[54] The Strength in Numbers: Unveiling Fascinating Collective Noun Examples with Coalition

A coalition is a collective noun that refers to a group or alliance of individuals, organizations, or nations coming together in pursuit of a shared goal, usually involving social, political, or economic interests. It represents a powerful collaboration and unity among diverse entities working towards a common objective.

Examples of coalitions can be found in various contexts. In politics, a coalition often emerges when multiple political parties come together to form a government or to support a specific policy or initiative. For instance, multiple parties forming a coalition government can bring together their ideas, strengths, and share resources to achieve a stable governance and effective decision-making.

In social activism, coalitions play a vital role in advocating for change and addressing important societal issues. Different interest groups, NGOs, and community organizations may join forces to amplify their voices, pooling their knowledge, skills, and influence to tackle shared concerns such as protecting the environment, promoting human rights, or addressing issues related to social justice or inequality.

In international relations, coalitions between countries are often forged to address common threats or pursue common interests. For example, military coalitions may be established among nations to combat terrorism or restore peace in conflicts regions. Economic coalitions, such as trade blocs or regional cooperation frameworks, may aim to enhance economic integration and foster growth among member nations.

The strength and success of a coalition lie in the cooperation, collaboration, and solidarity among its members. Together, they can more effectively achieve their collective objectives, benefiting from the broad array of perspectives, resources, and expertise brought to the table.

In summary, a coalition is a dynamic collective noun exemplified by diverse entities coming together to form a united front aimed at achieving a shared purpose, be it in politics, social activism, or international relations. It underscores the power of unity, cooperation, and collaboration in pursuing common goals.


Coalition Of Advocates

A coalition of advocates refers to a group of individuals or organizations that have united towards a common cause or objective, usually focusing on social, political, or environmental issues. This collective noun phrase embodies a powerful alliance, stra...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Advocates, comprising various human rights organizations, is striving to bring about positive changes for marginalized communities."


Coalition Of Aeroplanes

A Coalition of Aeroplanes is a collective noun phrase used to describe a unified and organized group of various types and models of airplanes that come together for a specific purpose or mission. With a sturdy alliance among them, these diverse aircraft u...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Aeroplanes, consisting of various airlines, is working together to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions."


Coalition Of Boys

The coalition of boys encapsulates a dynamic assembly of young individuals, united by their shared goals and aligned values. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of boys who have come together with determination and purpose, forging bonds of cama...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Boys protested against the unfair treatment of children in their community."


Coalition Of Brothers

The phrase Coalition of Brothers refers to a collective noun or group name that denotes a unified alliance formed by a group of male individuals, typically related or joined by a common purpose, vision, or goal. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the ...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Brothers gathered to discuss strategies for promoting equality in the community."


Coalition Of Captains

The phrase Coalition of Captains represents an assembly or collective group comprised of captains from various fields and industries, united by a common purpose or objective. These respected leaders and experts come together to synergize their insights, s...

Example sentence

"The coalition of captains convened to discuss strategies for navigating treacherous waters during the storm season."


Coalition of Cheetahs

The coalition of cheetahs refers to a captivating phenomenon in the natural world where individual cheetahs come together to form a unique and temporary social group. This abstract collective noun phrase encapsulates the exceptional and rare rendezvous th...

Example sentence

"The coalition of cheetahs prowled across the vast Savannah in search of their next meal."


Coalition Of Chiefs

The phrase Coalition of Chiefs is a collective noun that denotes a specific group or alliance of high-ranking leaders or chiefs. It represents a powerful association composed of leaders from different backgrounds, territories, or tribes who have come toge...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Chiefs met yesterday to discuss regional security issues."


Coalition Of Communists

A Coalition of Communists refers to a group or association consisting of individuals who hold and advocate for communist ideologies and principles. A collective noun phrase that brings together the combined unity and strength of its members, a Coalition o...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Communists held a rally to voice their demands for systemic change."


Coalition Of Conservatives

A Coalition of Conservatives refers to a group or alliance formed by individuals or organizations who share conservative beliefs, principles, and ideologies. This collective noun phrase represents the coming together of various conservative factions, part...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Conservatives met to discuss their shared goals and strategies for upcoming elections."


Coalition Of Coyotes

A coalition of coyotes refers to a remarkable and fascinating assembly of these elusive and intelligent canines. This unique term captures the essence of camaraderie and unity among a group of these highly adaptable creatures. Coyotes - renowned for their...

Example sentence

"The Coalition of Coyotes in the forest is adapting their hunting tactics this season."

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