[35] Convocation: Exploring Collective Noun Examples That Show The Power of Togetherness

A convocation is a form of collective noun used to refer to a gathering or assembly of people for a particular purpose. Similar to a conference, convocations typically involve groups of individuals who come together to participate in discussions, ceremonies, academic activities, or special events. Here are a few examples of collective nouns using the word "convocation":

1. Convocation of students: In many universities or educational institutions, the term "convocation" refers to a formal ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred upon graduating students. During this convocation, the graduating class, along with their families and faculty members, gather to celebrate their achievement.

2. Convocation of scholars: Scholars from various disciplines may convene for an academic convocation, where they exchange knowledge, present their research findings, or engage in intellectual discussions. Such convocations are often common in the fields of humanities, sciences, social sciences, etc.

3. Convocation of religious leaders: Within religious contexts, convocations can be observed when influential religious figures or ecclesiastical leaders assemble, often for special religious ceremonies, decision-making processes, or to address disciplinary matters within their communities.

4. Convocation of professionals: Convocations may also refer to gatherings of professionals in certain fields or industries who come together to network, attend conferences, share insights, and nurture collaborations. These events often promote knowledge exchange and innovation among professionals, aiding in their personal and career development.

5. Convocation of enthusiasts or followers: Sometimes, congregations of fans, supporters, or enthusiasts of a particular activity or interest group are also referred to as convocations. Examples include convocations of music enthusiasts attending a festival, convocations of gaming enthusiasts at conferences or fan conventions, or convocations of avid readers at book club meetings.

In all these examples, convocations signify a collective gathering of individuals either driven by shared interests, common goals, or specific purposes. They provide a platform for collaboration, learning, celebration, and belonging as people come together for dynamic interactions.


Convocation Of Birds

A convocation of birds is a captivating sight, representing a group of these winged creatures that gather together for various purposes. It is an enchanting display, where multiple species intermix harmoniously, as if driven by a universal code of avian k...

Example sentence

"As summer fades into autumn, a convocation of birds gathers in the sky, preparing for their long migration south."


Convocation Of Bishops

A convocation of bishops is a term used to describe a gathering or assembly of bishops from a particular religious denomination or branch of Christianity. This collective noun phrase encompasses the idea of a formal meeting where bishops come together to ...

Example sentence

"A Convocation of Bishops gathered at the Vatican to discuss the pressing issues facing the Catholic Church."


Convocation Of Camels

A Convocation of Camels refers to a remarkable group of these majestic desert creatures gathering together. This collective noun phrase captures the intriguing sight of multiple camels congregating, presenting a mesmerizing spectacle that embodies both na...

Example sentence

"In the scorching desert, a convocation of camels gathered around an oasis, seeking respite from the relentless sun."


Convocation Of Chiefs

A convocation of chiefs is a powerful and prestigious gathering of high-ranking leaders, commanding respect and harboring wisdom. Used as a collective noun phrase, it represents a unique gathering that brings together the most esteemed and authoritative f...

Example sentence

"The Convocation of Chiefs convened to discuss important issues regarding tribal unity and preservation of traditions."


Convocation Of Choughs

A Convocation of Choughs is a captivating collective noun phrase that vividly depicts a unique congregation of these striking avian creatures known as choughs. Choughs, members of the crow family, boast an elegant appearance, adorned with jet-black plumag...

Example sentence

"I spotted a mesmerizing convocation of Choughs flying gracefully through the sky."


Convocation Of Communists

A Convocation of Communists is a captivating and evocative collective noun phrase that brings to mind a gathering or assembly of individuals who embrace and advocate for principles rooted in Communism. This phrase reflects a unified and affirmative collec...

Example sentence

"The Convocation of Communists gathered at the square to discuss their plans for the upcoming rally."


Convocation Of Conservatives

Convocation of Conservatives refers to a group or gathering of individuals who share conservative ideologies and belief systems. This distinctive collective noun phrase encapsulates the essence of a united assemblage, serving as a platform where conservat...

Example sentence

"The Convocation of Conservatives held a forum to discuss their party's stance on healthcare reforms."


Convocation Of Deer

A convocation of deer is a remarkable spectacle where a gathering of these majestic creatures congregates. With a collective noun that evokes a sense of solemnity and importance, it brings to mind the image of a meeting or assembly of deer gathered togeth...

Example sentence

"A convocation of deer grazed peacefully in the meadow, their graceful forms dotting the landscape."


Convocation Of Democrats

Convocation of Democrats is a collective noun phrase that represents a gathering or assembly of members affiliated with the Democratic Party. It denotes a unified congregation widely known for their collective ideals, goals, and political beliefs. This gr...

Example sentence

"The convocation of Democrats gathered to discuss their strategies for the upcoming election."


Convocation Of Domestic Cats

A convocation of domestic cats refers to a unique assemblage of these endearing, enigmatic and often inscrutable creatures. Representing the gathering of multiple feline individuals, the term convocation aptly captures the sense of solemnity, intrigue, an...

Example sentence

"A convocation of domestic cats gathered on the old wooden fence, their tails twitching with excitement."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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