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A collective noun is a special category of nouns that refers to a group or collection of individuals or things. When it comes to collective nouns examples with the word "bury," the main focus lies upon groups or gatherings of animals, specifically those that often exhibit the behavior of burying themselves or their food for various reasons. Here are a few examples:

1. A flock of burying owls: These small, sandy-colored owls have a unique habit of nesting and living in burrows. A group of these secretive birds is referred to as a "flock."

2. A colony of burying beetles: Burying beetles are known for their intriguing behavior of burying the carcasses to feed on later or for their larvae's consumption. Sometimes, they work together in a group called a "colony."

3. A cast of burying crayfish: Burying crayfish, also known as the "burrowing crayfish," dig intricate burrow systems in the soil near water sources. When found in groups, they are referred to as a "cast."

4. A gang of burying crabs: Burying crabs are a type of crab that excavates burrows in the sand or mud, often using their strong pincers. In some cases, multiple crabs working in close vicinity may be identified as a "gang."

5. An army of burying ants: Certain species of ants engage in the behavior of burying their dead for hygienic purposes. These ants often operate in an organized procession or line, earning them the collective noun "army."

6. A bed of burying clams: Burying clams are mollusks that typically bury themselves in the sand or sediment of shallow coastal waters. In groups, they form a "bed" of clams.

These examples demonstrate the diverse range of wildlife that engages in burying behaviors, underscoring the importance of collective nouns to describe them when found together.


Bury Of Badgers

A Bury of Badgers refers to a captivating group of badgers moving, playing, or dwelling together. As nocturnal creatures known for their distinct black and white striped faces and stout bodies, badgers naturally prefer living in complex underground system...

Example sentence

"A bury of badgers emerged from their underground burrows, their black-and-white coats glimmering in the moonlight."


Bury of Conies

A bury of conies is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a specific group of rabbits or hares. Derived from old English and stemming from the word burrow, which signifies the habitat of rabbits, bury thoroughly captures the essence of the...

Example sentence

"A bury of conies hopped gracefully through the meadow, their fluffy tails bouncing in the sunlight."


Bury Of Ferrets

A bury of ferrets is an enchanting and peculiar collective noun phrase used to describe a group of ferrets. Akin to the soft rustling of leaves in a forest, a bury of ferrets embodies the playful nature and agile movements of these captivating creatures. ...

Example sentence

"A bury of ferrets is often seen scurrying through fields and burrows in search of prey."


Bury of Rabbits

A bury of rabbits refers to a group of rabbits gathered together in their natural habitat or burrow systems. These furry creatures are particularly known for their soundless agility and abundance across various landscapes. When observed as a bury, the col...

Example sentence

"I spotted a large bury of rabbits hopping and playing in the field."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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