[39] The Coiled Collective: Exploring Unique and Surprising Collective Noun Examples

A collective noun is a term used to describe a group of individuals, animals, or things. When it comes to collective nouns with the word "coil," the following examples can be used:

1. A coil of snakes: This collective noun refers to a group of snakes gathered or intertwined together. It vividly depicts the image of several snakes, commonly seen in reptile parks or in the wild, twisting and forming coils around one another.

2. A coil of rope: In this case, the term "coil" signifies a tightly-wound, circular arrangement of ropes. It is often seen in sailing or mountain climbing contexts, where ropes are skillfully coiled and ready for use.

3. A coil of wires: This collective noun describes a bundled or wound arrangement of electrical wires. Typically found in electrical circuits, it presents the idea of multiple wires entwined together, forming organized coils for different purposes.

4. A coil of hair: This refers to a group of strands of hair that have been twisted or curled. It emphasizes the idea of a tangled, textured hairstyle featuring many enjoyable twists and turns, giving a sense of elasticity and playfulness to the imagery.

5. A coil of springs: This collective noun entails a cluster or arranged group of metal springs commonly found in furniture, automotive suspension systems, or mechanical devices. It conveys the notion of intertwining mechanical pieces distributed in a compact, orderly manner.

These collective noun examples effectively capture different aspects of the word "coil" while demonstrating instances where multiple items of the same kind come together to form a distinct whole.


Coil Of Adders

A coil of adders refers to a group or assembly of venomous snakes from the viper family, known as adders. This unique collective noun portrays the fascinating behavior of these reptiles, which tend to coil their bodies into a distinctive formation when th...

Example sentence

"A coil of adders slithers through the dense underbrush, their venomous fangs poised for any unsuspecting prey."


Coil Of Anacondas

A coil of anacondas is a mesmerizing sight to behold, often described as a combination of awe and trepidation. This distinctive collective noun phrase encapsulates a group of these powerful and fearsome creatures, emphasizing their phenomenal size and coi...

Example sentence

"A coil of anacondas slithered through the murky waters of the Amazon River."


Coil Of Cables

A coil of cables refers to a gathering or grouping of various electrical wires or cables that are twisted or wound together into a neat, cylindrical shape. This collective noun phrase denotes a practical and organized arrangement of these essential compon...

Example sentence

"The technician carefully labeled each cable as he uncoiled the large coil of cables."


Coil Of Caterpillars

A coil of caterpillars refers to a unique and fascinating sight in the natural world. The term coil is used to define a group or a collection of caterpillars, huddled together in a spiral formation. This collective noun phrase creates imagery of an intric...

Example sentence

"A colorful coil of caterpillars slowly made its way across the garden, devouring every leaf in its path."


Coil Of Chains

A coil of chains refers to a captivating and visually intriguing sight where numerous chains are tightly wound or coiled together. It conjures an image of an intricate and imposing collection of interlinked metallic links or thick ropes, forming a cylindr...

Example sentence

"In the dusty warehouse, a massive coil of chains sat in the corner, waiting to be transported."


Coil Of Coaxial Cables

A coil of coaxial cables refers to a grouping of coaxial cables that have been wound or coiled together into a circular shape. Coaxial cables are commonly used in electronic and telecommunications systems to transmit data signals, specifically high-freque...

Example sentence

"A coil of coaxial cables was neatly organized on the technician's workbench."


Coil Of Cobras

A coil of cobras refers to a mesmerizing sight and danger rolled into one breathtaking collective noun phrase. It paints a vivid mental image of a gathering of the highly venomous snakes, coiling and intertwining with one another, exuding an air of elegan...

Example sentence

"A coil of cobras was spotted near the river, their slender bodies glistening in the sunlight."


Coil Of Cords

A coil of cords refers to a cluster or group of electrical or other types of cables or cords that have been wound or wrapped together in a circular shape. This collective noun phrase is often used to denote a tangled mess of cords, due to its association ...

Example sentence

"The coil of cords on the warehouse shelves looked like a multicolored snake."


Coil Of Eels

A coil of eels is a captivating and somewhat mysterious term used to describe a group of eels. It evokes an image of these slithering creatures coming together in an intertwined formation, resembling a twisted and angular coil. Eels are notorious for thei...

Example sentence

"As the fishermen cast their net into the sparkling river, a magnificent coil of eels appeared before their eyes."


Coil Of Electrical Wires

A coil of electrical wires refers to a collection or bundle of interconnected conductive cables used to transmit electric current. This well-known and essential component of electrical systems typically consists of thin metallic strands, usually made of c...

Example sentence

"I found a tangled coil of electrical wires behind the desk."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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