Exploring Collective Nouns for Cormorants

A collective noun for cormorants is a "colony." These fascinating sea birds, known for their incredible diving and swimming abilities, often gather together in large groups called colonies. These colonies can consist of a few individuals to thousands of cormorants, depending on the species and their chosen nesting locations. The nesting colonies are typically found on rocky cliffs or isolated islands, providing the birds with ample space and security. Being social creatures, cormorants utilize their colonies for breeding, roosting, and nurturing their young. Witnessing a colony of cormorants can be an awe-inspiring sight, with their dark plumage and distinctive hooked bills creating a picture perfect scene against the contrasting coastal landscape. The collective noun "colony" aptly captures the sense of communal living and coexistence that these magnificent birds demonstrate.


Covey Of Cormorants

A covey of cormorants is a beautiful spectacle of nature, as it refers to a gathering or group of these fascinating aquatic birds. Cormorants are known for their unique hunting techniques and admirable diving abilities, making them truly captivating creat...

Example sentence

"While strolling along the shore, I noticed a peaceful covey of Cormorants perched on a rock, gracefully drying their wings in the sun."


Diving Of Cormorants

A diving of cormorants is a descriptive collective noun phrase that refers to a specific group or gathering of cormorants engaging in their characteristic diving behavior while foraging for food. Cormorants are aquatic birds known for their exceptional di...

Example sentence

"A breathtaking sight to witness is a diving of cormorants gracefully soaring through the sky and diving into the water with precision."


Flight of Cormorants

A flight of cormorants is a captivating spectacle, bringing together the magnificent birds known as cormorants in impressive numbers. These sleek and agile creatures create a stunning display as they gather and soar through the sky with incredible grace. ...

Example sentence

"A sublime sight greeted us as we stood at cliff's edge, a flight of cormorants gliding gracefully over the aquamarine waters below."


Impress Of Cormorants

An Impress of Cormorants refers to a unique and captivating sight, which consists of a gathering or congregation of cormorants. Cormorants are large aquatic birds renowned for their sleek bodies, webbed feet, and long, hooked bills suited for their fishin...

Example sentence

"An impress of cormorants gathered on the rocks, their sleek feathers glistening in the sun."


Raft Of Cormorants

A raft of cormorants is a captivating collective noun phrase commonly used to describe a group of these intriguing water birds. These enigmatic creatures are found across different continents, notably along coastal areas and near bodies of freshwater. Whe...

Example sentence

"A raft of cormorants floated gracefully on the calm lake, their dark feathers glistening in the sunlight."


Rookery of Cormorants

A rookery of cormorants is a stunning gathering of these unique water birds. Cormorants are known for their incredible diving abilities and sleek black feathers that glitter in the sunlight. When these remarkable creatures come together, they form a rooke...

Example sentence

"We hiked up the cliffs to get a closer look at the rookery of cormorants perched on the rocky ledges."


Skein Of Cormorants

A skein of cormorants refers to a fascinating sight that consists of a group of these seabirds exhibiting a distinctive behavior. This noun phrase captures the sight of numerous cormorants flying closely together in a synchronized formation, utilizing an ...

Example sentence

"As evening descended upon the coast, a skein of cormorants soared gracefully across the sky, casting dark silhouettes against the fading light."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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