[14] The Enchanting World of Collective Nouns: Delving into the Charming Lexicon of Coins

Collective nouns are specially created words to group together similar items or beings. When it comes to coins, there are a few collective nouns that can be used to represent a collection or group of coins. One commonly used collective noun for coins is a "hoard." This term is often employed when referring to a large amount of coins discovered or accumulated, highlighting their vast quantity. Alternatively, the noun "collection" can also be used to refer to a group of coins that have been purposefully gathered or assembled, such as a personal collection of rare or historic coins. Whether collected or discovered together, coins can form a hoard or collection, uniting their individual value and historical significance into a collective whole.


Bag Of Coins

A bag of coins is a collective noun phrase that refers to a grouping or assemblage of various types of coins, often contained within a bag or pouch. Such a bag can comprise coins of different values, denominations, or even currencies, creating a diverse a...

Example sentence

"The treasure hunter carried a heavy bag of coins he had discovered amidst the ruins."


Barrel Of Coins

A barrel of coins refers to a grouping of coins that fill or are typically stored in a barrel. This collective noun phrase conjures up images of a sizeable collection of cylindrical containers, typically made of wood or metal, overflowing with coins of va...

Example sentence

"They emptied the barrel of coins onto the table, revealing a mixture of shiny silver, gleaming gold, and coppery pennies."


Cache Of Coins

A cache of coins refers to a collection or hoard of valuable currency units that are kept or stored in one place. It is a term commonly used to describe a significant accumulation of coins, usually composed of various denominations, which may be historica...

Example sentence

"She found a cache of coins buried in her backyard while planting trees."


Cartload Of Coins

A cartload of coins refers to a substantial quantity of coins that is sufficient to fill or overload a cart. This collective noun phrase vividly encapsulates the abundance and weight that a large number of coins can bear. It alludes to the sheer volume an...

Example sentence

"The wealthy merchant bragged about the cartload of coins he earned from his successful business ventures."


Caste Of Coins

A Caste of Coins refers to a unique and distinctive assemblage of coins often used to describe a group or collection of coins. This collective noun phrase conjures the image of coins forming a structured and hierarchical society of their own. Within this ...

Example sentence

"A caste of coins was uncovered during the archaeological excavation, consisting of ancient currencies from different civilizations."


Chest Of Coins

A chest of coins refers to a captivating collection of fabulous treasure, where an assortment of gleaming and precious coins have been skillfully gathered and secured within a magnificently crafted chest. Exhibiting time-honored denominations hailing from...

Example sentence

"The greedy pirate had a chest of coins hidden deep within the island."


Collection of Coins

A collection of coins refers to a group or assembly of various coins that are amassed or gathered together. This collective noun phrase epitomizes the beauty and value that are intrinsic to the world of numismatics, enticing both historians and coin enthu...

Example sentence

"A collection of coins that spanned several centuries and countries was on display at the museum."


Pile Of Coins

A pile of coins refers to a gathering or accumulation of numerous metallic coins that have been stacked or heaped together. This collective noun phrase vividly describes an assembly of various coins, typically differing in shape, size, and denomination, w...

Example sentence

"I knocked over a pile of coins and they scattered all over the floor."


Pocket Of Coins

A pocket of coins refers to a specific grouping or collection of coins, colloquially designated as the coins that are typically found together within a single pocket or container. This collective noun phrase alludes to the idea of compactness, with the po...

Example sentence

"I found a pocket of coins while cleaning out an old jacket."


Roll of Coins

A roll of coins refers to a group of identical, cylindrical-shaped coins that are tightly wrapped and secured together in a paper or plastic wrapper for convenience in transportation and storage. The coins typically have the same face value and are organi...

Example sentence

"I have a roll of coins left from my trip to the laundromat."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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