[30] Candidates in a Crowd: Exploring the Fascinating World of Collective Nouns for Election Hopefuls

Collective nouns for candidates are words that are used to refer to a group of people who are seeking positions of authority or are applying for a specific role or title. These nouns are commonly used in formal or professional settings, such as election campaigns, job recruitments, or academic admissions.

One common collective noun for candidates is "field." This term is often used to describe a group of individuals competing for a particular position or honor. For example, during a political race, the field of candidates may refer to the pool of hopefuls running for a specific elected office.

Another collective noun for candidates is "slate." This word is typically used when referring to a predetermined list of applicants or nominees. examples are often found in the context of board elections or academic scholarship selections, where a slate of candidates is presented to audiences for voting or consideration.

"Pool" is another collective noun that is appropriate for referring to candidates. It represents a larger group of individuals from which selection or screening can occur. This term is commonly used when recruitment professionals or committees gather a representative collection of potential candidates for interviews or evaluations.

Lastly, another collective noun used for candidates is "cohort." While it can also refer to a group of people who start or complete an endeavor together, it can be applied to a collective group of applicants or candidates pursuing a specific opportunity or goal. This term implies a sense of shared experiences or common objectives among the individuals within the cohort.

In summary, collective nouns for candidates provide a simple yet effective way to refer to groups of people vying for a particular position, opportunity, or title. They help in conversations, discussions, or assessments involving different individuals seeking a common objective, highlighting the dynamics and potential interactions present among these candidates.


Array Of Candidates

An array of candidates is a term used to collectively portray a diverse and significant group of individuals who are vying or being considered for a specific position, role, or opportunity. This phrase suggests the idea of a multitude of potential individ...


Assembly Of Candidates

An assembly of candidates refers to a gathering or group of individuals who are seeking positions or opportunities, typically in the context of elections, job applications, or scholarship programs. It brings together a multitude of candidates who are all ...


Band Of Candidates

A band of candidates refers to a group of individuals who have put themselves forward as potential contenders for a particular role or position, most commonly in political elections or job applications. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the commonali...


Batch Of Candidates

A batch of candidates represents a group or collection of individuals who are being considered for a specific position, role, or opportunity. These candidates often share similar qualifications, competencies, or background, making them suitable contenders...


Class Of Candidates

A class of candidates is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or cohort of individuals who are running for a particular position or seeking a common goal (usually within the context of politics, but not exclusively). The term class suggests tha...


Cluster Of Candidates

A cluster of candidates refers to a group or gathering of individuals who are competing or vying for a particular position, office, or opportunity. Within this context, a cluster symbolizes the concentrated presence of multiple contenders engaged in a com...


Cohort Of Candidates

A cohort of candidates refers to a group or assembly of individuals who are vying for the same position, contest, examination, or opportunity. Typically seen in political campaigns, job interviews, universities, or hiring processes, this collective noun p...


Collection Of Candidates

A collection of candidates refers to a group of individuals who have put themselves forward as potential contenders for a specific position, such as an elected office or a job role. This collective noun phrase embodies the diverse pool of individuals who ...


Contingent Of Candidates

A contingent of candidates refers to a group or collection of individuals who are vying or competing for the same opportunity or position. It is often used to depict a formal gathering of potential contenders, such as for an election, job opening, or any ...


Crew Of Candidates

A crew of candidates refers to a group of individuals who are put together to compete or participate in a common endeavor or position. This collective noun phrase highlights the shared goal or purpose among the candidates within the crew setting. It often...

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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