[31] Caroling Chaos: Surprising Collective Noun Examples for Carol Singers

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or objects. When it comes to describing a group of people, we often use common nouns that represent names, professions, or activities. Similarly, for a group of birds, animals, or objects, we turn to collective nouns that depict specific characteristics or behaviors. In the case of the word "carol," it can serve as both a common noun and a collective noun.

As a common noun, "carol" typically refers to a festive song or hymn, often sung during the Christmas season. examples of common nouns associated with carols include "hymn," "Christmas song," or "Christmas carol."

However, when used as a collective noun, "carol" takes on a unique meaning, representing a gathering or ensemble of individuals singing carols together. While the term may not be as widely recognized in this context, it is still valid and contributes to the realm of collective nouns. Within a religious or musical sphere, you might encounter phrases such as a "carol of voices," "carol of choristers," or a "carol of carolers," describing a group of individuals singing carols collectively. Additionally, you could also get creative and refer to a "merriment of carolers," illustrating the joyous and harmonious atmosphere created by a group of people singing carols together.

In conclusion, "carol" can be an appropriate and unique collective noun to express a collective gathering of people engaging in the joyful and spirited tradition of singing carols during festive occasions, especially around Christmas time.


Carol Of Angels

The phrase Carol of Angels refers to a delightful and enchanting group of celestial beings joined together in a harmonious chorus, evoking a sense of wonder and divine presence. Angels, as heavenly creatures associated with grace, purity, and divine messe...

Example sentence

"The Carol of Angels filled the church, as a dozen celestial beings sang out in harmonious chorus."


Carol Of Bells

The collective noun phrase Carol of Bells refers to a musical arrangement or performance featuring a group of meticulously tuned bells, typically played in unison. From an auditory perspective, this enchanting assemblage creates a cascading and harmonious...

Example sentence

"The Carol of Bells resonated through the snow-filled streets, enchanting everyone with its heavenly melody."


Carol Of Birds

The collective noun phrase Carol of Birds refers to a delightful congregation or gathering of birds that join together in singing harmonious tunes. Just like a choir of humans, these feathery performers create a symphony of sounds that range from melodiou...

Example sentence

"Carol of Birds is a mesmerizing sight to behold during dawn, as the melodious tunes of numerous species seamlessly blend together."


Carol Of Candles

Carol of Candles is a harmonious and mesmerizing collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid image of enchanting luminosity and melodious sounds. This phrase perfectly captures the essence of a group of candles flickering steadfastly during a serene winter...

Example sentence

"The Carol of Candles filled the air as they moved in perfect synchronization, illuminating the darkness with their warm glow."


Carol Of Carollers

The collective noun phrase Carol of Carollers refers to a group of singers who go from door to door during the Christmas season, spreading good cheer by singing traditional carols. This joyful ensemble embraces the spirit of the holiday season and brings ...

Example sentence

"On Christmas Eve, the joyous sound of carols filled the air as the Carol of Carollers paraded down the streets, spreading festive cheer to everyone they encountered."


Carol Of Celebrations

Carol of Celebrations is a captivating and vibrant collective noun phrase that embodies the essence of joy, cheer, and togetherness during the holiday season. This enchanting phrase conjures captivating images of a harmonious and diverse group coming toge...

Example sentence

"Every year, the town of Pinesdale organizes a massive celebration for the holiday season called the Carol of Celebrations."


Carol Of Children

The collective noun phrase Carol of Children refers to a lovely and enchanting sight of a group of children harmonizing and joyfully singing carols during the festive season, particularly around Christmas time. Picture a gathering of youngsters, their fac...

Example sentence

"The annual Carol of Children performance at the school was a big hit with the audience."


Carol Of Cookies

Carol of Cookies is a delightful and enchanting collective noun phrase that evokes visions of holiday cheer, warmth, and sugary goodness. This whimsical term gathers together a group of delectable treats - cookies - in a harmonious symphony of flavors, te...

Example sentence

"During the holiday season, the kitchen was buzzing with excitement as the Carol of Cookies emerged from the oven."


Carol Of Elves

Carol of Elves is a charming and whimsical collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the enchanting world of tiny, mythical creatures. It refers to a group of elves gathered together, engaged in a melodic symphony of celestial voices. Resonating jo...

Example sentence

"Carol of Elves was performed in the enchanted forest, filling the air with magical melodies sung by a group of gifted Fae."


Carol Of Feasts

Carol of Feasts is a captivating and harmonious collective noun phrase that embodies the spirit of joyous celebrations and the rich essence of indulgent feasting. It evokes an enchanting image of a gathering filled with merry voices, melodious carols, and...

Example sentence

"Carol of Feasts is a lavish gathering that occurs every year at the royal castle, uniting nobles, musicians, and culinary connoisseurs."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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